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Living the Quest – Inspiration – Classes Newsletter 8/29/19

I am currently working out of several locations in the Madison-Morristown-Mendham Area.  Join us this weekend for Soul Shamanism in Morristown.  Achieve a Clear Quiet Mind in Mendham. Be Your Own Guru Series in Madison. Reiki 2 in Morristown. Timeless Healing in Morristown. Reiki 1 in Madison. See the Events page for details.

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“Working with Janet has been life-changing by deepening my awareness of myself. Because Janet has done a lot of work on herself she is able to hold a space for people who seek deeper healing. She is compassionate, direct and her techniques are simple yet profound. The simplicity of her work makes it easy to use the tools in everyday life, which for me is one of the greatest gifts. Above all, she approaches life and process of healing with a lot of laughter making the journey of self-discovery and healing so much more fun.”


As we walk our life journey, it is important to tune in and be grounded in our awareness in a positive way. After decades of working with people, I have noted how often people begin speaking with what’s not happening, instead of what is occurring now.

As we begin speaking with what we are not experiencing or doing, we are speaking into the air and feeding experiences of lack instead of empowering and being aware of what is happening.

To be here now is not accessible from the place of where we think should be, or where we are not. This is an ego habit and keeping us stuck in lack and mediocrity. Changing our habit to a positive, present, and productive focus helps us find us, and where we are with ease. Often there are great things happening now, that are forgotten or missed.


To move forward, or get unstuck, we focus on what is here now. Negative is vacant, missing, against life, and us. To be positive is to own the experience so we can move ahead and walk our walk. Even if where we are is not where we want to be, focusing on the not, does not get us there at all.

First, we listen to ourselves speak and notice when we feel off, powerless, lower energy, or alone. We are speaking outside of us and truth and will find nothing there to experience except loss.

When we begin to focus on the positive present we find a rise in energy and clarity, and the richness of our life is experienced. As we slow down and breathe and honor what is, we become peaceful as we move into our body and begin to know what is occurring and how we feel.


We are often looking for who we are, and why we are here. The key is to stop looking outside and tap into our innate wisdom, awareness, and love. Our soul is always here inside of each one of us awaiting our attention and discovery.

The soul is the one who is the still small voice inside that we have been trained to ignore. Full of innate knowledge, wisdom, and support of who we are, it is the one worth discovering and following as it is our true self.

We are likely to listen to doubt, fear, blame, judgment, worry, shame, guilt, and more which is in the category of not here. This focus blocks out the voice that takes us to our truth, love, and ability to live and know who we are, so our free-will chooses wisely.

To find us, we begin to slow down and see what is good about what is occurring, we also see what is challenging, so we can learn to navigate and move forward. The focus on the negative thoughts above will create confusion as they do not agree with our divine truth and love.

We are here now, and may be missing the best reality that is in plain sight and experience.


When we are on a spiritual awakening journey we may feel like we have so far to go and are missing many things. As I guide people to their central sun, their soul, we find the direct path opens up when we do not detour from the positive present.

Stating what is, helps us see where we are walking and begin to feel solid ground beneath us. Acknowledging the good things that occur and how we feel allows us to walk our walk and move strongly from there. Our life is the journey so we are always there now. Each step is a value to pay attention to.

Heart and Soul


I think of my experience racing Porsches on International Racetracks. I allowed myself to be passed on the side while I learned. I stayed the course slower than most and did not expect to be first when I was learning my car and the nuances of the racetrack. As I allowed myself to develop experience, knowledge, and confidence, I was fearless and focused. I continued to build speed as I became a top driver.

Why on the spiritual life journey, does our ego think we should be ahead of where we are, or win the race to enlightenment, or someplace we cannot even imagine? In a world where we are trained to be the hare and run, run, run, all over the place, we can find the direct path by slowing down, acknowledging where we are, to learn, grow and move from a strong, solid place that takes us where we want to go. The journey allows for the most vivid, exciting experiences all along the way.

Each experience, awareness, and desire lead us to the next. This is the best there is, now.

Allow yourself to slow down, smell the roses, feel the love, peace, truth, beauty, and light.

When we let go of what is not, we discover the amazing life we have got.

Always in Love,

Enjoy your precious Life and Journey

Janet StraightArrow

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