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I am redesigning the program and will have it up soon.
Medical Intuition is a science and an art that requires focus, skill and direct perception beyond common knowledge and beliefs.
To learn the skills, begin the practice, and learn basics to build on, is the purpose of this course.
Humans are telepathic, self-healing and have an innate knowledge of everything about themselves as souls and bodies.

• In this course, we remember and awaken us and learn how to live it now.

• As a Medical Intuitive we blend science with ancient wisdom, direct perception, and innate knowledge.

• You will learn the many ways of perceiving the information that our body carries to help us know the truth of us and heal.

• Clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, empathy, and understanding are skills that we begin to experience and develop.

• Quieting the mind and releasing beliefs, fears, and ego to receive clear information, is accomplished with practices and tools to raise our energy and awareness.

• Disease and pain have many causes, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and soul levels are all involved and hold many places that are blocked and out of alignment with our perfection, wholeness, and health.

• Traumas and memories of experiences, personal perspectives, and wounds unique to us will cause disease.

• A Medical Intuitive receives information on the imbalance, or stuck energy, or breakdown of the person, systems and cause of diseases and symptoms.

• Symptoms are tracked to find their origination on physical, mental, emotional, spirit and soul levels.

• Learn how to scan the entire body and all levels of our being, physical, etheric, emotional, spiritual, and soul bodies. 

• Specific diseases may be perceived with medical and natural cures given. There are also particular causes found in our cells, organs, chakras, bones, systems, energy fields and more.

• Beliefs, fears and all ways we have lived out of alignment with our being, body, soul, and self create and keep disease going no matter what medicines or cures we employ. Learn to work through these and realign to our perfection. 

• Healing means change and a Medical Intuitive can help you know what to let go of, and what to be and do differently to heal yourself.

• All time is now so past lives-soul, genetics-family, and this life memory, experiences, and areas to be understood, known, and improved, are addressed.

• In each class, we will learn and practice advanced energy, breathing and spiritual tools designed to awaken intuition and our skills of direct perception.

• Develop skills of quieting the lower mind to receive the wisdom of the higher mind and the subtle bodies and messages each week. The more open we are to what we do not know the more we can receive, learn and heal.

• Each week or month in class, we practice and learn a new way of perceiving the body, systems, energy fields and developing curiosity in greater possibilities of who we are and why we have the problem we have.

• Each issue, disease, pain, and an emotional and mental challenge has many layers of the cause. It is important not to look for a quick fix, and to stay open to complete healing solutions.

• We discuss ethics and how to work with others individually and professionally.

• We introduce the many ways that the client and self are the healers. A big part of my work with clients is to help them perceive and receive information directly so that they can own it and heal it and make needed changes from their wisdom.

****Unless we are Doctors we have to be careful not to practice medicine. 

The class is recorded, and you will have a practice partner so if you miss a week we will have the information for you to stay connected. Read for more.

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