Pricing + Policies

Cancellation Policy. 48 Hour notice for appointment cancellations. If canceled after that time, payment for session due, unless rescheduled within one week of the original session.

Classes. $150 deposit due on all classes, or more for retreats to reserve your place. Look at the Events page for the date of Balance Due, usually 7-10 days before a class or longer for a retreat.

Skype-Phone Sessions. Credit Card Payments or checks are received 2 days before the appointment. All Phone-Skype sessions prepaid by check or credit card before the session. In person sessions paid by check or cash at the time of appointment. I can send an invoice ahead of time for Paypal for easy payment.

In Person Sessions. Phone or Skype Sessions. 

Coaching and Healing Prepaid Packages Available. 4 types of packages. Seeker. Advanced Healer. Deep Diver. VIP Emersion. All designed for you.

Deep personal training and onsite work at your location are priced dependent on what is required.

Land, House Clearing. Deposit or full payment is made when we make an appointment as Janet begins clearing work remotely immediately.

Travel Costs. Occasionally Janet travels for clients and additional costs are added.

Astrology Session

Prepaid sessions, retreats, and classes canceled by you.

Sessions and Classes. Last minute cancellations not refunded unless a sudden emergency and rescheduled.

** Due to costs of retreat and housing and my time pre-retreat or class there has to be an understanding of responsibility.

Retreats-Classes. If you cancel your attendance. Tuition minus $150 is put on account for future services or classes within 1 year. Retreat costs of lodging and food may not be refundable or partially refundable depending on costs.

If the retreat is closed there is no refund as the spot cannot be filled.

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