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“I had taken Reiki 1 in California on a visit to my family.  I loved it so much I was excited to further my Reiki teachings.  I searched and searched for the right teacher.  Finally after several months of searching I picked up a free magazine and saw a picture of this woman with the most infectious smile. It was Janet.  I immediately knew I had to meet her and she was going to be my next teacher.   The first time I met Janet, she greeted me with a loving embrace that instantly set me at ease.  Her entire space felt comfortable and familiar as if I had known it my entire life .  Our class focused on hands on learning, distance healing, and sharing with each other.  Janet guided us to becoming more open and deepened our understanding of energy works.  Janet has a special way to allow you to naturally find where you need to be and what you need to learn.  I feel honored and privileged to have learned my second level of Reiki from Janet.  I am looking forward to future classes and retreats in order to learn all Janet is willing to teach, as well as deep my growth spiritually.  The universe brought me to her and I will be forever changed and grateful.”

Why Janet still teaches Reiki when she offers so many very advanced healing and spiritual classes? No matter how much learning someone has done this course of Be The Medicine Reiki sets a strong foundation of grounded understanding and experiences for all of life, not just healing, and yet especially healing. Energy medicine is Ancient, first noted by Buddha and Jesus for many. Be The Medicine teachings offer a firm foundation to facilitate Reiki with the best results for you and the people you share it with. It aligns with everyone as a way to increase our energy and understanding of healing and everyday living, awareness, and ability to transform and become whole at a high level.

WHAT IS REIKI? Reiki is a hands-on healing practice that also works above the body and remotely around the world. The more you use it the more you receive and learn. It is a gift that gives to all parties involved. Join us for a class or a session. Our classes are comprehensive, grounded and you will have experience and confidence in using Reiki in all areas of your life. CE Credits available.

“Dedication to Reiki and Healing for all. When I teach a student it is important that they feel a level of confidence and understanding in what they learned and the ability to carry on after the class. I add recordings and workbooks to enhance value and ongoing practice. Helping people overcome false beliefs and fears about energy healing and being open to give and receive is an important part of the training since this is such a different way of learning and living. Reiki 1 and a full series of classes begin soon. One on one learning is possible.” Janet StraightArrow

Introduction, Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Master Trainings below with Testimonials. We are scheduling all three levels and will travel for groups. Let us know of your interest. Private training available.

Comprehensive Professional Training available for Reiki Practitioners and Masters and to add to the professional training for Practitioners of all healthcare and wellness modalities. Janet is a healers healer and teachers, teacher. With fifty-years of study and focus on healing, on all levels, Janet brings decades of experience and understanding to each class, allowing you years of experience immediately. CE Credits available.

Personal Reiki. Reiki attunements and training for people to learn Self Reiki and healing methods for their individual needs.

Reiki for Caregivers and Reiki Attunements for healing. I also offer family and patients who are interested; to be attuned to Reiki to assist healing, peace, and connection for people who are ill and recovering, and people in hospice.

THE MYSTERY AND MAGIC OF REIKI. After 26 years since my first Reiki Initiation, I am still amazed at the power of Reiki and how easily it is passed on. There are purity and simplicity that awakens healing, love, and light in each student and client. Reiki raises our energy level allowing healing to flow. There is much more that unfolds the more we use it and our lives are never the same.

Reiki always energizes, soothes and works by helping people exactly where they need it. There is no need to believe, it is more about allowing the greatest healing and flow and we are always surprised with deep relaxation, healing, and peace.

As a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, I found that the more I let go and allow, the more the client can receive purely. My desire is put aside and I allow the healing to occur through me naturally. It’s less of a doing, and more of a being Reiki. I teach my clients and students to be open to receive their highest intention and the best of what can occur and heal for them.

Anyone can give or receive it, it is natural for all of us, and allows miracles to happen. We all have many stories about people who healed from things that were said to be impossible and yet when asked what will happen, I always say the least of what occurs is that you will feel peaceful and relaxed. Everyone loves that and are open for more too.

Janet StraightArrow is a Reiki Master, Shaman, Teacher, Healer, and Sage. Janet’s Energy Medicine training is Healing Touch, Reiki Master, Shiatsu, Shamanism, many energy training’s from traditions around the world. Janet’s Reiki experience is; 24 years of private Reiki energy medicine practice and 22 years teaching Reiki and other energy medicine traditions.

As the creator of Be the Medicine, Janet has studied and integrated spirituality, psychology, breath, nutrition, energy medicine, intuition, movement, Medical Intuition, astrology and many modalities of healing for 50 years. Janet has researched and traveled to find missing pieces and complete answers to healing, enlightenment and living our best life with renowned teachers and masters, and lives it in her life each day.

Reiki Student Testimonial. “…I have found in working with Janet an inner peace and love that I did not seem to have before. The one thing that is especially true is that I felt comfort and trust in her and felt she is working from a “good place” on this planet, and her intentions are true. I found her to have “no judgments” about people and is very accepting of all and respectful of where people are in their journey. Thank you and I know you will be helpful to many others.”
-Love, C.E.

Awakening Light & Love

Awakening Light & Love


Our Reiki 1 class is a great way to begin a deeper journey into understanding the true nature of healing and how to heal you and assist others too. It is a spiritual awakening that takes you to the next level of your personal journey and awakens love and bliss.


This comprehensive 2-day or four-night class offers practical healing and energy work teachings in addition to Reiki attunements, meditations and practice with everyone receiving a full healing session.

Reiki empowers your own healing abilities. Reiki is used to speed up healing, relieve pain, aid sleep, relieve stress, improve circulation, aid digestion, increase energy and stamina, balance the body, clear negativity, and heighten psychic abilities, aids connection to your higher power and much more! Healing can occur on all levels- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

You will learn how to help heal yourself and others in your life. You are also trained to work with clients if you choose to work professionally. This bodywork modality is a perfect professional enhancement for massage therapists, medical, dental and veterinary practitioners, ministers, psychologists and all who reach out to help people and animals heal. Please come ready to learn and enjoy!

You receive initiations- attunements to the Reiki 1 Universal energy which awakens healing in you and the ability to channel to others. We learn beginning levels of scanning and working with chakras and many levels of us and healing.  We experience meditations and connections to healing guides. We learn hand positions, intuitive healing and more, along with the Reiki creed.

Reiki is a hands-on method of bodywork. Hands are placed on the body or just above the body according to your comfort. Each student has an opportunity to receive healing and give it as we practice with each other in every class. You leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and energized. Added Be The Medicine teachings enhance the ability for you to use this in everyday life, attain great results, understand, and give and receive deep healing and relaxation.

Janet StraightArrow, a Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, and Shaman, has been teaching healing for 40 Years-Reiki for 22 years. $325-475. 9-16 hours. price reflects hours of training, prepaid for complete training. Recording of class and workbook are added to the class. CE Credits available.

Reiki 1 Testimonial. “I have found Janet to be a wonderful teacher, she is inspiring, talented and sincere. I have benefited greatly from her teaching and healing. She has made me realize the power of my own abilities to heal.”

Reiki 2

Reiki 2


2 day Class              Usui Reiki 2 Practitioners Class With added teachings & Symbols

We move to the next level in living and using Reiki in our lives helping others and us. Increase our personal and professional healing energy and abilities.

Distance Healing and perceiving is a very amazing and useful skill to develop are how to assist people to heal themselves, their homes, land, businesses, and more at a distance. Learn to perceive, see, hear, feel, and know how to practice, heal and receive clear messages to support healing and clearing energy.
Our Reiki 2 class accomplishes this with many methods, practice, and teachings that guide you. Janet is an expert at teaching you how to be confident and competent in healing anywhere and anytime. If you have taken Reiki 1 or have taken Reiki before and not felt you learned this as completely as you would like, please join us Wednesday nights in June.

Learn Remote and bodywork healing methods with Reiki symbols, and advanced scanning, reading, medical intuition, and healing. We gain a deeper awareness of healing tools and ways to make healing changes in all areas of our life and with others. Learn through experience throughout the class.

Usui Reiki 2 Practitioner Certificate. Days are spread out to allow students to learn through direct experience the distance practice with one another to complete and embody the teachings. This is a comprehensive course that awakens healing abilities in-person and remotely.


  • Receive Reiki 2 initiations-attunements
  • Learn Reiki Symbols, how to draw and use in sessions.
  • Learn how to scan and perform distance healing in six ways to send healing to others, groups, events, self and more.
  • Learn to heal the past, present, and future.
  • Heal issues, bless people, deepen healing, focus on healing places.
  • Work with crystals, meditations, and guidance.
  • Use Reiki for mental and emotional healing and positive choices.
  • Homework in between classes to practice on other students at a distance.
  • You also practice using the symbols and teachings in your own life.
  • Ethics and how to work with clients.

$435. prepaid. Includes handbook and a recording of the class. CE Credits available.

Janet StraightArrow is a Reiki Master, Shaman, Teacher, Healer, and Sage. Janet’s Energy Medicine training is Healing Touch, Reiki Master, Shiatsu, Shamanism, many energy pieces of training from traditions around the world. Janet’s experience is in 22 years of private practice and 20 years teaching Reiki and other energy medicine traditions.

Reiki 2 Testimonial “a few words from my heart: As the adage goes “when the student is ready the teacher appears” and that is what happened to me. After originally studying with someone else, I was searching for the right Reiki Master to continue my training. There were many before I met you. You inspired me to keep following my heart and be the healer that I was meant to be. You brought me to new heights of awareness. I loved every moment of our time spent together and am looking forward to becoming a teacher under you. Thanks and I love you.”

Additional One-day Classes are available for advanced healing learning and practice. Janet draws from two and a half decades of energy healing experience and teaching.


Preparation for Mastery. 3 Day Training. Now that you have practiced the basics of Reiki 1 & 2 you are ready to learn a professional level of the practice. We will work on professional levels of understanding and practice in bodywork/ healing with symbols/distance healing and scanning/and mental/emotional healing. MASTER level attunements with more symbols learned and added to our tool bag to awaken more powerful energy transmissions and deeper self-healing and assisting others.

Reiki Master A New Life

Reiki Master
A New Life


4 Day Usui Training added to the above class with additional Seichem, Teri Mai, and Shambhala Reiki Symbols. A Reiki Master means Reiki Teacher. Teaching is how we learn more fully. Healing is something we do as we evolve through the program and in life. This course offers a high level of teachings and healing to support clients and students and you.

Reiki Energy Healing is now respected in hospitals and medical settings. As a Master you are recognized as an Energy Medicine Professional and your clients may have Insurance coverage. Reiki assists with body, mind, emotion and spiritual healing.

The gift of Reiki is good medicine in all circumstances. As a Master, you carry a high vibration of healing, love, and light. You understand the complete system and can speak about it and practice it easily. To complete this training is a new beginning to your life and healing.

As a Master, your first responsibility is to heal you and continually deepen your personal healing journey. Your greatest learning will happen in your practice with others and self. During this training, you will have extensive practice in each class and in between. This class offers a firm foundation to build on for your Reiki Master Practice.

You do not have to plan to teach classes and yet teaching people to heal themselves and offering attunements to assist clients in their healing are important for all Reiki Masters to offer. You will also learn how to teach each level. The more you understand the more you can offer others.

Four sets of attunements to Reiki Master Level Symbols. Meditations and Journeys to work with higher self-guides and teachers. We review the basics of Energy Healing, Reiki 1, and Reiki 2 and take each level farther. Review how to ground and balance you and your clients. Learn how to work with clients and students from Janet’s decades of experience. Several ways to work with chakras for each level. Deep healing of issues on all levels taught.

Spiritual tools for you and your clients to deepen sessions and classes. Working with guidance and advanced healing methods including Medical Intuition Learn Reiki Master Symbols and Advanced Teachings for Healers.

Learn and practice attuning each other to all levels of Reiki-Mastering the Symbols and Methods. Learn how to teach individuals and groups. Learn how to attune clients and students to Reiki of all levels.

How to use Reiki Symbols for basic healing, advanced disease, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical healing, hospice, for patients, friends, and family. Learn and practice advanced energy healing.  prepaid. Payment plan available.

Reiki Master Testimonial. “I actively searched for one year for a teacher/healer that was spiritual and knowledgeable. I have found this in Janet. She is a very spiritual caring woman. Her abilities and areas of expertise are many and varied. The blending of several different healing techniques is, I believe, very unique and powerful. But more importantly, she has made a profound difference in my life. I have been a spiritual seeker for many years, and through my work with Janet, I find myself catapulted into new levels and depths of growth. Through her healing sessions, soul retrievals, Reiki classes and Shamanic healing I am not the same person I was just several months ago. My physical health is 100 times better than it was, but more importantly, my inner self, the me that I carry with me all of the time and live with daily, has gone through profound changes for the better. I am more joyful, loving, peaceful and I pray, more of a healer myself. She has enabled me to make some internal changes that have shifted my entire view on life. I am love with life again. She has allowed one of the most profound spiritual experiences of my life to occur through love and life and dedication to her work as a healer. I am gifted proud and very honored to know and study with her. Her lineage will be one of the important spiritual growth paths of the new millennium.”
-D.K. Reiki Master-Healer-Teacher.


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