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“My progressive work with Janet has given me a life and health better than when I was younger. I no longer accept deterioration and pain and disease as a necessary part of aging. I have learned how to not only heal and reverse past problems but also prevent any new problems from becoming permanent.”

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People talk about grief being love. A line from the movie Moonstruck came back to me when thinking about this subject today. In this movie, Nicolas Cage says to his lover Cher, “Love is not what they tell you it is. Love is here to ruin our lives and break our hearts.”

What we are experiencing now is grief breaking our hearts and ruining what we thought life is. I have grieved often in my life. The death of many close people I loved, divorce, and life as I knew it as I broke through adversity in my life and spiritual journey. Over decades I have experienced the grief of the collective in murders of presidents and leaders, 911, wars, and significant losses in the economy and politics and the way we thought things should be. My heart broke into millions of pieces and revealed a compassionate, loving, healthy, wise limitless loving heart. Breakdown lets our love out.

We are all going through grief in this pandemic where life as we know it will never be the same around the world, and with each one of us. Some people are dying from the virus or just leaving now, and there are no funerals, no weddings, births are with one person nearby, businesses are dissolving, as are paychecks, we are sequestered in our homes away from friends and family and work, and so much more.

Surrendering to life and love and falling apart in grief takes great courage to allow the ego desires to break and the grounded truth to be when the ground is continuing to crack open beneath us. Life is in cycles and not perfect. Life is about change, and challenge, and often fighting to stay alive and keep going.

“We protect our hearts because of the fear that they will break. Yes, they will break. But out of the pieces will be forged a new heart, a strong and fearless heart, a compassionate heart, an invulnerable heart. That is what is required. Nothing less!”~ RAM DASS


We stay uplifted and positive as much as we can. Resist becoming lost in fear voices and emotions of victimhood. Remain centered and open to the truth of what is occurring. Have a good cry, take rest as you can. Know that times of high emotion will arise and pass. Nurture yourself and others. Honor you and all, and do the best you can.


The ego is the structure that gives us definition and keeps us safe or scares us thoroughly. How do you have your ego trained? Let go of the negative to embrace a better now to allow a better future. The ego we break is the hard shells of fear, shame, blame, judgment, anger, suffering, victim, jealousy, and betrayal. As we release these, we aim to achieve positive, present, and productive attributes to live. It is a process of being aware and choosing to live there or sort it out and put it in a better place. My spiritual journey has taken me decades to refine and accomplish programming my ego to feel safe and real in higher wisdom, truth, peace, purpose, love, goodness, beauty, health, and oneness.


Staying positive makes our ego our friend and allows it to work in concert with our higher self-soul that knows how to navigate our world in real safety and purpose. Reaching this place will enable us to grieve less and attain more as we keep going forward. The healthy ego knows that change is good and moves us in new directions. We can see this as an opportunity to be creative, curious, intelligent, and whole.

Instead of just surviving, we focus on thriving, and our ego and soul will take us there. We are not victims unless we choose that by releasing responsibility and allowing harmful programs and people to control us mentally, which translates physically.

Denial is an ego defense mechanism that an early stage of grief to release as soon as we can, to help us feel the truth and move forward from here. Denial is so unsafe, especially now, because it keeps us from responding as we need to. It is essential to act and move very quickly as things continue to change moment by moment. Fear has been a way to control humans for many millennia. Media manipulates us, and it is up to us to turn it off and not buy into what takes our power of wisdom and freedom away.

Open to see the truth in each moment in the day to day life, relationships, health, community, and business. The facts help us make decisions on every level. People-pleasing or hoping someone will do things for us or blaming others does not allow wisdom and self-care to be accessed. Yes, we do need one another in these times. Let us all wake up and do our part. Breathe through the shock and fear and find the truth that is directly here.

Sometimes adjusting to a new reality is crazy-making in our head. Our consciousness is continuously adapting to something new, and we cannot hold onto former ways that do not work anymore. We feel dizzy and disoriented and lost and need rest and repair of body and mind. The only thing we can hold onto is inner wisdom and safety in listening to the thoughts and feelings that ground and support us here and now.

We are all breaking open our hearts and minds and in shock, survival, and grief. Nothing like this worldwide experience has happened before. Be kind and gentle and loving to all, especially you. Do the best you can each day without judgment. We are in tenuous circumstances on every level of our being and the earth too.

We have no idea where all of this is going, so it’s a good idea to find healthy ways to cope every day. Negative is always negating life. Losing ourselves in blame, judgment, and adversity will take us out of reality.

We can choose to fall apart and not heal or recover; this is what makes us mentally ill and lost. Keep bringing yourself to higher thinking and decisions.

Discern truth without judgment and move from here. When we bash others, we bash us. Practice positive self-talk, and to access our inner wisdom will best lead us through each day. Grief will break us open, and it takes knowledge and strength to reach for truth and love and kindness in this time of fear. May you find a path that works for you. Nameste.

We are all in this together.

Always in Love,

Janet StraightArrow

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