Live Whole Body and Soul


In these times when people want to know who they are, there is a practice I learned that takes us directly to the source of our body and soul and teaches us how to embrace our life and live free to be us.

After thirty-five years studying traditions and methods from around the world. I was introduced to this spiritual practice that put it all together in the most profound way. It is a direct connection and eliminates the need for many other ways of connecting and healing and takes us through all dimensions of life and us easily.

From the first experience, we become whole and know what that is in ways we never imagined. We meet our soul self-our divine self that has been with us from before we are born and leads us unknowingly along the way.

Some of us have become more detached from this self because we lived a different life than the soul might have led us. We have heard that still small voice and ignored it over and over again. Experiencing different realities is not bad or wrong and yet coming back to our ultimate purpose and reality is healing, whole, peaceful and powerful to know, experience, and pursue.


The soul is not controlling, it is our divine self that guides and keeps us together in ways that let us know we are always safe. The more disconnected we are from this one the more fearful and hopeless we are.

As we join with our soul consciously we feel safe, secure and one. All traumas can be healed and so can all of our body, mind, emotions, and spirit. The soul is the pure joy as it lives divine truth and love and assists us in surrendering to this higher reality.

When we choose to be one and whole we become happy, healthy, and free to be us in reality. There is no more questioning who we are and why we are here, life turns into an adventure of discovery and living it every day.

All of our brokenness can be healed, as we know we are whole at the core. What was broken was our consciousness and energetic reality and that can be healed with the soul’s wisdom and spiritual laws and support.

When we connect to this inner space we can relax for the first time and luxuriate in our oneness. There is no struggle as we blend with our true self as one being. Separation no more allows us to embody our wisdom and grace.


All of our worldly struggles are because we have been living against our true self. When we become one with all of us there is blessed peace and clarity.

This practice helps us transform all aspects of us that are not aligned with our best self and experience healing our entire line of past life, genetic heritage and this life experiences that we are ready to transform and release.

This practice is us consciously experiencing our inner space and with divine laws. This helps us quickly release man-made realities, roles, and rules that broke us down and kept us away from our true loving self-soul.

There is no judgment or blame here just unconditional love. There is also no co-dependence, manipulation, fear or control, our soul is a guide and does not do it for us. We awaken our higher consciousness to be even more co-creative along the way.

As we walk with our soul we have the opportunity to live a better life in all ways. Being the student and not the ego-driven leader takes practice to live our own authority with balance, wisdom, and grace.

Our soul brings us back to our childlike innocence and encourages us to play and have fun with this body and life in alignment with our best self. It is not a stern adult figure that we are used to being led by in this worldly reality.


Being led with unconditional love helps us empower ourselves and release the harsh corners built on fear and lack of self-value on our personality. We open to strength with peace and knowing who we are and what is perfect and next for us.

I have been teaching this practice and evolving it for fifteen years with amazing results. Working on all levels of humans and life we navigate from before birth to crossing over and every place in between.

We also navigate past lives and get to the cause and receive direct solutions to everything in the soul journey of us that is relevant to heal and know. Healing and living become organic when aligned with our soul.


Practitioners of any healing or supportive professional modality can become more in tune with what your client truly needs as you work on a soul level with them and you and no ego.

This practice is one I call Soul Shamanism and available for everyone when you are ready for whole living in classes or private training. Even my eighty-year-old mother enjoyed this connection feeling at home in her body and life for the first time.

I will travel to teach groups as well as it is an advanced practice for those who are ready to live fully and freely body and soul. An advanced way to Be The Medicine in all areas of your health and life. Next class in Madison, NJ March 10-11. Call me for more information and a personal connection.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! Be Your Own Guru 973-647-2500

See more information and testimonials on the website above.

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What is Be The Medicine?

Be The Medicine offers a direct path as it encourages and empowers you to bridge many new worlds with wisdom, knowledge, courage, and strength as you learn to be free to live your purpose and enjoy abundant health and happiness. Janet StraightArrow has developed this work over 50 years of research, study, and living while working with thousands of clients and students.

In 2018 we have added a program Be Your Own Guru focused on walking the walk of the spiritual journey from the place of mastery, neutrality, and wisdom. This is a core piece of Be The Medicine and an exciting program to assist everyone in walking their authentic walk with confidence and grace. No matter your profession or practice this program will assist you every step of the way.

Healers Training, Energy Medicine, Shamanism, Bodywork, Medical Intuition, Meditation, Astrology, Reiki, Retreats, and Traditions around the world. Private sessions. Speaking and Teaching throughout the Mid-Atlantic, New England, NYC,  and Northeast. Published articles in holistic magazines in New England, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Be The Medicine, offers private sessions, retreats, mentoring and various programs to nurture your Mind, Body & Spirit.

Janet StraightArrow is a Healer-Teacher-Shaman and Practical Mystic. Janet is the Medicine. Holding a light of love, truth and joy-inspiring people to know and live their greatest truth, perfection, and purpose. Connect with her on or call her at (973)647-2500

Our perfect client and student is looking to go beyond where they have been before and willing to extend out of their current comfort zone into a greater awareness and ability to heal and live an amazing life.

Guiding your journey with Love and Respect,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Be Your Own Guru 973-647-2500

“Choosing Life or Death. I am honored to guide people and help them fully heal. Teaching people how to choose life in every way turns the body back into its natural healing process. People come to me after they had tried many things, or just after a diagnosis. They learn to choose in ways they never dreamed had caused, or was continuing to support disease instead of recovery. Deeper understanding and love of self enough to make the changes that inspire health make all the difference. I am honored to be of service and watch people live many more years and sometimes find greater health and happiness than ever before. To Be The Medicine is a natural and profound way to live and Be. Be your own Valentine and choose health every day. I do not just say pretty words, I live them and teach others to do the same. Namaste.” Janet StraightArrow

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Understanding Us and All

Our latest newsletter below; Healing Cancer, Healing Us, Be Your Own Guru, Know You through Astrology, Reiki Practice, Soul Shamanism. Be The Best You! Vision Quest in July.


We are each amazing magical beings who have chosen this life to experience our soul.

It can be one of great opportunity and wisdom when you learn how to use astrology as one of the tools of developing understanding and self-acceptance as you explore your unique life.

Each one of us is blessedly normal and blessedly different, as we each have our own unique map and way of experiencing life. In my many years of using astrology as a tool, so much of what was occurring in life and all of the happenings in the world had a context and meaning.

There is no one size fits all people and no perfect way to think, act and be. Astrology helps us to understand the cycles and energy and purpose of many things. It is destructive for people to try to follow the path of others, instead of the gifted path of themselves.

Oxford Scholar and African Shaman, Maladoma Some, speaks of how in some tribal cultures each child is honored and welcomed for who they are. Children are born with their parents and the tribe understanding that each child is born to serve a purpose for the tribe and the earth. Their unique gifts are discovered, honored and developed.


Astrology mathematically charts our birthplace and time on earth. What our astrology chart shows us is where the planets were in the sky relative to our birthplace on the earth at the exact time we were born and how this blueprints us for our lives. This ancient science-art reveals incredible understanding as to who we are, what our focus is and what we might experience in this lifetime.

Being who you are “supposed to be” according to family, friends, culture, religion and government roles and rules, creates great stress, judgment, shame and blame and chaos for the individual body, mind, spirit, emotions, and soul. It is no wonder so many people say they “never fit in” when they are trying to fit into a different suit than the one they were born to wear.

It is the denial of self that is destructive to not only ourselves but to others, as we unknowing take the pain of hurt and separation from true self out on our parents, partners, friends, lovers, co-workers and the world as well as compromising our health.


In working with Astrology and clients as a part of our healing and coaching work, you learn more about you, relationships, your life passages and so much more. Since it resonates with your experience, it gives you a peace and understanding to have a context to accept others and self and navigate life from there.

You also learn to understand and deal with daily, yearly, or other cycles and not succumb to pressures, judgment, fear, depression or disease. Planets move through our chart and communicate through energy changes. When we learn what these energies are and they are here only for a time, we work with them and learn what we need to help in personal growth we heal them and then let them go.

Astrology used for enlightened living and healing has been a wonderful adjunct to all we do here to Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Blessings on your life Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

CALL today for an appointment. 973-647-2500



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The Power of Healing Prayer and Community

Thirty-five years ago, I was graced with this experience which gave me direction and support in many ways. I was the head of the prayer chain in my church. People would call me with their needs, and I would call several people, who would call several people, and so on.

One day a woman called me about her husband who was in the hospital in tremendous pain with two huge gallstones that were too big to pass. The doctors had him on pain medicine, which was barely working to lessen the pain, and they were stabilizing him overnight for surgery the next morning.

Her husband was asking for prayer support for the stones to dissolve on their own before morning. He did not want surgery and believed that they could be dissolved by grace. This man was very active in many spiritual communities in addition to ours, and I knew hundreds were praying for him.

At about 3 am I woke up and felt something shift with him, and felt relief and peace. By 7 the next morning the doctor came in and the man said the pain stopped completely around 3 am. The doctor ran tests and sure enough, there was no sign of the two big balls of stones that were there the night before.

They had not passed through, there was no sign of that possibility, which was why the doctor had to run tests again, they had completely dissolved. I knew then we had what some call a miracle, others call true healing manifested through intention, prayer and community support by many praying for him.

This profound experienced fueled my healing studies even more with possibility and reality. It was the first of many such healings that have occurred in the healing room and in the community.

So even though I am a healer and teach healing, I always ask for help from the divine, and when it is a serious situation I ask other people to pray and send healing support as well. Living in a community it is so important for us to pray for one another in the direction of best results and what we ask for.

I have learned so much from this experience. I teach my clients and students to help overcome what might be said impossible, as well as common everyday problems. Always ask for help and align with the divine and your highest intention. Working within Universal Laws manifests results.

In my fifty-years of study and experience with healing, I have learned there is much to learn to align with perfect health. Sometimes more needs to be done to achieve complete healing.

Supporting one another is a tremendous help. It does not matter our religion this is a pure connection with divine source aligned with our true perfection.We are all one, and as we gather together, there is great power and support in all ways.

Live the Power of You!

Blessings and Love, Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500




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Expanding Our Reality

A New Year of Mastering Self, Health and Living our Best Life 1/1/18

No one else lives in the box of our reality. I have often described my spiritual journey of awakening as breaking out of boxes over and over again. Just when I think I am full, I find a wall to break through to another reality that opens up, informs, strengthens and softens me too.

The most enlightening understandings have been through exploring and experiencing many cultural, spiritual, healing, and religious traditions from around the world.

These studies opened my world to be inclusive, and not separate from others. Being open to the reality I was exploring in a neutral way allowed me to receive a wealth of understanding the diversity of oneness, and new possibilities of reality.

Fear and judgment keep us limited, and the need to be correct keep us separate, instead of open to learning how much more there is, and also how similar all people are.

 As the Native American saying goes, “Walk a mile in someone else’s moccasins before you judge someone.” I add, “Let’s stop judging and start relating and loving one another.”

Our greatest expansion is inclusion and finding how we are all one. Being discerning is being wise, being judgmental keeps us in a separate reality.

We are taught to fear someone who is different, everyone is different, and also the same as we are. Learning to be a citizen of the world in a healthy way, is to begin seeing us as all one culture trying to live on this planet together.

The more open we are, the less fearful we are. Every group has people who hurt others without remorse, they may be in your family, town, and world in many areas. This does not mean every person in that group is hurtful or wonderful.

People are people and full of possibilities no matter who they are. Expand and catch yourself contracting into labels or limits, and then open your mind to more again.

 In discerning truth and who people are, we find a peace in knowing who to trust and who to watch out for. Mainly we must learn to trust our discerning self in order to stay safe and cared for.

Being able to navigate our life without illusion or confusion is a high level of mastery. Taking our mind out of categories and learning greater truth and wisdom is a unique journey. As we stop the practice of putting others and us in boxes we open to our greater humanity.

Compassion can only come when we truly see and feel others. Compassion is in the higher mind and heart, not the lower mind and judgment. Compassion only comes when we know our own vulnerability and humanity and relate to others from this place.

We are not compassionate if we feel sorry for others, that is feeling superior and not compassionate. Feeling compassionate means, we put ourselves in the same place not above or below and appreciate their struggles and perspectives and wish them the best outcome.

Being neutral and loving is compassion. Knowing we all struggle on our life journey and offering uplifting thoughts, prayers, and support in many ways that are helpful is compassion. “There but for the grace of God go I.” This is a statement of compassion. We all take our turns on the wheel of life and its challenges.


I giggle when people take the time to correct punctuation or semantics and do not read what was written. That is being a Martha, one who judges and corrects and stay stuck, instead of listening to the message.

Mary sat at Jesus’ feet and listened and learned and received the blessings and transformation he offered. Surrendering to the highest and best and finding new language and ways to receive and be health and happiness is key.

Expanding our reality is about opening our heart and mind and life to find more love, peace, joy, wisdom, and intelligence in wholeness. This is a walk of spiritual awakening, intelligence, and growth no matter what path we take, its to look for how to live as the masters teach, one day at a time.

Stepping out of the ego that judges and fears, and awakening the heart and mind that loves, is a delicious delightful journey. Focus there and you will find your way.

Many Blessings and Love,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500

If you would like to master you in ways that create more peace, joy, prosperity, and love reach out to StraightArrow for a session. Expanding your world lightens and empowers your life in new and enjoyable ways. Everything gets easier.

Bright Blessings for a beautiful day, week and year. Janet



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Live Your Divine Self

Stay the Course
Always in Love Hope for the Season and Beyond

Click here for inspiring stories, teachings and advanced practices for daily Mastery.

I discovered that living my life purpose is been to inspire, teach, and support people being the light, love, wisdom and best that they can be. There are always dark times to distract us and take us off track. Love anyway. Be positive anyway. Stay being the solution, the medicine for the earth, and her people, beginning with you.

No matter how challenging life can be we always have a choice in how we deal with it. Do we add to the help or the hurt of it?

Having studied how to understand what truth is and how we are constantly sabotaged from our birthright of health, happiness, and light every day, I found my way of light and love, and stay on the path of being the medicine, and not empowering the disease. This is what I am called to teach.

The power of positive intention and deciding to live our highest truth and greatest unconditional love has taken me on the most amazing journey. Like every life, it has not been an easy one. The difference has been there are solutions when we know how limitless the possibilities are, and are willing to discover and live them.

Studying with Masters, and inspiring teachers and healers from around the world helped me discern truth and lies and the wholeness of the human and our earth experience and beyond. Universal truth is threaded through the teachings of each tradition and so are the man-made lies that hurt us all so much.

Colluding with the truth and releasing the lies has served me well.

Surviving and thriving in peace and love has given me strength and clear resolve to stay the course. Assisting people of all ages and walks of life through life challenges has been rewarding.

I will share a few basics for you to begin to work with. It is a deep walk. Everything here is a daily practice and takes you farther each day.

In my fifty-year walk, I have been graced with amazing opportunities to learn and grow and live my purpose. It has been my honor to be called to do the same to support others.

Blessings, Grace, and Love to All,
Janet StraightArrow
Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 
973-647-2500 Email

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The Day My World Opened Up


I met Chuck Eagle Bear when I was forty years young. I had been studying healing and spirituality for twenty-five years from Astrology to Yoga philosophy, with Nutrition and Psychology college degrees already blending mind-body-spirit medicine. I was on a deep healing journey looking for complete healing and enlightened living while raising two daughters as a single mother and head of household.

In 1992 I was reading three books a week on healing and spirituality, and selling 42 homes a year as a Real Estate Agent. My Real Estate Broker walked into the office one day and came directly over to me to tell me he met a Shaman at breakfast at the diner that morning.

“A Shaman at breakfast, in a New Jersey Diner?” Angus, who was aware of my studies, told me I might want to meet him. I was electrified inside and out and did not know why. I quickly took care of my business and drove over to a shop he had just opened in a neighboring town.

I walked into the shop and saw all manner of Native American articles. Some I knew and some I did not have a clue about. Eagle Bear was in the rear of the store counseling a couple of ladies. I found my way to the jewelry in the cases in the front of the store.

Careful to allow them privacy, I concentrated on the best quality Native Jewelry I had ever seen. Being a Leo, I love jewelry, and these Silver Navajo and Hopi pieces were spectacular. Continued patience and inner excitement were carefully held in place as I waited for the conference in the back to be over.

Eventually, the ladies left and Eagle Bear softly stepped his way over to me in his tan leather moccasins. I turned around to see him fully. He was my height, 5’6”, thin black hair in a ponytail, rough washed out blue jeans and Native t-Shirt, and doe-like eyes looking at, and through me. His smile was sweet and full and a little mischievous.

We stood there for a few minutes before he gathered my hands in his and said, “You are a Shaman just like me.” I was in a bit of shock, as this was the last thing I would have ever expected him to say.

As we stood there, I looked down at my red and black pin-striped suit with a skirt, and my black pumps. I reflected on my beautifully made-up face, short blond coiffed hair with gold jewelry and earrings, and then gazed out at my big blue Mercedes. Then I looked back at him.

“A Shaman, just like him?” I am open to possibilities on this life journey,  and yet I knew immediately, if I was a Shaman just like him, it would be very differently expressed through me.

This day was the beginning of a beautiful respectful friendship, mentorship, and apprenticeship. Chuck and I were heart and soul connected immediately. Brother and sister, with many hours, enjoyed together over the next six years.


When I took an aptitude test five years before this meeting, it indicated I would be a good Forest Ranger or Teacher = Shaman?

My Mom used to say she was going to send me back to the Indians. Did she know something? She also said to walk a mile in someone else’s moccasins before judging anyone. Common sayings of the time, and yet important to me now more than ever as I began to walk a very different walk than I was raised to.

The day I met Eagle Bear was life-changing for me. Something big unlocked inside of me that expanded my life in ways I never imagined before. I later remembered hearing a thought twelve years before, that my life’s work would be awakened at the age of forty.

Everything after this moment was clearer and more powerful than ever before. I was inspired to follow my inner calling each day more than ever, and boy was I taken on some wild rides and unique journeys.

It was not about being Native American, it was about awakening traditions held deep inside me and translating it into simplicity and clarity for others to understand and become who they are.

I had already blended spiritual awareness and integrity in creating a successful Real Estate practice and found the following years exciting as I blended the many experiences I had in my everyday life with family, friends, and clients. I inspired many things that were important for peoples growth and I also encountered extreme judgment and fear projected onto me.

It’s true I have had a very different path from Eagle Bear, he taught me Native American teachings and ceremonies and also spoke Universal pearls of wisdom as he mentored me through my growth and learning.

The way I am like Chuck, who left his body six years after I met him, is the beautiful heart and soul and teachings of unconditional love shared with everyone I meet, which is the best of all. I found my lineage as Eagle Bear in my subsequent journeys. Bear is the healer, carrying grounded natural spiritual medicine, Eagle is the observer, discerning truth and bringing higher wisdom to earth.


Surrendering to the flow of my life and following heart and soul has brought many gifts and tough lessons that helped me understand and live and teach the fullness of who we all are and how we can live it now.

This meeting occurred twenty-five years ago, and the journey has been full and amazing ever since. I am excited to share this journey with you, with many lessons and experiences along the way in my memoir, as it may help you understand and find your own path with confidence and grace.

The above is a draft of the beginning of one of the chapters in my memoir. There will be much more on this relationship, many other experiences with Shamans, and Masters from East and West, teachers and mentors, initiations and experiences, and many other stories of awakening the teachings and living them.

Stepping out-of-the-box of expectations over and over again has opened up the world to me. No Fear Just Love. I am grateful for all of the teachers and students in my life who were always both.  It is always an honor to share wisdom, love, and healing ways with you.

Enjoy the Journey.

Blessings and Love,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500

I am rewriting my website and continue to teach and offer sessions as I complete the several books that have been in process for many years and begin putting them out in 2018.

FREE. Scroll through the blogs on the website above beginning on the home page for more stories and teachings. Enjoy daily postings on Facebook encouraging us to live fully each day in the light of the moment. @janet.straightarrow @bethemedicine and for those who are working through grief scroll down 8 years of postings on my Dead-Awake page or @fromgrieftonewlife

NEUTRAL UNIVERSAL. No matter who you are or what tradition or practice you live or spiritual beliefs, StraightArrow Wisdom and Be The Medicine are designed as a neutral Universal path to help you live your “Medicine” your true self and live on purpose in everyday life. Have fun with it!

 Chuck Eagle Bear




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TV Interview – How to Be The Medicine.

 My TV interview with Karen Delk June 2017 ON HER PRINCETON CABLE TV SHOW NEW BEGINNINGS.

Enjoy this comprehensive interview may it support your journey and give you confidence and comfort in being you! It was my first TV interview in many years and exciting to share.


Inspiration, Classes, Sessions, Sedona trip in the Spring and so much more locally and globally.

Face Everything and Relax – Ways to Navigate Your World

“RISING ABOVE. Dear Friends, We are living in troubling times. The world has always been a mixture of people, purposes, and problems. The only security comes from within. No one outside of us can do it for us.
In the past decade more than ever, we see and experience more of the diversity of realities that we live in.
Learning to stay sane and navigate a continuously changing landscape is calling us all to higher wisdom in our life.
The roles and rules of the past have not worked for a long time. Letting go of should’s and expectations allow us to see, hear and deal with what is.
It always begins with us. Our mind and heart create our reality. Making life work for us is always key. We are not here to change others we are here to be us and do our best and see what is called for us to live purposefully in our life.
Learning to live our highest self-allows us to live a life of true freedom and fun.
Be The Medicine encourages you to Be The One, the example, the change you want to see in the world. As we raise our selves and our children to be empowered by wisdom and responsibility the world we live in changes dramatically.
Be patient, loving and kind to you and all. We are all in earth school, walking our walk in peace and harmony or anything else we choose. Enjoy the Journey.
Always in Love, Janet StraightArrow, This Article is in my latest newsletter from earlier this week.” Janet StraightArrow

— at Be The Medicine.


“When we stand for truth and love there is no room for allowing bad behavior, manipulation, or personal attacks. We need more of this now. Nice creates victims, true, creates freedom. Always in Love.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine

Live the Power of You!

“There are always tremendous challenges in the world and our lives. Denial, judgment, shame, and blame are the ways of creating more of that. Loving us first with compassion and taking responsibility from now on allows transformation, healing, and new beginnings. Mental illness and inability to face what is in a way that creates change affect a huge part of the population creating the disconnection and chaos we have now. Finding our purpose in creating solutions is unique for each one of us. Go for it. The world needs all of us now.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine

“NOW. Being present, In joy, and fully alive. It is time to be, do and transform. Let’s stay awake and discover what we can do now. Baby steps sometimes, giant steps others, always choosing and moving moment-by-moment. It’s always Now. Blessings to All.” Janet StraightArrow My new Instagram account is #bethemedicinenow.

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Having walked through some of the most traumatic and painful times a human can experience in a lifetime, I continue to focus on and live peace, love, health, and happiness.

This has been the StraightArrow of truth that has guided my life since a child and inspired me to wake up and continuously heal after a dire diagnosis as a teen. My life has been a journey to discover and live what the Masters teach. It is accessible to all with desire, curiosity, and action.

Reading thousands of books, and studying with teachers, healers and Masters from many traditions and religions from around the world for decades following questions and finding answers in each step, have assisted my understanding, healing, and awakening to the oneness that brings us all together and how to live it.

  • The peace that is beyond common understanding.
  • Living health, happiness, goodness, and love, as our divine nature.
  • They are not some ideal outside of us.
  • They are always here amidst the constant storms of life and loss.
  • Living our true self-empowers every day of our lives.

As we clear and release the pain and illusions of our humanity, and align with our true nature, our lives have more meaning and our life purpose unfolds easily. There is more to know to help us and all. This has been my ongoing focus for over fifty years.

We are worth pulling ourselves out of the struggle and moving into the wisdom, truth, and love accessible to all.

Death and rebirth occur in every moment. As we show up we move through many emotions, thoughts, and experiences. When we stop complaining, blaming and judging, we can find our true power and discover the truth and new ways to transform the problems in the world and us.

We focus on the answer – the medicine, that can heal in reality. Every day is a new beginning. Let’s continue to see where we can change inside and out to create the world we desire and know is possible.

We all have the power to be the change. That is what Be The Medicine is. Living our highest truth and deepest love and manifesting heaven on earth no matter what.

Blessings and Love.

Janet StraightArrow, Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

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Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine

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Living and Teaching Be The Medicine


In teaching people that they can reclaim their health and well-being I have learned how much we have been taught against this in countless ways. Learning to overcome the objections of limited beliefs and fears of man’s training for thousands of years has been quite the journey. Be The Medicine is to answer to how can we do this and live our wholeness and highest abilities.

Learning of the power of who we are and how to access control of our life has been quite the adventure. My purpose as StraightArrow has been to simplify the path for easy access. From the beginning, I found that I love to ask the questions and find myself guided to answers in myriad ways.

One of my favorite stories is when I wondered what the Medical profession was exploring in Spirituality and Healing. Five days later I found an invitation addressed to me in my mailbox to a Spirituality and Healing conference held by the Harvard Medical School’s Mind-Body Institute in Boston occurring a few weeks later.

Of course, I attended and enjoyed listening to the many perspectives of doctors, chaplains of various religions and psychologists and psychiatrists as they discussed spirituality and healing from their perspective. I have attended several such conferences over the years.

Be The Medicine has unfolded by being curious and asking questions and that brought me continuous answers and opened up the journey to more in quite a variety of places and ways. Each amazing discovery eventually left some missing piece and I asked for more and received it.


Teaching people to tap into their innate wisdom and knowledge has taught me as much as it has those I have taught. The beauty of being a teacher can be how much more you learn as you teach. I enjoy assisting each person to discover their unique mission and purpose and many gifts and abilities, as well as the hidden agreements and interference to be their best self.

To live, teach and assist people to Be The Medicine is my life purpose and has been my focus since a child. The journey has included higher wisdom beyond common understanding. The main problem in our world has been fear and giving control to doctors and drugs and others in all areas of life instead of a wholistic worldview of possibilities.

Our automatic training is to seek help from others when our best healing is done from within when we know how. We are the experts, we have the most knowledge about us than anyone. Learning how to access this and ask questions is the learning. We learn how to heal and then we know when to call for outside help. Expecting healing instead of more sickness makes all the difference in discovering and experiencing solutions.

There are no quick fixes or one natural method or focus to help all. There is a powerful thread of teachings, wisdom, and truths of our human nature and self-healing that assists all. We live with us 24/7 so we can access more than anyone else.

Healing is extremely complex and unique for everyone until you understand the multi-leveled truth of us as humans. Then we stay aware of what we can change or do and ask for higher wisdom and follow it. Putting all of the pieces together has been my fifty-year journey and in the end, it is quite simple.


There are many reasons for ill health and I began with physical and went into nutrition, psychology, lifestyle, yoga, meditation, and more spiritual methods of healing from East and West. I continued with over one hundred teachers and many modalities and Shamanic traditions from around the world. Shamanism and Soul knowledge helped me put the pieces together. Sorting out each tradition and discerning the highest truth and wisdom to empower us was a full-time job for a couple of years and a part-time job along the way.

Letting go of limitation and opening to the highest understanding and truth have guided me. I found there are many levels of truth that match where we are in our consciousness. As we gain in higher wisdom the truth becomes more logical, simple and clear and manifests great success.

I always find another level of understanding to open up to as I continue on my research and experience. Never bored or boring the journey continues, refines, expands and narrows again. My own challenges and how to heal them as well as those of students and clients continue to inspire new levels of solutions.

What was proven to me was that the truth of the sages I read as a teen are true for all. We are all good, perfect health, happiness, and peace. Humans have lived against our nature to follow man-made rules that tear us apart and down and believe we are limited and bad as a species.

Turning that around one person at a time is the work I do personally. Online postings and offerings and books that are on their way to publishing these next years will hopefully help millions of people wake up and take action to Be The Medicine for themselves, their community, and the world.

Learning to be the truth of who we are from highest consciousness is the way to break through lower level lies and illusions. This is the work and play of Be The Medicine. Each session and class reach for the greatest truth and love within you to manifest in all areas of your work, health, and life.

We do this with great joy as it awakens heart and soul and makes life worthwhile.

Stay tuned. Call Janet with questions or more information.

Janet is available for speaking engagements, private sessions and classes.

Live the Power of You!

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500


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