Live in the Positive Present

Focus on Where you Want to Be
Dear Friends,
Our minds are wild and woolly and will take us wherever we allow them to lead us. To be focused and mindful of where we are thinking and speaking is the first place to focus on.Our mind is a major part of creating our reality. For us to take it by the hand and lead it where we want to go is key. Cleaning out the inner complainer, judge, blamer, and jury is the first step. They are visitors that cost us dearly and take up space where our heart and higher mind have a better voice and program to lead us on.

To change our inner and outer gears to a higher truth and reality is a daily practice worth engaging in.

I have had a severely challenged and traumatic life and I developed skills to release, heal, and deal with what is occurring all along in grace and love.

What I have realized was that I kept remembering higher wisdom and love through it all. I was less focused on what others expected and honored what felt correct for me.

This gave me a challenge from the beginning with other children. I would not make fun or hurt others. I did not understand and even became the one made fun of. I left groups instead of caving to groupthink.

I did not follow leaders who were not positive or correct according to my inner compass. Parents, teachers, religious figures, neighbors, friends were respected until they harmed or controlled or forced what I knew was incorrect for others or me.

As a result, I was quiet and shy as this was not easy. Fitting in and following others and people-pleasing often felt wrong so I was very careful who to be myself with.

This is something people who are reawakening to their true self-deal with today. “Who can I speak and be with when I see higher truth and they do not?”

There are more people every day who feel and know these things and you will find your tribe easily. Sometimes we take a break from others to stop and listen to the wisdom within. When the soul leads, we find matching people and energy.

It’s all good. Take a pause or two or three and listen to the inner wise one within. Clear out negative thoughts by not giving them time or energy. Do not participate in negative conversations as they take us down that rabbit hole and we get off track and get lost.

I have realized that we as a culture follow fear instead of positive focus and love, and this is what is most important to notice, stop, and redirect. Instead of revering fear and believing it, see what is being avoided in the positive realm of existence.

When seeing all the harm in the world, do not get caught in the negativity. When we have sides, it’s all illusion and ugly and all are compromised.

Believe nothing in the media. This is an alternate reality. We are being manipulated to be powerless in our inner strength, intelligence, and love.

The best we can do is speak and live in the positive present and deal with negative situations with wisdom and grace and take action to do and be our part every day.

Practice being your best self each day. It takes courage to break from the crowd and be in a higher reality. When we do we are free.

By the way, this is infinitely more fun and can be very productive. I sold Real Estate this way in a market of up to twenty-five percent loss in home values and helped many people sell and buy with great results.

Instead of following the old ways of doing things and negative fears I worked with all professionals and clients with positive focus and creative thinking to gain the best that could be. With care and respect for all, I used intelligence, truth, and wisdom to create the best outcome possible.

Our highest intelligence rises and leads when we release any resistance or fear, and stay in the place of desiring the best results for all. Truth, compassion, and mindfulness work in business, relationships, health, and all of life.

Stay focused on being positive, present, and productive, and see where it takes you each day. This is a powerful practice and a great life.

Enjoy the Journey.
Always in Love,

Janet StraightArrow
Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!
Website 973-647-2500 Email Janet for an appointment

“Janet StraightArrow is a precious treasure; a rare individual who knows the truth, speaks it and most importantly lives it herself.  She emanates divine love, which touches the souls of all who are open.  Her specialty is the process of healing, which leads to the remembrance an embodiment of one’s whole self. As a result, health is restored, relationships flourish and the mind becomes clear. I have never met anyone as extraordinarily wise, honest and compassionate as Janet.  Yet, despite her immeasurable worth and abundance of energy, she is very humble and patient. When I thought I had lost myself forever the universe led me to Janet StraightArrow and Be The Medicine. The process I was given was simple, efficient and as I soon came to learn: completely revolutionary. Janet is visionary, light years ahead of this world but lovingly here to teach us how to bridge the gap.  If you are ready to invest in an abundant life filled with constant health, happiness, truth, beauty, and light, look no further as StraightArrow will show you the way. “
Complete new class schedule coming soon.

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Free to Be You and Me

Enjoy Our Latest Newsletter
Dear Friends,
Happy New Moon in Aquarius-Chinese New Year!
New Moons each month offer us an opportunity to begin the month with new clarity and focus. Aquarius is a freedom-loving sign so this month we will focus there.

Every month I share a different piece to the puzzle of healing and living our life in wholeness, holiness, and unlimited being.

Be The Medicine is about a laser focus on being who we are and being the answer and learning the questions that take us there.

This year’s Astrology has been extreme to help us let go of illusions to awaken the truth. Clearing the illusions of the collective and us and what we want to believe, and seeing the truth underneath is key.

Zero tolerance for the lies allows no compromise, and we can be clear, open, empowered, and free. This is important in the macro and microcosm of our lives. Do we want to be free? Are we ready to live healthy, happy, and fully, and take responsibility?

Waking up to truth gives us plenty to be and do to help us and all in this time of planetary challenges more than ever. What good is being spiritual if we are not living our truth and higher selves in everyday life?

A half-truth is even more dangerous than a lie. A lie, you can detect at some stage, but half a truth is sure to mislead you for long.” Anurag Shourie

We live in a half and half-world. I saw as a child how truth and lies were intermingled and I wondered why adults did not realize how crazy it seemed to be negating the beautiful truth and wisdom of life. It is no wonder as children we are confused and rebellious. The world as it is makes no sense. The highest truth is logical and makes sense and there is precious little of it evident. As I like to say, it all gets lost in the sauce.

To awaken our spirit and soul allows us to regain our intelligence and live a life in confidence. It is not possible to be confident in a half and half-world, which is why many people are lost.

The spiritual journey of awakening is first to see the fear-based lies and release them from our lives. This means we may not fit into a box of family, religion, and culture, which are full of beliefs to keep us controlled and compromised.

As we break the egg of the ego, we allow full expression of the soul. This makes it a journey worth taking which ends in grace, peace, and love. Our nature is goodness, peace, happiness, health, love, beauty, light, oneness and truth. These have been the guideposts of my journey. Finding out how to fulfill these in my body and life has been a grand adventure.

The truth does set us free when we fully understand Universal truth, not man-made truth attached to fear. Even the delightful pat quotes and sayings do not take us there until we release ego, attachments, limiting beliefs, and experience the truth of love.

I remember a quote from Carl Jung that says that our greatest challenge is in how we believe our own lies. The ego protects us in ways we accept as truth to keep us from seeing what is off or not correct. Until we are free of lies we continue to compromise us and all.

As we work on our advanced spiritual journey we realize that the most important way of walking this walk is to surrender ego protection and decide to face the lies inside to set us free.

It is only when we see where we are wrong that we can make corrections. No judgment, blame, reasons, or excuses will take us there. In loving compassion we know we are all in this together in our own way and this allows us to face everything and relax.

My purpose as StraightArrow is to cut through the lies and illusions to manifest truth and love and assist all I work with to discover this too. I see what you cannot and lovingly awaken you to the freedom that is always here for you. It is a precious journey to honor you as we liberate the ego.

We are taught against ourselves as powerful, loving humans from birth. There is a good amount of half and half in our world to keep us on edge and off the mark. I love to have people experience who they are and how to be more firmly in their true self in sessions and classes. The goal is to empower themselves to be authentic, confident, and purposeful in everyday life.

We have fun, and our sessions and classes are full of laughter as we do not blame or judge us and honor ourselves and our journey as humans completely. Our true self is magnificent and wise. As we drop the ego disguise, we find us as a diamond shining bright.

The keys to enlightenment, health, relationships, career, and more are built on truth and love. When we learn how to realign with what is true we find success and happiness.

If you want to be the change in the world, you can be the medicine in your life, family, and community. One person at a time helps many.

Always in Love,
Janet StraightArrow website 973-647-2500 Email
Private sessions days, some evenings and weekends. Phone, Zoom, and in-person.
New Classes are coming soon. See our current schedule on our website.

I am beginning to offer classes in various locations again. More details on these soon. Look for Daily inspiration on Janet’s Facebook page

One of my main goals is to offer a website with online ongoing teachings and support with audio, video, and writings.

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Experience Deeper Connection to Your Inner Wisdom

Enjoy our latest newsletter here. Blog-offerings

Under the light of the Full Moon- Blog-Expanded Class-workshop-retreat schedule

“I first met Janet 5 years ago, on a 1 to 1 coaching/spiritual sessions. She reawakened my spiritual journey that I had put aside and went deeper with her many healing workshops she offers. She has a special gift in teaching and is a natural healer/intuitive. I have learned many tools to use in my everyday life for increased health and well being. I also completed a 5-month reiki master class with Janet. She is very thorough when teaching and is so present and holds the energy of the class that we have no choice but to go deeper into our journey and come out more awakened. I would recommend Janet to anyone interested in going deeper in their spiritual growth or needs guidance with their health/relationships or is looking for a healing session.”Paola Zingaro You are a gem Paola and very talented at all you share. Thank you. Janet StraightArrow

 — at Be The Medicine.


Sunday, April 19, 10 AM to 5 PM, Morristown, NJ

This class is for students who are ready to take their ability to receive, trust, and act on their lives, creativity, health, work, writing, relationships, life purpose, holistic practice, spiritual, Shamanic, or energy work to the next level. Connecting to our higher self and spiritual support teams, we learn to receive more complete messages about our life, purpose, health, and more.

Janet creates a high energy container for you to receive abundantly on this day. Experience new ways to break through any illusions and blocks and allow profound accurate messages that move you forward in every way. Janet teaches you to work with more in-depth questions to receive complete answers.

Meditations, journeys, and automatic writing throughout the day. Bring light snacks and a small lunch as we want to allow the greatest amount of clarity in our experience. This day’s experiences will create a powerful practice and deeper connections to awaken in us.

Great for writers and business owners and entrepreneurs to help open up to greater flow with your blogs, books, other projects, and marketing too. Janet has studied with top writers, and masters in many traditions from Astrology to Zen. She lives what she teaches here and is excited to bring wisdom and powerful experiential ways to open up and manifest in your writing and all areas of your life. Join us. It is always an adventure.

Sign up today, $225. Credit Cards
Checks to Janet StraightArrow, 48 Frederick Place, Morristown, NJ 07960

It will be a lot of information and energy and great new practices and ways to deepen your connections and receive messages and record them easily. Allow integration after the class for the best results. You will have a recording of the class to go deeper and enjoy the practices again and again.

“The channeling and automatic writing class with Janet StraightArrow was truly transformative. I felt myself open up tremendously as I immediately was able to channel beautiful messages from my heart. Throughout the class, I was able to break through barriers and limitations that were blocking me in my writing and my life. Each participant that day was able to recognize more clearly what personally holds us back from not only putting pen to paper but also from experiencing more of our potential. Janet provided us with advice, techniques, and practices we can use every day to become more open and receive divine guidance along the way. Answers I have been seeking are now pouring out of me, and I can write more freely than I ever have before, while feeling more connected and clear as well. I am very pleased and deeply thankful for the opportunity to have taken that class with Janet and recommend it to anyone interested in exercising their creativity and practical ways to access YOUR SOUL and TRUTH! Thank you again for not only offering this class to me but also thank you for teaching at all! You are changing lives and mine! Your energy is very calming and beautiful.

Janet also accomplishes this work with you one-on-one in private coaching and healing sessions on the phone or in person. Call to set up an appointment or for more information on how Janet can support you. 973-647-2500 Email

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Begin Your New Year In Ceremony January 4-5

JOIN US FOR THIS POWERFUL BEGINNING TO 2020. Due to its popularity our next Mitote is April 4-5. 

Janets gifts as a Shaman offers you a profound opportunity for a transformative ceremonial experience. Gentle, loving, and focused, we gather in community, purifying ourselves with a chant, and set powerful intentions that support us and all.

“We just finished a Mitote weekend retreat. We were in an amazing space, but the truth is it would not matter where we were. Janet brings the safe container, and then we build upon it. By safe container, I mean a safe place to explore your true self, cut out the illusion and discover who we are. We were able to experience the love within and integrate it so that we can bring it back out into the world more whole and strong and resolved to be our true selves and abide in our true nature.”

Space will be limited to 12, so sign up by 1/3. Join us Saturday 6 pm to Sunday at 9 am .-details below. Still room sign-up today.

*No prior training required. If you know someone who would enjoy this please pass it on.

A Mitote is a high energy and focused Toltec Shamanic ceremony from the Don Miguel Ruiz Lineage, purifying us and raising our vibration to awaken our higher wisdom and truth. A perfect preparation with messages and visions for the new year, and the next stage of our life.

We experience the purification of our body, mind, and spirit. We chant the Gayatri Mantra, which is a high vibration mantra, chanted throughout the midnight ceremony by a smaller group rotating in the center. We chant and dream under the stars in the atrium allowing the raising of your energy, visions, and inner movement.

Janet StraightArrow found her calling as a Shaman in 1992 and trained with a Nagual Toltec Shaman in this ceremony. StraightArrow has led many of these in various retreat locations in 5 states over 18 years. It is a favorite among her students to attend again and again.

SCHEDULE This entire evening till morning is a continual ceremony. We gather in the early evening Saturday for a beautiful circle and opening ceremony. We share light, healthy food, and relax in preparation for the evening.

Rest, relax, journal, and socialize with other participants after the circle and meal, as we prepare for the evening Mitote. Bring your pillow, a bedroll, with cushioning for your dream-sleep time. After the ceremony, there will be several locations for more privacy to sleep before our sunrise ceremony and breakfast. You will be energized and rested. Sunday is a good day to relax and process what came up for you during the evening.

This overnight ceremony is in a private location; the address will is given upon sign-up. $325 to save your space. or checks to Janet StraightArrow, 48 Frederick Place, Morristown, NJ 07960

From Janet. This profound high vibration Shamanic work is my soul’s calling to offer. It does take a lot of energy and preparation before, during, and after to offer this. I am honored to hold the space and support your journey. Janet StraightArrow

A life-changing experience that is well-timed for us to step into 2020.

Our next Mitote is part of our Vision Quest July 31-August 2 in the Catskill Mountains at a private retreat house. See details on this website. If your group is ready for this ceremony contact Janet. She travels for groups or will host at her or other locations.

Janet is a midwife who holds each soul in love and bliss helping them to surrender and be known. Every word that flows out touches everyone clearing limiting beliefs rebuilding perfect mental, physical and spiritual health. She is a blessing to all.

I look forward to this event as it moves all of us into 2020 in loving community and deep inner support and focus. Janet StraightArrow
Any questions Call 973-647-2500 Email
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The Gift of Freedom


Happy Holidays Ways to Navigate Change and New Life Exciting retreats, classes, and ceremonies for early winter 2020

“As I let go of the old, the new awakens my heart and soul, and I breathe more easily.”Janet StraightArrow

2019 was a year of significant challenge and change for me. As I step into this freer reality, I am grateful to have the courage to move when I need to and to face and deal with what I might not want to, even when it is far from easy or fits my previous plans.

Following our inner wisdom means letting go, of outside, or even personal opinions and fears, and trusting what we do not know or can see from here.

When people say they fear the unknown, it is something to work with and understand that nothing is ever fully known and instead be present to create our best reality.  There is nothing to fear, but fear itself is an excellent truth as this is what keeps us stuck and unable to connect to the real.

When we let go of fear and step into the now, we know where to take our next step. Do we go right or left? As we let go of our thinking mind and tap into our wise knowing, we will make the best choice.

We lie to us all the time and say we are fine when we are not. That is the ego that says we are okay when we are best to stop and pay attention to us and take care of ourselves. Feeling off or not okay is something we have learned not to admit. When we do this, we lose track of us and become lost and afraid.

It is not a weakness to address self-care or to be off. It is the bravest and courageous thing we can do and be. Telling the truth to us first is a primary key to being happy, healthy, and free.

Choosing to embrace whatever change we need to overcome challenges allows us to move forward efficiently. The longer we stay stuck, the more difficult it is to be free.

End this year and begin the new by clearing the decks of anything that is stuck and opening up to a clear path to our best life.

Many Blessings,

Take care of yourself in this busy time. Slow down. Breathe. Pay attention. Choose well.

Always in Love,

Janet StraightArrow 973-647-2500 Email 

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Call for a StraightArrow coaching, healing, wisdom session to assist you. December prepaid sessions discounted to be used throughout the year.

“Janet StraightArrow provides an unparallel opportunity to bring you to the real you. It’s a well-worn path for her; she knows every part of this amazing journey. Janet emanates love, respect and most of all joy in this great adventure. If you are ready to walk the path back to you – there is no better guide, teacher, mentor, and friend than Janet StraightArrow.” Christine Sokoloff, Gifted Healer-Coach

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Experience the Power of Being You!

We Are The Sun

Transformative Day and Weekend Retreats, Toltec Shamanic New Year Ceremony, Automatic Writing, and Healing Solstice Reiki Chocolate

“Working with Janet has been life-changing by deepening my awareness of myself. She is compassionate, direct and her techniques are simple yet profound. The simplicity of her work makes it easy to use the tools in everyday life, which for me is one of the greatest gifts. Above all, she approaches life and process of healing with a lot of laughter making the journey of self-discovery and healing so much more fun.”

Dear Friends,

Being us and knowing who and what that is, is our spiritual journey of awakening and living. Living our truth from a deep inner place is the gift that changes everything for the best. Our greatest loss is in betraying ourselves. It is not about where we fit in on the outside, it is about opening up who we are on the inside, and being brave enough to bring us out.

It takes bravery at first because we are oriented to look outside of us for us, and try to fit into groups, family, and please others as our main focus. Throughout our life, we compare, judge, and try to fit expectations to avoid challenges and pain.

As we wake up and grow up we realize our greatest pain is in neglecting our true self and actual life. Health, relationships, work, happiness, confidence, and life purpose all blossom with authenticity.

At some point, we decide to fight the tide of our life that is not working and create our life anew. Our life can work for us and not against us when we understand higher spiritual laws and how to live them in everyday life.

When I found my calling and purpose, it opened me to so many new and magical realities. I had been living and studying mastery and truth all along, and yet when my timer went off to awaken deeper truth and move into my whole self, those understandings helped me step into who I am with assurance.

To move from being a suburban mom, top Realtor, and family member to a Spiritual leader, healer, teacher, and sage was not what my family or community expected.

Having lived my life from my inner self for decades, helped me trust me, over anyone else. It has been a wild ride and I would not have traded this journey for another. This inner trust and guidance is something I teach and encourage all people to focus on and develop as this is the greatest key to everything.


Having lived this fully in business and life helps me help you find your way home to you too. Decades of living truth allow me to see very quickly where you can come back in alignment with the true you.

We have fun as we break through boxes of illusions to freedom, fun, true personal power, and confidence.

Having studied with masters, healers, and teachers from traditions around the world in the community as well as working one-on-one with several for years has helped me refine my journey. Living it in life and working as a healer-teacher with many thousands of people directly has been the greatest education.

My purpose has been to teach people to Be The Medicine, with powerful, real ways to accomplish this. It has been a very comprehensive study and journey. To be The Medicine you are living who you are on all levels and manifesting from there. It is the walk I have walked and I understand the pitfalls and how to manifest the best life and solutions.

All of our sessions and classes help you strengthen your inner self to maximize all areas of your life. You may come to heal disease, anxiety, relationship, work, to learn new skills in healing, spirituality, and life and find greater purpose.

You leave feeling comfortable with your clear direction, with practices, teaching, tools, and healing that awakens and clears the way to move directly on your own path.

There are many layers and levels of learning and healing available as you are ready to take advantage of opportunities with me here. It is not just about the classes or the material, it is about the deeper awakening to your mastery that occurs, that I encourage you to discover and live.

The Self-Sustaining human is who we become, living in the world and not of it, in the community as our true self, this is what will heal the world one person at a time. Each one of us makes a powerful difference.

I am here to support your journey as we are both called.

Blessings and Love,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Phone 973-647-2500

Email  Website

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Fall in Love with Your Life Harvest Your Dreams

“May we continually harvest the gold inside of us. Fall in love with possibilities, opportunities, and the positive present.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine

New Location in Morristown. Also traveling to other locations. See events page for current offerings. More soon. private sessions in-person, phone, Zoom

Read our most recent newsletter for updates, blogs, classes, retreats

Dear Friends,
We are at a significant shift point. Collective planets that were retrograde are moving direct. Leaves are turning, days are shorter, back to work and school, its time to get things done.

Fall is the season of harvest. As the planet Saturn turned direct this week, it supports all of our growth and hard work towards manifestation.

Saturn supports our structure and all of our actions. If we are in alignment with our best, we move forward. If we have not endorsed our best self, it will challenge us to help us make the correct choices to live our highest potential.

Words create. In every moment, our body and spirit hear what we say, and we harvest what we produce with our thoughts. Good, bad, happy, or sad, we co-create our reality with our words, beliefs, and intentions.

Our world changes immediately with our attitude. When we know this, we can be proactive in what is unfolding in our life. Pay attention to keep our thoughts and words to what we want in our life. Being positive and productive is possible when we focus our attitude in that direction.

When we are feeling “off”, it is helpful to stop and listen to our internal dialog. The most prevalent thought process that creates suffering is the judgment of self and others. Any negative thoughts or beliefs create that negative reality. In a world where we are supposedly born sinners, we cannot wrap ourselves around our goodness and divinity.

Letting go of judgment allows us to lighten up and look inside to decide what we want to create a better dream of who we are and what we choose to live. Imagine a definite reality that supports you. The Universe always follows our lead.

The most important focus of Be The Medicine is to continually look inside of us and discover who we are and manifest our best self and life in every aspect of our being.

It is a joy to be a midwife of this process for people. Having lived this for over five decades, I can perceive what can assist you on your behalf.

As we realign us with our whole self and potential, we bring it into the worldly experience.

Face Everything And Relax, is an excellent re-framing of the meaning of the word fear. When we see and know the truth, then we can do what it takes to manifest or release what no longer serves.

Real power is knowing our strengths and living them. We can all have the best in our life. as we focus on our best  we open the pathway, and then stay on that track.

Join us for a class or a session to discover subtle and real ways to enjoy the life you want and live it fully each day. Each teaching and practice offers a direct experience of our true self and all of our possibilities. See coupon below for new location discount.

The truth sets us free, and it’s fun to be happy, healthy, and able to respond productively in all aspects of our life and health.

Enjoy the Harvest Celebrations and Festivals of the Season.
Always in Love, Janet StraightArrow

“Its all in the choosing. I was raised that the word can’t, is not a word. The word is, I choose. This powerful truth has over lighted my entire life. Instead of saying, can’t, I take control of my choices. Often I discover that I do not want to, or I choose not to, instead of can’t. The power of choice in all areas of my life centers me in me, taking full responsibility. Life-works, when we work with it. Note what you are choosing and enjoy empowered living.” Janet StraightArrow 

Enjoy more in today’s newsletter.

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Awaken Spiritual Mastery

Happy September all. New Beginnings for many of us. I am moving 9/16 and will be based in Morristown just a few miles away. Several of our classes have been rescheduled for later in the next weeks so do check our events calendar for updates. Soul Shamanism is in Morristown this weekend. Achieve a Clear Quiet Mind is a powerful new way to live and practice to employ every day to make life easier. This is in Mendham on 9/25. Our dynamic class, Be Your Own Guru, begins a five-week series on October 7, Monday nights, in Madison. Do join us.

Reiki 1 & 2 have been rescheduled as was Timeless Healing Advanced Soul Shamanism weekend. See dates and details in Events. More coming soon. Working on online classes and live Videos after I am settled in a couple of weeks. Enjoy today’s Blog Below and sign up for our newsletter and social media on the right column of this and all Pages. Private sessions resuming 9/20. Blessings on this Harvest Moon and Equinox. Janet StraightArrow 973-647-2500 Email

A Healthy Ego Awakens Spiritual Mastery

The ego is a foundation of our being that keeps us going and strengthens us. It has a bad rap in our world because of a misunderstanding of what our ego does in basic, powerful, positive ways. When we have a healthy, balanced, secure, and knowing ego it creates a great life for us.

The ego that gives us a problem is the unbalanced, insecure, fearful, controlling ego that has been wounded and tries to protect itself over and over again.

A healthy ego loves and takes responsibility for self. This ego is wise and mature and able to see the truth and live it and self-correct when we are off base, which happens with everyone. No one is perfect, we all have challenges to us daily. The healthy ego takes care of self and does not wound others.

An unhealthy ego is always trying to be right and blame others, or have others be responsible for them. A bully will blame and try to get you to feel less than them when that is how they feel and you are their mirror and punching bag. A poor me will also blame. and want others to take responsibility for them and be strong for them.

Both ego positions and strategies project their weakness on others. The struggling ego puts a lot of energy into hiding instead of loving and self-correcting.

A poor me is always playing less than and trying to get others to do and be for them because they believe they are not strong enough. Blaming others for all sorts of things is where they get their power. They use manipulation to get what they want and try to hook people to help them.

When we live in balance, we can be true to us, and what is occurring in our life, and learn from it. No one is to blame, and we have a clear path to walk easily.

When someone says that someone has a big or small ego, what they are saying is that this person is not secure and living from an unhealthy place and taking their wounds out on others. Both are an energy drain, and not very pleasant to be with when they turn on you.


To determine if our ego is out of balance, we first to listen to us and see where we might be blaming others instead of looking at ourselves. Are we in emotion? This is a good first sign we are out of alignment or truth and trying to be okay or right.

We are ultimately looking for peace, balance, productivity, and responsibility. A big or small ego is always fighting self and others to try to be okay. It is exhausting and uses us for a punching bag, or a food source, which is never any fun at all.

Playing too much or not enough is a see-saw game. When we feel off, we are in ego. We play into someone else’s ego when we have issues in the area they are playing in, and reflecting inner wounds or pushing our buttons to discover them in us.

Loving each other through life is important. Seeing the truth of where we all are, only occurs when we heal our own ego wounds and know how to take care of us.

Spiritual mastery is all about healing the wounded ego and living the highest truth with no fear, doubt, or blame. Only then can we awaken to the goodness and love we all are and support self and one another. Having compassion for self and others as spiritual beings having a human experience is paramount in living love and understanding.

Our personal healing journey; physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional are all related to realigning the ego with the highest truth and love.

Once we learn and heal us, it takes so much less energy to be us, and appreciate others, leaving us free to enjoy more of life and love and vibrant health too! Happiness is being real and not ideal because real is what we all deal with each day when we are in balance.

A bully or victim is not to blame, or fear, but instead can show you where you are out of balance to heal yourself. You help them when you do not play into their game, or blame them either. They are the last ones to see what they are doing because their attention is not on their true self at all.

Love you enough to be wise, and know that only you can change you, to be happy and healthy. We are the solution when we can get free of wounded ego patterns, and see the light and truth, and be free naturally.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

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Spiritual healing and coaching help you to get straight with you. Having a healthy ego is key. Being loving and powerful is normal and allows you to move forward in every area of your life easily. taking any of our classes will also help you discover the truth and align with your true self in love, peace, and joy!

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“I am so grateful for the work I have done with Janet and Be The Medicine in sessions and classes. Not only do I feel more comfortable in my body and life, but I also notice how important the work we do is to my profession and ability to be and do more than I knew possible. My gifts and purpose are unfolding with ease. The story of my life is becoming rich with deeper love and experience and losing the drama of my life before this time. I see how this inner work I have done with Janet in between segments of my other studies, has moved me light years ahead of my peers in many ways. None of us were aware of the power or possibility of who we are and how much more fully and freely we can learn, experience and live.”

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Celebrate the Now

Healing and Wholeness

Living the Quest – Inspiration – Classes Newsletter 8/29/19

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“Working with Janet has been life-changing by deepening my awareness of myself. Because Janet has done a lot of work on herself she is able to hold a space for people who seek deeper healing. She is compassionate, direct and her techniques are simple yet profound. The simplicity of her work makes it easy to use the tools in everyday life, which for me is one of the greatest gifts. Above all, she approaches life and process of healing with a lot of laughter making the journey of self-discovery and healing so much more fun.”


As we walk our life journey, it is important to tune in and be grounded in our awareness in a positive way. After decades of working with people, I have noted how often people begin speaking with what’s not happening, instead of what is occurring now.

As we begin speaking with what we are not experiencing or doing, we are speaking into the air and feeding experiences of lack instead of empowering and being aware of what is happening.

To be here now is not accessible from the place of where we think should be, or where we are not. This is an ego habit and keeping us stuck in lack and mediocrity. Changing our habit to a positive, present, and productive focus helps us find us, and where we are with ease. Often there are great things happening now, that are forgotten or missed.


To move forward, or get unstuck, we focus on what is here now. Negative is vacant, missing, against life, and us. To be positive is to own the experience so we can move ahead and walk our walk. Even if where we are is not where we want to be, focusing on the not, does not get us there at all.

First, we listen to ourselves speak and notice when we feel off, powerless, lower energy, or alone. We are speaking outside of us and truth and will find nothing there to experience except loss.

When we begin to focus on the positive present we find a rise in energy and clarity, and the richness of our life is experienced. As we slow down and breathe and honor what is, we become peaceful as we move into our body and begin to know what is occurring and how we feel.


We are often looking for who we are, and why we are here. The key is to stop looking outside and tap into our innate wisdom, awareness, and love. Our soul is always here inside of each one of us awaiting our attention and discovery.

The soul is the one who is the still small voice inside that we have been trained to ignore. Full of innate knowledge, wisdom, and support of who we are, it is the one worth discovering and following as it is our true self.

We are likely to listen to doubt, fear, blame, judgment, worry, shame, guilt, and more which is in the category of not here. This focus blocks out the voice that takes us to our truth, love, and ability to live and know who we are, so our free-will chooses wisely.

To find us, we begin to slow down and see what is good about what is occurring, we also see what is challenging, so we can learn to navigate and move forward. The focus on the negative thoughts above will create confusion as they do not agree with our divine truth and love.

We are here now, and may be missing the best reality that is in plain sight and experience.


When we are on a spiritual awakening journey we may feel like we have so far to go and are missing many things. As I guide people to their central sun, their soul, we find the direct path opens up when we do not detour from the positive present.

Stating what is, helps us see where we are walking and begin to feel solid ground beneath us. Acknowledging the good things that occur and how we feel allows us to walk our walk and move strongly from there. Our life is the journey so we are always there now. Each step is a value to pay attention to.

Heart and Soul


I think of my experience racing Porsches on International Racetracks. I allowed myself to be passed on the side while I learned. I stayed the course slower than most and did not expect to be first when I was learning my car and the nuances of the racetrack. As I allowed myself to develop experience, knowledge, and confidence, I was fearless and focused. I continued to build speed as I became a top driver.

Why on the spiritual life journey, does our ego think we should be ahead of where we are, or win the race to enlightenment, or someplace we cannot even imagine? In a world where we are trained to be the hare and run, run, run, all over the place, we can find the direct path by slowing down, acknowledging where we are, to learn, grow and move from a strong, solid place that takes us where we want to go. The journey allows for the most vivid, exciting experiences all along the way.

Each experience, awareness, and desire lead us to the next. This is the best there is, now.

Allow yourself to slow down, smell the roses, feel the love, peace, truth, beauty, and light.

When we let go of what is not, we discover the amazing life we have got.

Always in Love,

Enjoy your precious Life and Journey

Janet StraightArrow

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Accessing Freedom as our Nature

Who, What, Where, When, and mostly HOW, Be The Medicine came about, and Janet StraightArrow‘s profound and unusual guided journey for over 52 years.

Dear Friends,

It is a powerful time in our world to claim our freedom and full nature of love, peace, joy, wholeness, and health. Free will is something for us to embrace. When we do, we can begin to realize everything is our choice.

The good news is when we know this fully, we can change everything. If we choose to stay in victimhood, blame, and judgment, we are stuck in an alternate and painful reality that negates our true nature of freedom and the best that can be.

I have walked this life path for sixty-six years and have had tremendous loss and trauma all along the way. Instead of feeling a victim, I was curious and tenacious to discover a better reality. Accepting my life, meant letting go of what I was blaming others for, or bad luck, or karma, or anything.

As I learned to accept that I chose this life and circumstances, free will, I decided to make it work for me. This has made life an adventure, instead of a travesty. A basic law of attraction is to allow the best to come to me and it will despite everything. I have also purified my mind and body of anything negative, or against myself and my best life. This is something I have helped others throughout my life.

To be free, we first let go of what others think or want from us if it does not support our life and health. This seems to be the toughest one for people to be and do. We want acceptance and love in the world as we know it, and yet we are also being called by our soul to be authentic and whole.

Opening up to our soul’s wisdom and unconditional love is a perfect way to discern and learn how to master this life, our relationships, work, and health.

Be free to be and begin by releasing blame, shame, guilt, fear, worry, criticism, victimhood, fear, and anything that negates our freedom to be the whole self we are destined to be when we choose to accept a higher reality.

This is a journey that takes daily practice and self-love that values the choices we have been given by the creator to be the owner and operator of our life.

This is what Be The Medicine, Be Your Own Guru, Soul Shamanism and all of our sessions and programs are about. Being free to be the Medicine, the answer, the owner and operator of our life, health and spiritual awakening and growth.

I am fully committed to getting this body of work out this year and beyond. It is profound, direct, simple, and possible for all who embark on this journey.

Join us in sessions, classes, pieces of training, and retreats. No matter the class you will be brought into a place of personal mastery and manifestation. In love and joy, we look to us, and see where we can adjust, and move quickly and strongly into the best of us.

Always in Love, Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You.

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