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“Janet StraightArrow Is Healing, Wisdom, and Grace.” 

Janet StraightArrow is a Shaman, Healer, and Sage, born into a Suburban New Jersey woman’s body. Never quite like anyone else, and yet she tried to live a typical life. Her life has been a trial a minute, and you will always find her smiling as if she knows a precious secret, which she does.

Inner wisdom, discernment, and knowledge have led her through the drama and traumas of her very full life. Dedicated to Be The Medicine for herself and to teach others has been a calling since a child.

Janet did not believe the hypnotism of the world, church, government, community, and even family. Instead, she trusted her inner knowing and continued to seek the most profound truth and love we can be.

At fifteen her family doctor gave her a dire diagnosis, and it woke her up to fully claim her life, health, and spirituality to live what Jesus taught.

Her studies took her to experience traditions from around the world to discover all of the missing pieces and how we are all one. This comprehensive training focused on the oneness of all, created a neutral path dismissing fears and limiting beliefs to find the unity, wisdom, and truth, at the core.

Her work Be The Medicine has been fully experienced by her and thousands of others who have worked with her and read her writings and practiced her simple, clear, and profound tools and teachings.

Her love for life and dedication to fully discovering and sharing that we can all live our highest purpose and potential, no matter our challenges. StraightArrow recognized her soul lineage as a Shaman at the age of forty while she was a top Realtor. Her discoveries and continuous studies, and personal healing moved her along the path unsure of where it was all going.

From this point on, her journey accelerated as she had ongoing profound awakenings, transformation, initiations and more as she studied with masters and shamans, gurus, lamas, spiritual and healing teachers, doctors and healers. She remembered more and more of who she has always been and what she was here to live and teach and heal in these transformative times.

Janet is a cheerleader for all of us sharing love and health and wonder and the magic of all. Be The Medicine is a path of self-mastery and Janet makes it fun. She sees our life’s journey as an adventure instead of work and has translated Universal Laws in ways we can break free from pain and suffering and live the truth that sets us free.

She has been guided to be a bridge and support for people waking up from all walks of life and ages to discover and live their true self and heal body, mind, emotions, spirit, and soul.

Janet began teaching wholistic nutrition in 1981 and continued with teaching meditation, Astrology, Reiki, Shamanism and so much more with groups and sessions since 1994.

Janet has several books that will come out soon. She has been writing for twenty-five years and recording her many years of teaching groups in the northeast and middle Atlantic states. She is currently exploring sharing her work online and on zoom.

Now is the time to bring out this practical and profound work to a broader audience. See inspiring blogs, programs, retreats, and private session work and much more on the website at www.bethemedicine.comCall 973-647-2500 Email Janet@Bethemedicine.com

Working with Janet StraightArrow 

When you work with Janet in sessions or classes you find her loving presence allows you to be yourself. You may think you know what you will work on and are often surprised that it goes much deeper than you imagined. You may expect her to “do” something and find that as you sit with her, no matter what occurs, you feel lighter, happier, pain-free, and more open. When you leave, your life is forever changed in a positive way.

Janet carries a high level of loving energy that supports your healing of body, mind, spirit, and emotions, and awakens you to your wholeness and soul. Janet’s decades of ongoing study and practice offers amazing depth and direct answers and results.

 Healing, change, and awakening is easy when you have a direct path. StraightArrow works on all levels and gets to the root causes, and fears, beliefs, and behaviors that have kept you stuck, and helps you to live free. Let go of beliefs and fears and open to oneness and love.

The focus of you being the medicine for you is to guide you in subtle and real ways gently yet actively to refocus on all of the innate gifts and abilities and wisdom you already have. It begins with helping you reclaim the power of you; in ways, you did not know you gave it up. As you progress, you experience the wholeness of you, and all you can be and do.

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www.bethemedicine.comCall 973-647-2500 Email Janet@Bethemedicine.com

Enjoy this Interview on Who, What, Where, When, and mostly HOW Be The Medicine came about, and Janet StraightArrow‘s unusual guided journey for over 52 years.

The focus of you being the medicine for you is to guide you in subtle and real ways gently yet strongly to refocus on all of the innate gifts and abilities and wisdom you already have. It begins with helping you reclaim the power of you; in ways, you did not know you gave it up. As you progress, you experience the wholeness of you, and all you can be and do.

No matter what we work with, or on, or whatever form it takes in the clearing, healing, and learning, it is organic and natural when you are willing to surrender to the best and leave the rest. You cannot know what you do not know until you know it. That’s the fun, as we work from the perspective of unconditional love.

A lifetime of study, practice, teaching, and becoming has brought Janet to a place of actualizing the path on a grander scale. Janet is an Avatar walking the walk and talk of her purpose and sharing it with others naturally wherever she is, in person, online, teaching, healing, coaching and in everyday life.

Janet has focused on the journey of Be The Medicine since she was a small child, questioning and trying to make sense, to her wise, loving self, in the complexities of life, spirit, and health.

To live universal truth and love and translate it in ways that will help people today, is Janet StraightArrow’s purpose and mission, and has been quite the journey.

Janet is very candid and real and has learned by living it through tremendous adversity. You feel relieved at how normal we all are in our challenges and how easy the solutions can be.

A born teacher, she was assisting people to be happy and free since she was a little girl. As soon as she learned and translated something in a way people could hear it and understand, she passed it on.

Her journey has been a trial a minute, and yet you always find her smiling and surrendering to what brings her back to love, peace and joy. She helps you find your way there too. Healing and health unfold in all experiences naturally.

No matter what you come for, your life is positively changed, and you have a clear, grounded higher perspective, on how to live your life in healthy, loving, productive ways.

For us to Be The Medicine as a practitioner and leader, we are embodying the highest truth and love. When we live it, we know it and can pass it on. Women and men who are ready to live their highest self and bring it to their family and community find great satisfaction and results.

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

As you live your whole true self, you empower others too.

Janet has dedicated her life to living, teaching, healing and assisting people to Be the Medicine, Live the Power of You! You can expect new teachings, transformation, and laughter whenever you are with her. StraightArrow has studied with Masters in traditions from around the world and took the best and developed simple, clear and profound ways to assist people in all aspects of their life, health, relationships, career and discovering and living their life purpose.
Practical Mystic, Healer, Teacher, Shaman, Sage, Astrologer, Integrative Healer, Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Life & Health Coach, Yogi, Writer, and Entrepreneur. Janet StraightArrow is a grounded, loving being who shares practical wisdom and encouragement with all she meets in person, online, or in the media.

Janet stepped into her life mission at the age of fifteen when given a diagnosis of a short, painful life, fifty years ago. Choosing to heal herself was radical in 1967, she decided that she was going to enjoy a long healthy life and discover how. It was a deliberate, focused,  and guided process. Most of her journey has been ahead of what was fashionable to accept. Her life has been an adventure of research, awakening and following heart and soul in her studies on her own and with masters and teachers around the world and living it.

It has been a full journey, challenged continuously and consciously choosing moment by moment to Be the Medicine, living it in her life, and bringing it to others has guided her process. Continuous studies in mind, body, emotion, spirit and soul medicine, and living, to find the truth, and create more ease and flow in life for all, has been achieved.

Loving us and walking more deeply in our own life is an ongoing journey of discovery, healing, and becoming. Janet offers tools and practices, teachings and new perspectives to assist you in this process.

heart_love  Love is the answer, and truth and joy are her compasses. Janet offers teachings, tools, and experiences to assist you on your journey to you in fun simple ways.

Janet has been teaching since 1981, coaching and facilitating healing with people since 1994. Speaking, teaching and published in magazines in New England, NYC and the entire Northeast. Worldwide web presence since 1996. StraightArrow has been healing, training and coaching on remotely by Skype and phone, around the World since 2003.

StraightArrow’s mission is to bring divine truth through, in a neutral loving immediately usable way, for to people to understand and live their best life every day. The truth does set us free of confusion, ignorance, and misery. Each person immediately recognizes truth easily, it’s real, logical and it resonates with their inner self-their soul.

Be-the-Medicine03-1Janet’s lifelong study has been to learn, experience and teach complete healing. StraightArrow’s quest has come from a deep soul awareness that we do not have to be in pain or sick. Janet has traveled the world seeking answers in her life of ongoing personal study and healing to overcome her challenges.

  • Janet began her personal studies in mind-body medicine in 1967.
  • Traditional degrees in Nutrition and Psychology 1970-1987
  • A myriad of professional pieces of training, certificate classes and workshops in mind, body, emotion, and spirit healing followed.
  • Janet has ten pages of training and studies with over one hundred teachers, several for more than two years. StraightArrow studied bodywork, energy medicine, meditation, Shiatsu, Breathwork, Reiki, Shamanism, Spiritual healing and holistic studies from Astrology to Zen from around the world.
  • Studied holistic healing with Medical Doctors and Psychologists.
  • Shamanic training has been with many renowned and indigenous teachers and healers Toltec, Siberian, Tibetan, Celtic, Huichol, Andean, Lenni Lenape, Lakota, Foundation for Shamanic Studies Classes and Pieces of training and Woman’s Bear Shamanism.
    Janet also apprenticed with two Shamans of combined initiations and pieces of training.
  • Extensive spiritual studies in several eastern and western traditions of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Zen, Sufism, Judaism, as well as indigenous studies, brought her to a greater understanding of a worldview and of the soul.
  • A lifelong learner Janet continues to follow her heart and souls lead to more in-depth, evident, and more profound work with outer and inner teachers.

Healing and Wholeness Healing and Counseling Business:

  • Teaching nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle and healing from 1981.
  • Healing and Bodywork practice 1994-.
  • Taught a comprehensive two-year Reiki and Energy Medicine Training 1996-2005
  • Teaching many traditions of Shamanism, Holistic and Spiritual Healing 1998-.
  • Teaching a combined work called Healing Secrets of the Ancients 2002-.
  • Her upcoming book and work Be The Medicine is continuing to evolve with focuses accessible to the needs of people from all walks of life.
  • Professional Counseling for Professionals. Healers and Families. 1999-.
  • Medical Intuition 2009-

Professional Business:

  • Real Estate Title Insurance 1971-1984.-many positions to ownership
  • Mortgage Banking Sales 1987-1988
  • Real Estate Sales and Marketing. Regional, State, National Award winner. 1988-1999
  • Penned a book “Working For Your Time Off” on how to balance life and work; making more money in less time by working honestly and wisely being of service to client, family, and self. 1996.
  • Janet is also an account executive for her daughter’s title company, Zwiren Title Agency, Inc 2015-
  • Self-employed from 1976-
  • Janet was also an executive wife, 1971-1984. She is the mother of two daughters born in 1976 + 1979. Lisa died suddenly of a pulmonary embolism in 2008
  • Janet has also modeled fashions, raced cars, and captained a sailboat, been a gymnast, long distance runner and now enjoys yoga, reading, hiking, kayaks, and travel.

photo Find your life to be a complete expression of who you are…Call Janet Today at 973-647-2500 and find out what your next step is in making your life work!

Working with Janet, life becomes more comfortable and problems become solutions. Laughter is natural. We are all masters, and Janet loves to guide people to remember and experience themselves fully as their wise loving brilliant selves.

There are no boxes or boundaries to oneness. StraightArrow’s direct and grounded logical ways of seeing the world and us, make us wonder why we did not think of it or see it all along.


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Live the Power of You!

Live the Power of You!

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