Be The Medicine

“Be the Medicine is a path of spiritual, healing mastery in everyday life. Even the beginner classes and sessions catapult you into higher truth allowing profound healing, awakening, and knowing. As a practical mystic, Shaman, spiritual mentor, and healer, Janet brings heaven to earth in utter simplicity as only a StraightArrow can.”

“Be The Medicine is you, living body, mind, emotions, spirit, and soul as one.

It’s a tall order and quite an adventure of learning, loving and living our true nature with profound grace, ongoing discovery, and healing as we become more us every day, in joy.” Janet trains and coaches people from all walks of life. When you live from a place of truth and purpose, your work, relationships, health, and entire life improves daily. StraightArrow’s profound and wise insights take any perspective and problem out of the mundane into new heights of perfection. Life becomes very easy when truth leads our focus and direction. In working with Janet, you are inspired to be your best and you experience new possibilities that emerge from each session or class.”

OUR MISSION The Path to Freedom. To educate and inspire people to live their truth, beauty, light, health, happiness, and purpose. Janet’s Mission is to Awaken people to Deep Love, Complete Healing, and Purposeful Living.

COMPANY OVERVIEW Be The Medicine offers a direct path as it encourages and empowers you to bridge many worlds with wisdom, knowledge, courage and strength as you learn to live your purpose, enjoy abundant health and happiness. Be The Medicine offers private sessions, retreats, mentoring and various programs to nurture your Mind, Body & Spirit.

Janet StraightArrow is a Healer-Teacher-Shaman and Practical Mystic. Janet is the Medicine. Holding a light of love, truth and joy inspiring people to know and live their greatest truth, perfection and purpose. Connect with her on or call her at (973)647-2500

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        Live the Power of You!

The focus of you being the medicine for you is to guide you in subtle and real ways gently yet strongly to refocus on all of the innate gifts and abilities and wisdom you already have. It begins with helping you reclaim the power of you, in ways you did not know you gave it up. As you progress, you experience the wholeness of you, and all you can be and do.

Janet here. “I have lived this mission for fifty-two years since I was fifteen. It has been an amazing journey to look for truth, wisdom, peace, and grace, achieving health as natural and normal from the time I was a child. I followed thousands of questions offering deep true answers. We have everything we need inside. It is for us to relearn how to be human and release any inhumanity that blocks our highest self and greatest love. Having fun with it all is key. Taking things seriously keeps us stuck and the goal is to be blessedly free.

In my journey, I have kept an open heart and mind to explore whatever direction took me to more clarity and answers. I did not say I do not believe in this one or that one, instead if it was calling to me when I was asking for more truth, I followed it and learned so much more. The science of experience was used instead of believing the science or beliefs of others. Healing is wholeness so letting go of separation is key. I have read thousands of books and studied with over 120 teachers in all aspects of life, healing, beliefs, focus and more in traditions around the world. Some teachers I studied with for years and some for six months, or just a few weeks or one weekend was enough to open the doors to what they offered and how it helped me and others.

Enjoy the Journey – Be The Medicine

I have been writing and teaching and healing for decades and now it is time to bring this work out on a major scale. I had to live it through everyday life and tremendous loss and challenge to fully embody Be The Medicine so I can pass it on organically. Many thousands of students and clients have traveled this journey with me and I am excited for this next phase of offerings.

I am available for private sessions assisting you in physical, mental, emotional life and health in career, relationships too. We have fun as truth is light and real and wisdom flows naturally making our lives blessedly simple.”

Call today. 973-647-2500. Read more on Enjoy our blogs and sign up for our newsletter. More coming soon. Janet will travel to teach established groups as it works for all. Stay tuned for classes offered on our website.

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