New Years Mitote Retreat January 20



Space will be limited, so sign up early. Details Below.


A Mitote is a transformative, high energy and focused Toltec Shamanic ceremony purifying us and raising our vibration to awaken higher wisdom and truth. A perfect preparation with messages and visions for the new year, and the next stage of our life.

We experience the purification of our body, mind, and spirit. We chant the Gayatri Mantra, which is a high vibration mantra, chanted throughout the midnight ceremony by a smaller group rotating in the center. We chant and dream under the stars in the atrium allowing the raising of your energy, visions, and inner movement.

Janet StraightArrow trained with a Nagual Toltec Shaman and has led many of these ceremonies in various locations in 5 states over 18 years. It is a favorite among her students.

SCHEDULE This entire evening till morning is a continual ceremony. We gather in the early evening Saturday for a beautiful circle and opening ceremony. We share light, healthy food, and relax in preparation for the evening.

Rest, relax, journal, and socialize with other participants after the circle and meal, as we prepare for the evening Mitote. Bring your pillow, a bedroll, with cushioning for your dream-sleep time. After the ceremony, there will be several locations for more privacy to sleep before our sunrise ceremony and breakfast. You will be energized and rested. Sunday is a good day to relax and process what came up for you during the evening.


This overnight ceremony is in a private location; the address will is given upon sign-up. $325. Prepaid before 12/1/19. $350 after if there is space. or checks to Janet StraightArrow, 48 Frederick Place, Morristown, NJ 07960

A life-changing experience that is well-timed for us to step into 2020.