Janet and Be The Medicine

 “Janet StraightArrow Is Healing, Wisdom, and Grace.” 

When you work with Janet in sessions or classes you find her loving presence allows you to be yourself. You may think you know what you will work on and are always surprised that it goes much deeper. You may expect her to “do” something and are surprised that as you sit with her, no matter what occurs, you feel lighter, happier, pain-free, and more open. When you leave, your process continues, and your life is forever changed in a positive way.

Janet carries a high level of loving energy that supports your healing of body, mind, spirit, and emotions, and awakens you to your wholeness and soul. Healing, change, and awakening is easy when you have a direct path. StraightArrow works on all levels and gets to the root causes, and fears, beliefs, and behaviors that have kept you stuck, and helps you to live free. Let go of beliefs and fears and open to oneness and love.

The focus of you being the medicine for you is to guide you in subtle and real ways gently yet strongly to refocus on all of the innate gifts and abilities and wisdom you already have. It begins with helping you reclaim the power of you, in ways you did not know you gave it up. As you progress, you experience the wholeness of you, and all you can be and do.

No matter what we work with, or on, or whatever form it takes in the clearing, healing, and learning, it is organic and easy when you are willing to surrender to the best and leave the rest. You cannot know what you do not know until you know it. That’s the fun, as we work from the perspective of unconditional love.

A lifetime of study, practice, teaching, and becoming has brought Janet to a place of actualizing the path on a grander scale. Janet is an Avatar walking the walk and talk of her purpose and sharing it with others naturally wherever she is, in person, online, teaching, healing, coaching and in everyday life.

Janet has focused on the journey of Be The Medicine since she was a small child, questioning and trying to make sense, to her wise, loving self, in the complexities of life, spirit, and health. To live universal truth, and love and translate it in ways that will help people today, is her purpose and mission, and has been quite the journey.

A born teacher, she was assisting people to be happy and free since she was a little girl. As soon as she learned and translated something in a way people could hear it and understand, she passed it on.

Her journey has been a trial a minute, in many years, and yet you always find her smiling and surrendering to what brings her back to love, peace and joy. She helps you find your way there too. Healing and health unfold in all experiences naturally. No matter what you come for, your life is positively changed, and you have a clear, grounded and higher perspective, on how to live your life in healthy, loving ways.

Be The Medicine as a practitioner and leader are embodying the highest truth and love. When you live it, you know it and can pass it on. Women and men who are ready to embody their highest self and bring it to their family and community find great results.

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! This translates to empowering others too.