I Am Not That


This is our legacy. Disease happens in body and mind and culture when we live against our true nature. We are not sinners or innately bad as is commonly believed.  This belief gives us a foundation of guilt, judgment, and fear, and makes us wrong before we even begin.

When we take on false concepts and beliefs, they conflict with the truth of us, which causes much suffering and pain. A foundation of goodness and love creates a powerful present and productive reality that sets us all free to be.

The world is full of illusions, conflicts, and lies. It takes great strength and courage to say no, and live a better life. Unconditional love begins and ends with us. It is not for others to give it to us. We set the stage and the standard and life will flow from there.

We are here to remember, break the rules that hurt, and live who we truly are.

To love ourselves is to honor all of life and see all as one. No one is better or worse, equality is our natural liberty. All fingers point to us and the good news is we can change and heal us and become the true nature of who we are.

This was something I knew fifty years ago when given a dire diagnosis. I rebelled and said, no. I have done that many times in all areas of my life, unafraid to break the rules and beliefs that do not make sense or hurt. Releasing illusions and limitations can be an adventure to an amazing life. It is not so hard to do unless you want everyone to agree.

This past year more than ever we have witnessed people seeing life from diverse points that we do not see. It’s for us to stand in our truth, heart, and soul, and find the truth that does not change. Again, no one needs to agree.

We can be cheerleaders and truth seekers and enjoy prosperity. Or, we can tear everyone down and act a clown and find there is no peace, love, and joy in that reality. Our reality can be wherever we put our attention. This does not make it correct, just our decision and opinion and where we think, live and be.

Peace beyond understanding comes from releasing everything of the worldly rules and awakening Universal truth and laws. The world is a mess because free will has led many into an abyss of lies, suffering, and unhappiness.

Trying to control in the ways of man lead us to all of the nasty stories in the scriptures. The sky is always falling in that reality. Living love, equality, honoring nature, and all, brings us prosperity, healing and beauty filled living. The highest truth of all.

I am not anger, fear, jealousy, control, judgment, guilt and blame. There is no shame in being you or me. Learning to be free in ways that support all and us is the imperative.

When we stop believing or listening to the destructive thoughts in our head, we can open up to who we are as love, peace, health and happiness and so much more. We are limitless possibilities when we discover living natural laws.

The world will thrive when we thrive. No one needs to be up or down unless they choose to be. Free will means we make choices for our life with each breath. Stop and see what you are choosing, and if you desire, choose again, and say I am not that. I am me and free in blissful harmony.

Know who you are and live more of that to be healthy, happy and free.

Be The Medicine one person at a time.

Blessings of Delight,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

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The Truth that Sets Us Free



“The truth is with us all the time, the problem is, we have been taught to believe, and focus on the lies.” Janet StraightArrow

Confusion reigns when we try to mix the truth and the lie as one. Each human knows the truth, it is a wisdom we have innately. It’s the still small voice that most ignore and laugh about later. It’s nothing to laugh about since it can save, and makes your life.

Peace, joy, and love come naturally as we live our true self. No matter what happens, we “know” the truth, and can unfold all problems with solutions, naturally. It’s the confusing voice in the head that rattles off beliefs, fears and judgments, filled with reasons, excuses and blame, that sidetracks us and keeps us stuck.

We are all enlightened beings, caught in an illusion of pain and fear, that can be easily released when we have zero tolerance for lies and live the truth.

Ongoing inner dialogue with illusions of rules and roles and people pleasing silliness keep us victims of our own consciousness. We volunteer to be deceived until we realize we are the ones keeping us in prison.

No one has more power over us than us. Our mind keeps us trapped, or free. Usually a combination of both, which creates great stress, instead of health and happiness.


We begin by feeling the truth. Truth vibrates peacefully in our body. Anxiety, fear, and dis-ease mean there are lies somewhere, awaiting us, to lift their veils of disguise. No matter what our head says, our body knows the truth.

Our higher mind, soul-self is the one with subtle cues and clues to wake us up to our magnificence. We are the commander in chief. When we entertain and allow the lies, they can maintain their residence with us and stay disguised. If we say no, you are not true. We can dismiss them, lift the veil, and the Sun of truth shines through, allowing the best of me and you.

We are free when we stop playing both sides, truth, and lies. Confusion, delusion, and collusion are our companions unless we speak a resounding, no, to the lies in and outside of us. Standing for truth is our battle cry.


“As we stand in truth, the resistance falls away, unless we doubt, and then it is invited to stay.” Janet StraightArrow

 We are like the Elephant, who is trained to believe that the short rope on a stake. can keep them in place, when all it takes is rebellion and belief of self-mastery, and a gentle tug and the truth sets them free.

Teachings in all cultures, religions, and traditions, have the truth in place, and the lie to keep us on the short rope of control and unhappiness. We are afraid to break the rules and release the firm beliefs, that serve no one. We are afraid to be wrong or bad or judged.

Instead, we become the judge and jury and beat ourselves up, and no one else needs to lift a finger, because we have been trained to stay tied, to the short rope of illusion, that we are sinners, and never going to be free.

The truth is, we are always free, like the Elephant, and no one else needs to agree. If we need agreement, we are not free. We are still tied to the illusion of outside approval.

Leaders, and media, and others know how to keep us in line, confused and tied to a stake, of fear and helplessness. We have to know better and choose, victim or victor? Free, or tied to a stake, that limits our mobility?


People want to believe in something outside of themselves to be safe when our inner surety is our only safety. Believing in something else makes us subject to an illusion that eliminates truth and freedom.

Learning to discern the truth, from the lies, can be like developing the fine skills of a surgeon cutting out the tissue, that feeds off of healthy tissue inside. Words, beliefs, and fears that destroy the human of limitless love and potential are all lies.

Look at what uplifts you, and what tears you down. Words, people, beliefs, fears, rules and more keep us subject to other than the truth when they do not resonate with positive, present and productive realities.

The powers that be, do not want us to be free. When we are subject to illusion, fear and anxiety, we are a food source for many things, that break us down and keep us sick in body and mind and afraid to even take one step outside of what is allowed.


When what keeps us stuck, is being good according to something out there in society, we might need to be bad, in order to be free. Disagreeing with bullies, or family, or religious, or cultural beliefs, may seem rebellious to them, and true to you and me.

Our innate nature is goodness, not bad or wrong, or sinners who are not deserving. We are all good and perfect and seeking, the truth that sets us free, to live who we are as pure divinity.

So our job is to be true to ourselves, and unravel and dismiss the lies, no matter who objects or judges us. Our inner self and soul will be grateful for full mastery. Our life and health will grow in abundance and love beyond anything we may have believed.

The peace beyond understanding, is peace, despite the lies of the human, who masquerade as truth. We ascend to full mastery of our divinity, heaven on earth, and so much more, and see us all as beautiful and free.

We are all saints who lost our Halo, when we bought into, the story of falling from grace.” Janet StraightArrow


Ascending to full awareness, power, and love, wholeness, healing, or a better life, requires zero tolerance for what is a lie. What keeps people in pain and confusion is trying to fit the lie into the truth. There is no way it fits. Holistically focused, is not complete, it’s on the way, but missing the mark, as it still tries to blend the old with the true.

This is where our culture is struggling with now. More than ever we know the truth, and yet we are still trying to be approved of, and make it fit into the lies. Discerning what those lies are, is our most important job. Religion, cultures, and governments have given humans rules of fear and control, and unworthiness, as ways to keep the masses from discovering their true power as whole empowered beings.

Moment-by-moment, day-by-day, it becomes easier as we practice living the truth that sets us free. When we all embody our divinity, the world and her people will align and awaken our higher purpose and life as humanity.

No need for addictions, abuse or destruction, or control. We only need walk our walk, and experience and see, the truth is wonderful and empowering, to be the best we can be. Each one of us can Be The Medicine, as we show the way, by embodying the truth, as others choose to be free.

 Enjoy the Journey.

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

In fifty years of study and practice, healing, teaching, and coaching, Janet has discovered that when we separate out the illusions in our mind and life, wholeness and healing result every time. One coaching session will assist you to get on track, release the ropes of illusion, and be set free. Relationships, health, career, spiritual journey, and life’s purpose and direction, and overcoming challenges, unfold easily. Call Today.

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Just for Today – The Power of Presence

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Slow down and be present, this is the gift of living meditation all day long. As we listen, learn and quiet the racing, fearful mind, our heart opens and life flows.

Our highest intelligence is accessed, and life slows down to match our pace. Days that went by so fast, come into full presence moment by moment. One day can expand into five.

In a fast-paced world, we cannot afford to miss things. As with the tortoise and the hare, racing gets us farther behind.

Time is an illusion of the mind, slow down and find that all is possible with presence.

Speak for you each moment. No excuses or reasons, just be and do it. Know the truth of what you are here for. Eliminate what is not yours to be and do, and you will experience time expanding as you make room for the important moments of each day.

Positive dialogue expands time, negative dialogue erases time and eats it up.

Enjoy even the challenging moments, as they help us awaken and grow into the brilliance we are. Have fun with it all. This is our life, our gift, our love.

Just for today, be present.

Enjoy the Journey, Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

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Live the Power of You!

Be The Medicine awakens your brilliance as you step into yourself fully, freely and with amazing joy. How to live the truths of Ancient knowledge and wisdom in today’s language and the world is what we explore and manifest with ease and grace and common sense.

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Living You, No More In-Between

 Doubt keeps us stuck in maybe, when we look for surety. Do we do this because of habit, or comfort in not committing? Maybe, creates fear and anxiety. Can we know? Do we want to know? Stepping up allows us to experience truth, what is, and what can be.

It is very normal for people to use the words, kind-of, in describing experiences for themselves. Knowing what is, is scary, because then we can, and must act in some way. We commit. I know how I feel, and I know what is happening, and I know what to do and be next, are powerful possibilities when we just say what we mean.

Words that take us into possibility instead of reality, are protections from being wrong, or judged, or even taking the next step and enjoying the process. In working with people I help them say what they mean and mean what they say. It is very easy to find the truth that resides under the maybe.

 Standing in our truth is a practice worth living. It begins with acknowledging our experiences and how we live our life. Instead of explaining we can just live and be free. I am, I know, I feel, I see, I hear this, is all empowering.

No more; like, kind-of, sort-of, maybe, or I think. No more dancing around what is, and instead just be. Look and listen to where you hedge your bets, instead of saying what you mean. You will be surprised how dominant this is in your speech.

  Have fun with this and be the listener and watcher of you. No judgment or blame, stay on point and change your words mid-sentence and experience how powerful it is. As you just speak, you find an inner and outer peace and a relief. Ah. There it is.

No more doubt or confusion. Walking your walk, is so freeing.

Enjoy the journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be the Medicine, Live the Power of You!

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 My journey to Be the Medicine, was not to find a new way, but to find a way that is true for all.

As I studied with Masters of religions and traditions around the world, I was not looking to BE something else, and join their community, I was looking for what brings us all together as one human divinity.

Oneness was something that stood out as a lie in the religion I was raised in. So many of the correct words of wisdom and truth were spoken and yet in the end, we were the only ones being “saved”.  As a child I worried about all of the children and people around the world that were of other faiths.

Then I began to question many things. I trusted my perception and discernment in what was said and done that made no sense to me. Logic and common sense are central to truth and there was not a lot of this in religion and everyday life too.

How we act has the greatest reflection and teaching of children and others. Its what we live that shows who we are, and when it looks and feels good, it will be followed. I noted there was, “do what I say, and not what I do”, evidenced by adults trying to discipline and educate us, and it did not work for me. I followed what felt correct and made sense to me which was often following what was said that was true.

Too many rules, felt wrong. Too many things that were done to hurt people, and all. Confusion reigned and I was lost in many thoughts, feelings and worlds that did not make sense or feel correct to me.


At fifteen my family doctor told me I would not live long and would deteriorate fast. I was very sickly and in pain in parts of my body, and he said I was following in my father’s footsteps and would not last as long. Dad was 43 and retired and dying.

This was my wake up call. I looked at our family and their focus on illness and doctors and prescription drugs as the answer, and remembered Jesus teachings and miracle healings. I decided to discover how to live these instead. That has been my journey ever since.

Fifty years later I have been challenged by health and emotional challenges that might have taken me out, and still I live, and am not on medicines and look and feel, at least ten or more years younger. I am about to be a full senior of 65 and feeling healthy, happy and whole.

Medicine as drugs, is my last resort, I have researched healing myself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and as a soul, and found amazing, simple, clear ways to live and heal.

Teaching others how to put it all together for them, is my mission and purpose and great joy!

There is nothing better than the freedom to heal ourselves, and find great happiness in everyday, no matter what is occurring. Life is good and letting go of the hypnotic ways we have learned to live against us, is key. Learning to live true for us, is being free.


Getting out of the house from my mother and the way the family system worked, was important. I was happy to help and support but was being abused emotionally and mentally, and I was not allowing that anymore. Mom was wise and also loved me, but was cold, demeaning and demanding. A real Dr Jeckell and Mr Hyde situation. this was another great confusion to sort out along the way. How can someone say they unconditionally love you, and hurt you everyday?

My health was dependent on getting out of the house and to continue breaking the patterns of the family. I know that now, in full consciousness. Then, I was in love with my high school sweetheart, and wanted to make a life with him. Both being oldest children we were looking forward to creating a life that was ours.

It was nineteen seventy-one, and life in the world was changing in every way. We worked hard to build our lives that worked for us. We bought a house within a year and had big goals that were independent of our family of origin. We both worked since children, paying our own way, and now had the freedom to do what was best for us each day.


I still became sick, and was occasionally in pain, and it lessened. I was free to live my life and not be pressured with rules that hurt, so I lived free to be me. I learned self-care while trying things a normal college age person who worked fulltime did, and always chose to come back to doing things that made me feel good, body and soul.

Watching my father in the last stages of his life that first year, made me more determined not to live the way of sickness, and to do everything I could to be healthy and happy.

Leaving my religion immediately after our marriage was freeing. I found religion to be a force of controlling to get us to follow beliefs, that trapped with fear, instead of following love. Beauty laced with fear, hurt and blamed. Jesus was great, what they did with his teachings and purpose was not. I saw the truth, and leaving set me free to explore oneness, healing and truth, and most of all, unconditional love.


All of these years, I have experienced following my innate intelligence, heart, and soul, asking questions and seeking complete answers. I have traveled in so many wonderful worlds of religions and traditions, and found what is unique and special about each one, what unifies and what separates us, with ourselves and with one another.

I can speak to high leaders of any tradition and we all speak the same language. It’s the rules that form the beliefs and fears that create some of the structures in each tradition, and being the only way or best, that keeps the followers feeling separate from the rest.



When we find the key to oneness, and experience it, it is bliss. All are one, what is our part in the whole? What is our life purpose to live and make whole? How can we heal and live unified body and soul?

There are no us, and them, all are we. There is no shame or blame, there is learning and living our journey and purpose naturally. We find oneness is us first. Healing the ego and individuating is the first step. Knowing and loving us allows us to carry that through to all.

As we feel separate within us, or not good enough, or too good for others, we are living the paradigm of separation and suffering. When we are all one, we discover our profound and beautiful humanity, which is also humility to know we can love and support one another and be enough and have enough with no need for lack or superiority.


Going beyond our worldly fear based learning that keeps us trapped in lack, we can awaken to the abundance within ourselves and in the world. When we create limits, or boxes of truth that separate us, we miss the oneness of all.

How can we reach for healing or wholeness, when we believe in terrible lies of fear, and separation? Love All. All One.

We cannot heal the problems in the world, until we each take responsibility to heal the holes in our wholeness, and become all one.

PS. There is greatness in religion and medicine, and I am grateful for both. Questioning and going deeper allowed the limitations, illusions and fear to fade, so deeper truth could open the way.

Janet StraightArrow

Blessings, Grace and Love.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be the Medicine, Live the Power of You!

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“Janet is the rainbow of love! With the skilled hands of a surgeon, Janet is able to help you reach inside to the deepest, most hidden places of yourself and give you tools to shine the brightest, most powerful light for personal & professional healing! Janet is a wonderful tour guide, providing direction and possibilities for healing as you walk your path! She is very personable, creative, and nurturing to all she meets. It is an honor and a pleasure to have her walking alongside me! Namaste.” Thank You From Elisa Maggio, Massage therapist, Healer, teacher, artist.

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Finding Joy on the Journey

Enjoy teachings and tools and some clear direction, and a free meditation emailed directly to you. Blessings, Janet StraightArrow

After nearly 65 years, I am in love with the journey more than ever. Each day is an adventure and I see and feel the subtle awakening in myself continuously. Its exciting to know we can progress as we age and get better in all ways. In teaching spirituality and healing for many decades I have always suggested that people be a cheerleader for themselves.

We are on this planet to experience a journey of unfolding and living. Each one of us has a unique opportunity to awaken in consciousness and explore an amazing life. Even when it is not easy it can be an adventure when we become curious and open to learn.

In a world where we can click on the Internet, and receive information quickly, we are impatient for our progress. Raised with ideas of competition and rushing to beat everyone including ourselves, the bar has been high to “get” somewhere. There is always here now.

Note when you can be quiet, feel peaceful and loving, follow these, they give you connection to the real. Move through a tough time and be grateful and acknowledge the passage. Avoid judgment, it’s a detractor from our accomplishments. Letting go of not good enough or never enough to allow the best that can be and enjoy it, rather than dismiss it is a practice in itself.


As we journey through life we each have huge lessons that play out in myriad ways. Instead of seeing self as bad or wrong, open up to releasing the pattern, belief, or fear, and learn what is here to learn.

We are all in earth school, its an ongoing learning, healing and becoming who we are. Facing the challenges awakens solutions when we focus there. When stuck in shame, blame, judgment and fear, we go nowhere.

Each relationship, job, person, experience is one to enjoy. If you are not fully invested, make changes in a more aligned direction.


Some basics to follow on your journey. As you move forward note these and allow them to direct and redirect you on your best path.

  1. Align with you. What makes us happy, healthy and successful is to follow our inner truth and love. Ask yourself the question, “Is this aligned with me?” You will automatically feel the truth of whether it is or not and then be able to live true to you. Embrace it.
  1. Find balance in your life. Any direction followed without balance falls apart. There are always times of great focus to accomplish something, and yet we have a body and a life to be served as well. Be sure to take care of you and yours and your support and life will continue to serve you and those you are here for.
  1. No Doubt. Stop doubting as you walk. New steps forward take courage and yet this is how we travel. We never know where we are going until we get there. The only there to know is here. Focus on being present and moving from the inside out.
  1. No Fear. Fear is in every negative thought and emotion we have. As we move beyond fear we find freedom and fun. Fear interferes with our life. It keeps us from traveling and listening to our inner guide.
  1. No Blame. Blaming self and others takes us off track. Focus on solutions instead of holding self and others hostage. Blame is a dead end. Discovering cause allows solutions. No one is served by blame.
  1. No Judgment. Let go of the judge and jury and love you through the process. We are learning creatures who are constantly challenged to grow and become more of who we truly are. Judging others holds us back as well.
  1. Peace. What gives us peace shows us we are on track, or not. When we are anxious we are not paying attention to the above. Make needed changes.
  1. Unconditional love. Learning to love ourselves and one another unconditionally is the main journey. When we reach this there is no more to go, except to continue to live it more each day. Continuously unfolding love and life from here is amazing.

The Clear Path

The above are basics that assist as a guide as you live them. Step-by-step attention to all of these is powerful. Enjoy a recorded meditation on these to help you experience and deepen your journey.

GIFT OF MEDITATION ON THE ABOVE. Send me your name and email and I will send it to you.


  Please let me know how this helps you enjoy the journey.

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

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Never Give Up Hope by Janet StraightArrow

 Some may think hope is a fantasy. I found it to be a lifeline out of dark times, and what moves me forward daily. Things are rarely as bad, as our mind or others speak it to be. We are magical people who like cats, have many lives, and opportunities to be free.

Our free will is strong, don’t let anyone, especially you, talk you out of the best possibility. The human condition is constantly blocked from our magnificence. It is us alone that can keep the path and doors open by letting go of doubt, fear, blame and judgment.

We are always worth fighting for. It is a fight until we just truly know, and let go, and easily align with truth and love. We live in a world where the worst is focused on, more than the best regularly.

Doubt is the new religion instead of love and hope. It sidetracks even the most talented and connected people from their best life. The excuse is its scientific smarts to doubt when instead our energy and intent can be focused on solutions and clear doubt out as the leader of problems.

I believe in God, not as a guy in the sky, but as a consciousness that is all love, truth and possibility. There are no limits except for our choices. The fact that we are all God or the consciousness of God awakens the truth and sets us free.

 Everything in life is our journey, the good, the bad, the ugly and the miraculous. Stop judging, and keep choosing the best for you, and allow the movement in that direction. We all have agreements of challenges we brought to the party, called our life. We can play the victim or saint or just play it straight.

We are all miracles. When we keep remembering this, life is amazing, full of potential and possibilities. Walk the line of what you want or see next for you, and the path opens as we walk. When challenges arise there may be deep lessons or new directions to attend to.

Fear of death may keep us alive. Fear of life kills us; body, mind and spirit.

Living full out is the best way to live. Not overdoing but moving forward, enjoying self-family, friends and others and all we enjoy, in all of our gifts and abilities. Taking vacations and sleeping well take care of the body and soul. Choosing to change may be called for in all areas of our life in order to move forward. Mostly we may need to change our attitude, release doubt, fear and blame, and anything that keeps us stuck.

Dying is not failing, sometimes dying is our next adventure on the soul journey. Letting go of the body happens in many ways. When it does, it is to honor the life and passing of the one who has gone, and release them from our hold here on earth.


My parents taught me about hope. Dad stayed alive through constant critical health times with his and Moms sheer will. I learned the power of the will and yet it was not working for me to see my Father and all of us in the family, being sick, and focused on not dying.

When I was diagnosed to follow in Dads footsteps, and not live as long, I rethought the whole picture. I decided to live and be healthy, instead of constant belief in the need for sickness. I used my will to change the paradigm we were living in, and instead kept my focus on health and a long vibrant life. I rejected synthetic medicines, and embraced mind, spirit and nature as the most efficient way to health.

The quality of life was what I wanted, to live all of the possibilities my parents encouraged me to live would not be done, until I got out from under the blanket of sickness and fully embraced perfect health.

Hope got me here, but when I aligned with truth, knowing took over, and led me step by step. When challenges arise, as they always do, I remember hope and truth and health and love as our nature and follow through.

 I was guided to study health and consciousness in eastern and western traditions. I studied experiences and beliefs of native and natural healers and learned how to move through the illusion of dis-ease into health over and over again.

Like my favorite children’s story, “The Little Engine that Could.” The engine was the smallest and most challenged and yet he began with, “I think I can.’” And kept moving despite the challenges, until he said “I know I Can.” And kept moving and did.

You can too. In all areas of our life, the religion of doubt clouds out the highest truth. Underneath we know we can. Choosing and remembering and acting, is how it all comes about. It may begin with hope. Let it lead us to How.

Look at where doubt has clouded your life, and release it to find the gifts underneath. We are all strong and able. Know you can move forward step-by-step until the momentum and continued focus takes you in your best direction.

Enjoy the Journey,

Live the Power of You!

Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

www.bethemedicine.com 973-647-2500 Janet@Bethemedicine.com

Call Janet today to remove any obstacles and empower solutions in all areas of health and life. Fifty years of research and living and teaching it brings abundant resources to find your way back to you. StraightArrow teaches you how and helps you hope until you know and follow through for you. Never give up. You are perfection unfolding.

Its all About Soul http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412957858

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Dead – Awake, A Journey of Love and New Life.

 As a Shaman I am used to traveling to various levels of reality to experience life in all of its forms. When my youngest daughter Lisa suddenly left her body twelve days after her twenty-ninth birthday, it began a journey of intense experiences, that I now realize, I had been prepared for all of my life.

This April 1, it will be 9 years since she changed dimensions and left her body. Lisa and I have had quite the journey together and separately over these years, and I knew when it was the correct time, I would be able to publish my writings of my experiences and learnings. She is here to help me, as are many others who are here to help people release the fear of death, and awaken multidimensional life here now.

Love is always us, no matter how life has been played out, love is the glue and fabric of all dimensions of life. As souls we play many roles and rules that transform, as we remember who we are, Love.

My experiences with Lisa broke all the rules of what I was taught about what happens after we die.  There is nothing to fear for those who have passed. They are in good – God hands. Its us that can awaken through this experience, and bring awareness and deeper love into living happier, healthier more enlightened lives now. That is where the title of the book I have been writing, Dead-Awake came from.

Fear interferes with the beauty and majesty of life. Our loved ones who have let go of their bodies no longer hurt, instead they experience healing, freedom and love. All are not totally evolved when they pass. The level of freedom requires healing on this side in our body, and on the other side as soul.

The grace of new life is ours on both sides of the veil. Everything is here now as I had learned many years before, as I awakened my Shamanic lineages and abilities. There is no place else to go but here. Our loved ones and all of our experiences are here now. past, present and future resides here.

 Waking up occurs now as we walk. No waiting. We are our own psychics, healers, teachers and manifesters. Be The Medicine teachings and practices assist us in making deeper connections to all dimensions of our life.

Releasing rules and illusions of the material world and man, as we grow in love, freedom and enlightenment, makes everyday life productive, peaceful and grand.

As painful as it was to go through the death of my child, I understand its purpose in the grand scheme of her and my life, and have used this to help many others and will continue to do so.

Janet StraightArrow

Always in Love, Peace and Joy,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You.

www.bethemedicine.com 973-647-2500 Janet@bethemedicine.com

I am offering workshops of communicating with loved ones that include breaking fear and illusion of death and the other side and opening to purpose and love of the support we have for one another as people and souls. I also offer grief coaching that has assisted many to understand and make peace as they move through the process of healing.

Please join me on www.Facebook.com/janet.straightarrow , www.facebook.com/grieftonewlife , www.Facebook.com/bethemedicine

Live the Power of You!

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Wisdom Sessions & Healing with Janet StraightArrow

Begin the Adventure Today! Imagine sitting with a Wise Medicine Woman and enjoying a listening ear and open heart offering deep healing and a higher perspective on your life. Life makes sense from this place and you move gently into better relationships, health, life and work situations.


Bringing out the best in you she also sees where the pain and illusions reside and assists you to release them. Even in the darkest time, she reflects the light for you to see your way home to a better, healthy, happy, life.

Walking this walk for fifty years Janet has navigated tremendous challenges in every area of life. Research, and study with teachers, masters and medical people as well as over thirty years of teaching, coaching and healing to assist others, bring a great level of experience to you.

A pioneer, Janet found she was reawakening Ancient knowledge that she carried inside. As she learned, she continued to remember more. Practice and study in traditions from all over the globe in mind, body, spirit, emotion and soul brings a well rounded perspective.

 Janet sees and hears things that you do not. From truth, wisdom and love all is revealed in ways that help you love yourself and others through whatever challenges are occurring.

One session moves you light years ahead, your life has new meaning and purpose. Things that bothered you are brought into clear focus and purpose that free you from struggle and pain.

Health challenges are faced with possibilities of complete healing on all levels. Step by step you dive into causes and solutions. Energy work, Shamanic work and many more ways are applied. You leave with simple, clear teachings and tools that move you forward easily. StraightArrow offers a direct path to freedom, fun and a meaningful life.

Make an appointment today. Phone, Skype or in person sessions possible.

TRAVEL Come to work with Janet for a half day, full day. or two. Clients of all ages come in from distance and go deep in HEALING on all levels. Great movement and realignment to your best self, relationships, work and health. Great for people with cancer and other diagnosis that requires deep level healing on all levels.

SPIRITUAL GUIDE. StraightArrow moves you light years ahead on your journey as is perfect for you. Leave feeling refreshed, relaxed hopeful with teachings, tools and abundant energy and inspiration to achieve your goals. Janet works with other healthcare and therapy professionals on your team. See testimonial pages for more information.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Live the Power of You!

janet@bethemedicine.com www.bethemedicine.com 973-647-2500

Also training in Energy Healing, Shamanism, Soul Purpose, Medical Intuition. Living Mastery. Healing your life, past and present. Ceremonies. Retreats and more. Awaken your inner gifts and learn to Be The Medicine for you.

There is always laughter, love and lighthearted wisdom that nurtures you as you move through everyday and traumatic situations in any session or class.



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Make Friends with Your Emotions


Humans have many levels of experience and expression. Our emotional nature helps us get in touch with what is occurring in our body and life. Crying is not weakness, it is a relief valve to let go of something that is hidden inside and needs recognition and expression.

Too often we suppress or deny or ignore ourselves and keep on plugging on. That is the way I was raised, and it did not make sense to me. To feel is a great gift. Emotions were taught to be weak, and I see them as intelligence and strength.  Emotions are a gateway to something to notice and attend to.

As we address our emotions we can reflect and awaken our deeper reality. Something is not okay, and might not have been for a long time. Listening to our inner self, our truth center is a practice worth learning.

Everything makes sense, and its for us to figure it out. I am not a big emotional expresser, so when I am sad or angry or crying I know its something for me to attend to. We deserve paying attention to what is going on and what we need. Emotions tell us its time and we have neglected something for too long.

As a healer I keep Kleenex on hand, easy to reach for my clients. I expect them to cry as I know they came to learn and heal from things that have hurt for a long time. All physical healing has emotional, mental and spiritual components. When we address the emotions we are on the road to healing physical and emotional disease and pain.

  To embrace our emotions, and become curious what our body-self is telling us, is an important step. What hurts us? What have we suppressed? What have we made okay that is not okay? What do we want to be different that hurts? Where are we not living our truth?

These questions and more allow us to stop the pain and heal the wounds. I teach zero tolerance with what is not okay with us. This immediately lets us see what we are not dealing with or doing to take care of us.

Its okay not to be okay. As we acknowledge what hurts or feels incorrect, we can then make needed changes. When we constantly suppress, or fear instead of deal, emotions build up, until they cannot any longer, and need release.

A good cry helps us flow, and find a healthy balance. Love yourself enough to let go and find out what is blocked inside, so you can operate your life from a happy, healthy place.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

973-647-2500 www.bethemedicine.com


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