Vision Quest Mitote Retreat 19

A Vision Quest is an opportunity to be alone in nature to hear your heart speak and receive the fullness of who you are and open up to the next stage of your life path. It is a gift that is magical, deep, and transformative. You have a guide who is close by and yet you are far enough away to have privacy and a feeling of oneness with you.

Begin this Journey Today. Weekly Emails to Guide your preparation. Are you moving through a significant change this year? Come for a powerful weekend of ceremony, journeys, transformation, and rebirth, with Shaman Janet StraightArrow.

A Mitote is a Toltec ceremony raising your energy and light, offering a release of illusions and past hurts through chant, focus on the fire, and lucid dreaming. This occurs the night before the quest preparing us to be open to new beginnings, messages, and visions in the morning vision quest preparing us for the next stage of our life.

A Vision Quest is a rite of passage taken by various traditions taken as you are moving through a period of change, a deeper spiritual awakening, or any shift point, or loss in your life. This event allows for weeks of preparation and process as we move towards the pinnacle weekend where we gather at the retreat center for the Ceremonial weekend.

HISTORY. After experiencing several personal vision quests of various traditions from 11-5 days in length, Janet found the inner calling to offer quests. Creating an opportunity and holding the energy of people and guiding them into their sacred inner space is how she supports people daily on their journey in private sessions and group classes and events  StraightArrow held week-long vision quests on sacred land in the Northeast since 2005. She found that people were also looking for this experience in a shorter time frame. She was very committed to offering this week-long experience only until she was asked to provide a two-hour Vision Quest at a healers retreat. She surrendered to learn how to accomplish this, and the participants had life-changing and illuminating experiences which opened Janet up to creating a weekend Quest. Her last week quest was at an Ashram in NY, since then she has held weekend quests in the Hudson Valley, NY, and Vermont. The Mitote has been a part of many learning and healing retreats she has offered since 2003, awakening illuminating, healing, and rebirthing experiences for participants. Blending them with the Vision Quest answered the call in how to provide a full experience in three days. Janet participated in the Mitote ceremony many times when she studied with a Naqual Toltec Shaman in Peru, Mexico, and New Mexico. As with the Vision Quest, she was called to hold this ceremony for many over the years.

TODAY. This retreat is a ceremony from the moment of entering the sacred space until leaving for home. We begin in Shamanic circle on Friday. Saturday we journey for support and guidance and then physically search out each person’s sacred vision quest spot that calls to us. There is sufficient alone time to reflect and receive as well as group time to go deeper and share. The Mitote takes participants into a deep clear space inside themselves in preparation for the time alone on the land the next day. Janet added regular email support from sign-up to the week of the quest and after to assist participants in preparation for the death and rebirth of the ego and awaken more of the true self of the quest weekend and integrate afterward. We release who we have been that does not serve us and are born anew into the truth of who we are as we receive clarity and messages in love and gratitude. It is a gentle, loving process and Janet is an unconditionally loving support with healthy boundaries and wisdom.

“Janet StraightArrow provides an unparallel opportunity to bring you to the real you. It’s a well-worn path for her; she knows every part of this amazing journey. Janet emanates love, respect and most of all joy in this great adventure. If you are ready to walk the path back to you – there is no better guide, teacher, mentor, and friend than Janet StraightArrow.” Christine Sokoloff

“Working with Janet StraightArrow. We just finished a Mitote weekend retreat. We were in an amazing space, but the truth is it would not matter where we were. Janet brings the safe container, and then we build upon it. By safe container, I mean a safe place to explore your true self, cut out the illusion and discover who we are. We were able to experience the love within and integrate it so that we can bring it back out into the world more whole and strong and resolved to be our true selves and abide in our true nature. Janet’s StraightArrow approach is loving and keen as it cuts through the BS and helps you to heal. Janet can see each person as they are and kindly, lovingly move him or her into their truth. Thank You, Janet, I love you.” Jennie DeNaro Saum

2019 Vision Quest Mitote Catskill Mountains, NY August 9-11.

Begin this Journey Today. Weekly Emails to Guide your preparation.

Are you moving through a significant change this year? Come for a powerful weekend of ceremony, Journeys, transformation, and rebirth, with Shaman Janet StraightArrow. Awaken clarity, life purpose, and joy, as we break through illusions, fears, and ego. This gentle yet powerful weekend is life changing. We begin at sign up for ongoing support in preparation for the final journey at this weekend retreat.

Blending the Toltec Mitote with the Quest with intent and focus allows for illumination and transformation. By the time you come to your silent time questing you are ready to have a profound experience. We are rebirthed into us as we re-enter and gently process and integrate allowing for a complete experience by the time we leave for home. You might want to take Monday off for home integration.

The sacred space Janet chose, offers a comfortable retreat house just for our group. Healthy Meals. And beautiful pristine land to enjoy in Accord, NY.

The Energy Exchange is $575. Includes lodging and healthy food for the weekend. Single prepayment discount by May 15., $500.00. Payment schedule. First payment ASAP to begin preparation, and due by May 15, $200., second Payment $200. Due by June 15., final payment $175., due by July 15.
Preparation and follow up are included and begin at sign-up. Regular emails are sent to assist you before and after the retreat. Includes food and lodging. If you prefer there is a camping space for tents with hot and cold running shower and a flush toilet. If you would like to use a tent we have or bring your own to be outside let me know. Same price. There are no commuters on a Vision Quest as being here the entire time is required. The Saturday night Mitote is an overnight on-site ceremony with lucid dreaming inside the retreat house.

SEND DEPOSIT OR FULL PAYMENT ASAP TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE. Send Check to Janet StraightArrow, 39 Greenwood Ave, Madison, NJ 07940 or Credit card on more on Janet and Be The Medicine and our teachings and programs at
Preparation begins at sign up. Join us for a Shamanism Training Weekend in April for advanced learning in Madison, NJ.

LOCATION. EZ Commute for seekers from Delaware to New England. Fly into Albany or Stewart Airports for distance travelers.
We are close to New Paltz and Woodstock, NY. Easy access to major highways. See payments and policies page on our website. The exact address is only provided to the participants upon sign-up.

Questions or more information 973-647-2500

Janet StraightArrow discovered her Shamanic calling in 1992, at the age of forty, as a single mom and top Realtor who had been studying spirituality and healing for twenty-years and living it. She began teaching immediately from memory and continuously awakening higher wisdom and sacred knowledge. She found she carried many lineages from around the world and pursued studies to bring Ancient wisdom together for our modern world today.

Janet has studied with Native American, Tibetan, Celtic, Toltec, African, Huichol, and Siberian Shamans, and Shamanic practitioners Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, and others at the foundation for Shamanic Studies, and renowned spiritual healing masters from Yoga, Sufism, Zen, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, and other traditions around the world and found the unity and unique perspectives and gifts that fill in the missing pieces to make us whole again.

Sedona Vision Quest Retreat April 2020