House, Land, and Space Clearing

Energy Clearing to create pure spaces and heal people.

A land and house clearing allow renewed energy and life to the land, buildings and people, animals, plants, and trees. Often there are blocks or energies that interfere with the free-flowing ability to live our lives. Sometimes there are spiritual beings that you might be aware of and do not know how to handle or clear.

“Everything is Energy.” When things are not working; relationships and health are challenging, the energy feels heavy, scattered, stuck, oppressive, fearful, or off, or you know you need help; clearing space, people, and allowing positive communication, living, and business with others. Janet works on many levels to assist; health, success, and ease and flow of everyday work and living.

Working with energy for decades and Janet’s Shamanic training and abilities, wisdom, and intuition connect her all of the causes of the imbalances, interference, misalignments, and challenges. Energy clearing does not require in-person experience as Janet can perceive energy and what is needed and done from a distance. She will visit the property when necessary.

Information on causes and effects and changes to be made with occupants or employees, uses, buildings and more will be revealed so you can make changes and deal with problems to eliminate reoccurrence. You will also learn how to easily keep space clear on your own.

 StraightArrow has cleared large and small properties and unlayered years of interference, trauma, and energies that do not allow peace and clear space to live and work in. Homes, larger areas that affect the property over miles, raw land, farms, camps, business use, neighborhoods and more have a history of events and traumas and vulnerability that is cleared and restored for healthy use. Some properties need special maintenance.

Results: Peace and health restored in the occupants. Better living and business with ease and flow on all levels. Specific homework for eliminating problems in the future is suggested.

Realtors and property owners. Janet has assisted Realtors in clearing homes and properties to allow more showings and good sales to occur. New occupants feel welcome to create their own space when old energies are removed.

Property and buildings hold memories like we do and when all is cleared and specific problems are solved the home and land opens up to higher energy and possibilities.

Pricing depends on the specific property. $250 -$350. for a basic home clearing. If there is a large home, estate, farm, or commercial or business property, or severe problems on the property, and if there is travel beyond 5 miles, there will be additional costs.

Call Janet today and set up your clearing. 973-647-2500