Be Your Own Guru

 Be Your Own Guru is a program and pathway to living the Master we are. A neutral loving universal path that integrates the best of traditions around the world based on universal wisdom and living it.

Be The Medicine is the bigger work, that includes Be Your Own Guru, Medical Intuition and Reiki, Healers and Soul Shamanism, and other pieces of training to being your own master in everyday life. It has been a fifty-year journey to fulfill my life purpose and now bring it out on a grand scale over the next years.

Wisdom is in plain sight and we have been taught to buy into the opposite. A website is a portal being developed to access these teachings in words, audio, and video. Be Your Own Guru is a book, workbook, and series of classes that guides our journey.

 Life is a journey and we have learned impatience and want it all now. This is the first illusion that blocks our way to mastery. We have lived in a bubble of man-made rules and limitations for many generations. To awaken from this sleep is an intense ongoing journey, as we walk the walk we have many layers of consciousness to release and ascend through.

It is not just thinking ourselves there, it is living the journey with curiosity and openness, intelligence, courage, and learning what we do not know, so we can awaken the parts of us that have been awaiting our discovery, and integrate them into us to be whole.

In traveling this course I have let go of who I thought I was and we all are continuously breaking out of boxes of reality to find there is more and patiently walking each day practicing being the me I knew at the time, allowing more to awaken and flow.

Some boxes of reality that we break out of are a gentle awakening to new life, and some are so shattering that it takes months and years to assimilate all that has awakened. I learned to be the tortoise through the harrowing times and saw how being the hare keeps us from discovering the true path easily.

All sessions and classes are focused on you being your own master-guru-highest self.

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BE YOUR OWN GURU ONGOING CLASS This course put on hold. One on one work and monthly classes will be available.

Are you ready to move into personal spiritual mastery and learn how to live it more each day no matter what is occurring? All of your spiritual, healing, and practical life will be enhanced and progressed in amazing ways.

This group is open to those who are ready for advanced adventures on our journey for learning, experience, support, community, awakening, healing and spiritual growth together. Drawing on Universal truth and many traditions from around the world we will be taking all I offer further than ever before.

Ongoing work allows for complete teachings and continuous growth. Janet has been on a conscious spiritual journey for over fifty-years and studied with Masters of traditions around the world. As she learned and practiced each step she lived a traditional life in a spiritually conscious way and been a successful mother, entrepreneur, healer, teacher, coach and friend to thousands. Her mission is to offer a clear, neutral, universal path to enlightenment and perfect health in today’s world.

This course offers some of the best teachings she has gathered and developed to guide you on the journey of you with understanding, confidence, peace, and love. We always have fun as we break down what is holding us back and awaken the best of who we are, and learn to live a spiritual life in the material world successfully.

You will develop your spiritual gifts and abilities and discover deeper life purpose. Your everyday life will be easier, and you will have more time to live the life you want.

Janet StraightArrow is a Practical Mystic, Healer, Teacher, Shaman, Sage, Astrologer, Integrative Healer, Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Life & Health Coach, Yogi, Writer, and Entrepreneur. Janet StraightArrow is a grounded loving being who shares practical wisdom and encouragement with all she meets.
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