As a Treasure Map of You

“In the forty years since I discovered Astrology I have tried to prove it wrong. Since I am still studying and working with it with clients and me it has proved its value, not only to me and others but even to engineers and scientists in my practice.

When I bring your Astrology into a session it illuminates and clarifies what you are moving through in your life. I am always interpreting it in a way to encourage you to make the most of the opportunity of the energy of you and the cycles you are in, especially when it is challenging.

Everything about us has a purpose. We are each amazing magical beings who have chosen this life to experience our lives with free will as personality self and soul self.

I love to speak someone’s astrology chart to them and find that they know the things that I bring out, but never fully understood or accepted their unique qualities, interests, and desires. Attributes, challenges, and gifts of each person make sense and then can be worked with.

RELATIONSHIPS. Understanding us and others and how we affect each other and how we get along or not and why are powerful understandings to have. In relationships with others and us, we find that what frustrates us or connects us is blessedly normal. We have relationships to learn to see us and them from another viewpoint and to heal and learn and grow.

When we look at our astrology as a blueprint and roadmap it opens up everyday life, relationships, career and our spiritual journey in new ways. Life makes sense the deeper you explore this language and ancient science and art. It is great to use astrology as one of the tools of developing self-acceptance, knowledge, and understanding as you explore your unique life journey.

We also look at the planetary cycles that are occurring now on the planet past, present and future relative to our lives and how we can make them work for us.

One-on-one sessions are scheduled for you, or for significant others and you together, or for you on events or questions on specific issues or concerns.

FOCUS OF SESSIONS Our sessions will focus on you, including your questions and concerns, we can go in many directions. We will agree on what intention and direction to explore and see what evolves from there. We can read a chart for days on end and still not cover all the possibilities.


Astrology mathematically charts the moment we were born in our birthplace town and country and time on earth. What our astrology chart shows us is where the planets were in the sky relative to our birthplace on the earth and how this blueprints us for our life. This ancient science-art reveals incredible understanding as to who we are, what our focus is, and what and how we might experience us and the world in this lifetime.

It is no wonder so many people say they “never fit in” when they are trying to fit into a different suit than the one they were born to wear. Being who you are “supposed to be” according to family, friends, culture, religion and government roles and rules, creates chaos for the individual body, mind, spirit, emotions, and soul because that is not us.

In working with Astrology with clients as a part of our healing and counseling work, you learn to understand and accept more about you, relationships, and your life passages. Since it resonates with your experience, it gives you peace and understanding to have a context to accept self and others.

You also learn to understand and deal with daily, yearly or other cycles and not succumb to judgment, fear, depression or disease. Planets move through our chart and communicate through energy changes. When we learn what these energies are and they are here only for a time, we work with them and learn what we need to help in personal growth we heal them and then let them go.

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