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Happy September all. New Beginnings for many of us. I am moving 9/16 and will be based in Morristown just a few miles away. Several of our classes have been rescheduled for later in the next weeks so do check our events calendar for updates. Soul Shamanism is in Morristown this weekend. Achieve a Clear Quiet Mind is a powerful new way to live and practice to employ every day to make life easier. This is in Mendham on 9/25. Our dynamic class, Be Your Own Guru, begins a five-week series on October 7, Monday nights, in Madison. Do join us.

Reiki 1 & 2 have been rescheduled as was Timeless Healing Advanced Soul Shamanism weekend. See dates and details in Events. More coming soon. Working on online classes and live Videos after I am settled in a couple of weeks. Enjoy today’s Blog Below and sign up for our newsletter and social media on the right column of this and all Pages. Private sessions resuming 9/20. Blessings on this Harvest Moon and Equinox. Janet StraightArrow 973-647-2500 Email

A Healthy Ego Awakens Spiritual Mastery

The ego is a foundation of our being that keeps us going and strengthens us. It has a bad rap in our world because of a misunderstanding of what our ego does in basic, powerful, positive ways. When we have a healthy, balanced, secure, and knowing ego it creates a great life for us.

The ego that gives us a problem is the unbalanced, insecure, fearful, controlling ego that has been wounded and tries to protect itself over and over again.

A healthy ego loves and takes responsibility for self. This ego is wise and mature and able to see the truth and live it and self-correct when we are off base, which happens with everyone. No one is perfect, we all have challenges to us daily. The healthy ego takes care of self and does not wound others.

An unhealthy ego is always trying to be right and blame others, or have others be responsible for them. A bully will blame and try to get you to feel less than them when that is how they feel and you are their mirror and punching bag. A poor me will also blame. and want others to take responsibility for them and be strong for them.

Both ego positions and strategies project their weakness on others. The struggling ego puts a lot of energy into hiding instead of loving and self-correcting.

A poor me is always playing less than and trying to get others to do and be for them because they believe they are not strong enough. Blaming others for all sorts of things is where they get their power. They use manipulation to get what they want and try to hook people to help them.

When we live in balance, we can be true to us, and what is occurring in our life, and learn from it. No one is to blame, and we have a clear path to walk easily.

When someone says that someone has a big or small ego, what they are saying is that this person is not secure and living from an unhealthy place and taking their wounds out on others. Both are an energy drain, and not very pleasant to be with when they turn on you.


To determine if our ego is out of balance, we first to listen to us and see where we might be blaming others instead of looking at ourselves. Are we in emotion? This is a good first sign we are out of alignment or truth and trying to be okay or right.

We are ultimately looking for peace, balance, productivity, and responsibility. A big or small ego is always fighting self and others to try to be okay. It is exhausting and uses us for a punching bag, or a food source, which is never any fun at all.

Playing too much or not enough is a see-saw game. When we feel off, we are in ego. We play into someone else’s ego when we have issues in the area they are playing in, and reflecting inner wounds or pushing our buttons to discover them in us.

Loving each other through life is important. Seeing the truth of where we all are, only occurs when we heal our own ego wounds and know how to take care of us.

Spiritual mastery is all about healing the wounded ego and living the highest truth with no fear, doubt, or blame. Only then can we awaken to the goodness and love we all are and support self and one another. Having compassion for self and others as spiritual beings having a human experience is paramount in living love and understanding.

Our personal healing journey; physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional are all related to realigning the ego with the highest truth and love.

Once we learn and heal us, it takes so much less energy to be us, and appreciate others, leaving us free to enjoy more of life and love and vibrant health too! Happiness is being real and not ideal because real is what we all deal with each day when we are in balance.

A bully or victim is not to blame, or fear, but instead can show you where you are out of balance to heal yourself. You help them when you do not play into their game, or blame them either. They are the last ones to see what they are doing because their attention is not on their true self at all.

Love you enough to be wise, and know that only you can change you, to be happy and healthy. We are the solution when we can get free of wounded ego patterns, and see the light and truth, and be free naturally.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

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Spiritual healing and coaching help you to get straight with you. Having a healthy ego is key. Being loving and powerful is normal and allows you to move forward in every area of your life easily. taking any of our classes will also help you discover the truth and align with your true self in love, peace, and joy!

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“I am so grateful for the work I have done with Janet and Be The Medicine in sessions and classes. Not only do I feel more comfortable in my body and life, but I also notice how important the work we do is to my profession and ability to be and do more than I knew possible. My gifts and purpose are unfolding with ease. The story of my life is becoming rich with deeper love and experience and losing the drama of my life before this time. I see how this inner work I have done with Janet in between segments of my other studies, has moved me light years ahead of my peers in many ways. None of us were aware of the power or possibility of who we are and how much more fully and freely we can learn, experience and live.”

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