Deep Questions & Answers on Janet & BTM

Janet StraightArrow,

Janet StraightArrow, Shaman, Healer, Teacher, Sage, Yogi, Astrologer

Who is Janet, the parts of you we may not see?

Although on the outside I may look like a typical suburban woman, I have never been typical. I tried and failed over and over again until I was free to be me. As a Shaman, much of my work and life has been in the unseen and yet the light is always bright and clear. I carry high-level energy, wisdom, and profound spiritual, and healing abilities naturally. This is due to lifetimes of experience and my specific calling to be a light of love and truth in the modern world. My name StraightArrow reflects my gift to see past all illusions and get directly to the point of things.

Truth has been my compass since I was born and it has not been easy in a world of lies. The truth does set us free. I have found it to be the cornerstone of success in all areas of our lives. My life journey has been to fully awaken to the divine reality we are and live it in our day to day world.

The body of work called Be The Medicine is my mission and purpose to offer a new clear and grounded paradigm for humanity that follows the teachings of Universal wisdom. To Be The Medicine we awaken and live our true best self, life purpose and live it. Our nature is to heal our illusions and live in love, health, happiness, truth, beauty, peace, goodness, and light.

I have many books in process and have been teaching with this focus for decades. All that I have studied has been to discover this highest truth and how to bring it to the people. I lived it through extreme adversities and everyday life from childhood to now, with complete trust to show people that it can be done. I was guided by my soul and knew universal truth and love and followed it, and dismissed what was not, all along the way. It’s been a grand adventure and an extremely challenging life.

What led you to this work?

Since a child, I was always questioning everything. Life did not make sense and the people seemed to keep missing the divine wisdom of truth and love and the higher messages of Jesus. The mixture of fear and punishment with love and truth, and that we were innately sinners instead of precious beings, never made sense to me.

My conscious calling began in 1967 when at the age of fifteen our family doctor told me I would not live long and would deteriorate very quickly. In shock, I looked at my life and health that was following in my family pattern, and the world around me full of sickness and pain, and said, no.

I decided to totally take responsibility and change my life. I awakened my inner knowing that we do not have to live this way and decided that I would heal myself and live a long healthy vibrant life, and teach others how they could do the same.

I immediately studied whole foods nutrition, Edgar Cayce’s channeled readings on medical intuition and continued my study of Jesus’ healing teachings. I also looked for the oneness in all humanity as I felt the unity of the world and saw separation and wars as unnecessary. I began an in-depth lifelong research and journey asking questions and being led to answers. My research was always looking for higher possibilities and proving the truth that sets us free. I read thousands of books and studied with over 120 teachers and healers, Shamans, and spiritual masters from traditions around the world.  I also earned two undergraduate degrees in Nutrition and Psychology.

At the age of forty in 1992, another watershed moment occurred. I was a top-selling Realtor and divorced mother of two daughters. My Real Estate Broker, who knew I read three books a week on healing and spirituality, introduced me to a Shaman, who told me I was a Shaman too. This was not something I understood or believed immediately. I continued to question everything and continued to trust and be led by my inner self-soul. Who I am, and have always been, unfolded as I walked my walk every day since.

Since that profound meeting with that Shaman, I have continually experienced spiritual awakenings that shattered my worldly and current life realities into higher spiritual living. He became a precious friend and mentor.

Taking the time daily to refine and integrate all I continued to gather has been an important practice to bring it into everyday reality. I have had amazing mentors along the way from Astrology to Zen and was fortunate to have one of the co-founders of Omega Institute as my business development coach.

What are your businesses?

I began working with people formally in 1981 with Whole Foods Nutrition and Cooking. I also have had several successful holistic healing centers since 1995 in New York and New Jersey, originally named Oasis for the Soul and later Be The Medicine. I have taught in seven states, and NYC, and work remotely around the world. I also took semi-sabbaticals to refine myself and the work, and later to recover from the loss of my youngest daughter, Lisa, in 2008.

I currently work in Madison, NJ, Phone, Zoom, and at Studio Yoga and several other locations as I continue to develop and complete the books and online offerings.

PRIVATE SESSIONS. People are guided to come to me looking for more than they have found anywhere else. As StraightArrow I get to the point of things immediately. The high level of energy, knowledge, and wisdom, allows us to accomplish a lot in each session. Our focus on total solutions and living a better life unfolds simply and easily.

I support healers and teachers of many modalities, and people of all ages and walks of life to assist them in their next levels of spiritual awakening, growth, and healing. Higher tools, teachings, and energy with StraightArrow precision is used to remove any resistance and blocks.

Addressing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and soul healing work is profound and offered at a distance or in person. Seeing people as whole beings with our focus on perfect health we discover the true problems and solutions. I have been grateful to assist many people to refocus and heal, recovering complete health after a dire diagnosis and disease.

Connecting people with their inner wisdom and soul to make the best choices for themselves is a cornerstone of my work.

Some basic modalities that are integrated and used are:

As a Reiki Master, I have been healing with energy and table work integrating many other gifts and modalities.

Shamanic work is from traditions around the world and very advanced, complex, yet simple, and organic.

Astrology helps clients with self-knowledge, understanding their cycles and patterns, navigating relationships and all areas of their lives, and confirms what they know of themselves to build confidence and trust..

Inner and outer Yoga and various types of meditation and practices that produce immediate centering and change are experienced and taught.

Land and home clearing, end of life healing and crossing, past life and timeless healing, ascension, living our purpose, healing ceremonies, and more.

I also work with business groups, partnerships, and families, helping them hear one another and work together in harmony, respect, and truth. I help Realtors with unseen aspects of their business and listings to create more sales effortlessly.

The focus is always on the client as a healer and I do my part to guide them. We have co-creative sessions so people understand and own the experience as they continue the healing and prevent further problems. Clients learn; tools, practices, and new perspectives to be the healer of themselves. Most important is helping people open up and receive what is needed to allow transformation and healing.


Soul Shamanism is a signature work offering advanced levels of Shamanism that are centered on us having a direct experience with our soul and higher levels of spiritual wisdom, knowledge, and healing. These life-changing classes open us to heavenly levels of reality. We have the experience and find unconditional love, universal truth, and our true self, inside of us. This practice allows continual growth, healing, and wisdom to guide us in our lives and live our truth and purpose as it inspires enlightenment. Once mastered this practice replaces almost all practices and tools to accomplish healing and personal and spiritual mastery.

Be Your Own Guru is an ongoing program where we focus on living our innate self and wisdom in our everyday life and higher purpose. We learn how to develop a strong wise ego aligned with our unique soul and break the patterns that separate us from us and our best life.

The Protected Healer offers higher teachings and wisdom on healing, energy, and what interferes with us and all. You learn how to develop skills in precise awareness of what is not true or aligned with us as humans and the world we live in. You learn how to take action and respond. We learn higher ways to note and clear energy and entities in safety with knowledge. We also remove the vulnerability to receive energies-entities or have attachments that harm us in our work and life.

Achieve a Clear, Quiet Mind is a core practice of our work that is profound and allows us to accomplish deep Shamanic healing with a precise breath, intention, and little known universal teachings. Janet has assisted people to release anxiety, fear, pain, and stuck places in their lives to be quiet inside to hear their own voice speak. Meditation is easily accomplished after this practice.

Reiki all levels with advanced teachings and practice at each level. Apprenticeship for Masters.

Medical Intuition and classes in advanced levels of healing, perception, and teaching.

Vision Quest Mitote is a weekend retreat in nature. Janet holds a powerful space and creates a process of accomplishing deep inner work, wisdom, and new visions of your life moving forward. Healthy food. Gentle flow. Catskills this year. Join us. Planning a longer retreat in Sedona in 2020.

ONGOING ADVANCED GROUP. I am gathering a group of healers-teachers from all modalities for ongoing support and to offer my highest level of teachings, practices, and growth to assist in their life and work. The first class of Soul Shamanism is a prerequisite for this group.

Books and online classes are coming soon as well.

Where can we find you online and contact you?

Visit me online at for more information and years of inspiring blogs. Call 973-647-2500 or Email me

Connect with me on Facebook at, or personally, at I am active on LinkedIn

and Instagram @bethemedicinenow

Share a ritual or practice that keeps you centered.

“We begin to notice when we are feeling off, tired, emotional, having ongoing inner dialogue or memories, verbally attacked, or hurt in any way. We focus on clearing and stopping these patterns and not allowing them to continue in our emotions and mind. Instead of getting lost with all these thoughts, discard them. We do not have to believe every thought in our head. We let them go mentally and continue to release them with gentle continual breathing. Use a gentle yet full breath. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth with the focus on maintaining a release of interfering energy, words, thoughts, and images. Keep breathing and letting go. Stop entertaining them, release with the breath, focus on letting go, and be free. Allow as long as it takes; it usually several minutes or longer until our mind and emotions become still. Now continue to focus on something positive, present, and productive to bring you back into your body and truth. You will suddenly feel calm and centered. Do this day and night to shift your focus and energy. Yummy silence, peace, and experiencing a deeper inner connection is the result as you continue this practice. There are more teachings and practices, and yet this is a great beginning.” Blessings, Janet StraightArrow

Janet is the rainbow of love! With the skilled hands of a surgeon, Janet can help you reach inside to the deepest, most hidden places of yourself and give you the tools to shine the brightest, most powerful light for personal & professional healing! Janet is a wonderful tour guide, providing direction and possibilities for healing as you walk your path! She is very personable, creative, and nurturing to all she meets. It is an honor and a pleasure to have her walking alongside me! Namaste. Thank You “ Elisa Maggio, Healer-Teacher-Artist