Reiki Master Professional Training


Are you ready for a comprehensive professional level, Reiki Master Healer Teacher Training?

Reiki Master Training was originally a ten-year practice, study, and achievement. I do my best to take you to mastery through this class.

This is a six-day training over six-months for the complete work. The classes are once a month with homework and practice with one another and clients in-between. One on one sessions with Janet is included. We extend out the classes so that you can learn and practice and process everything fully.

An important part of the training is you doing your own healing work along the way. Students have had great success in their physical, emotional, and mental growth and healing. We all experience spiritual growth as our innate gifts awaken on higher levels.

I have taught Reiki for 24 years and studied, practiced, and lived mastery and healing in many modalities for fifty-three years.

You advance your practice, teachings, experience, and enjoy a new level of support at each level of Reiki, and when you complete this class, you have a clear pathway of Mastery.

Payment plans are available as we learn, or discounts are offered when paying all upfront.

I only offer this special training every few years. If you are interested, join us.

Zoom and in-person classes as possible. All traditions and schools of Reiki are honored.

This comprehensive training is life-enhancing, and you will graduate with a professional career. The best healing occurs when we are the medicine, the Reiki, for others, and us too.

Please reach out to me at 973-647-2500 or with your questions and interest.  More details on