Our Body Knows the Truth

By Janet StraightArrow

  • According to ancient teachings, the attributes of a human are health, happiness, truth, beauty, peace, love, goodness, and light. For many generations, we have forgotten our true selves as human beings, and this has broken us down in all ways. We can begin to remember by moving away from limited thinking and learning to trust who we are as wise and intelligent beings. Our body is our perfect ally and a great place to begin.
  • LEARN To learn to listen to your body so you can discover your truth, try these simple exercises for yourself. Someplace in your body is a truth space. To find this, ask your body a question. Close your eyes, take a few full deep breaths. Ask your body something you know to be the truth, like your Mother’s name. The answer of truth response may be an energetic sensation in your abdomen or your heart, or your body may reflect truth by experiencing goosebumps or warmth somewhere on your body. Untruths will be an uncomfortable perception, often in your gut or chest or somewhere else in or on your body.
  • Next, ask your body directly about your food and supplement choices. Detach from the answer, so you do not influence the outcome. Ask a question about eating certain foods, “Is this food, nourishing and supportive to my body, mind, spirit?” Asking is enough, yet some people are more precise when they hold the item in their hand. Each body and day require different foods, herbs, and vitamins. Our culture tends to overdo things that are supposed to be good for us. Less is often more for our body in foods and supplements.
  • Another avenue to explore with our body’s truth center is about personal safety or appropriate action questions illustrated by this story. A friend of mine lives in Manhattan, and he asked me if he should come to stay in New Jersey on the evening the Iraqi war began in 2002. After being stuck in NYC ten blocks from the twin towers the year before, this was a concern. I told him to ask his body. He said, “How can my body tell me if they will bomb New York City?” I responded that his body would address his safety and situation not the broader scope of attention. When he asked his body if he should come to New Jersey his body tensed and was immediately not comfortable. When he asked his body about staying at home in Manhattan, his body was happy and clear about it. No Doubt. No Fear. Truth. He was comforted, and he knew staying home would be best for him, and it was.
  • Pay attention to your body’s response to a person, place or situation. If it is unsafe or inappropriate, your body will tell you immediately. We are accustomed to ignoring clear signals because we have been trained since childhood not to trust these signals and we have cut ourselves off from our body’s wisdom. We may also deny things when we do not want to believe our messages about people and things. Listen to your body and trust the results. Be curious. Danger or inappropriateness comes in many forms that we may not know at the time.
  • If you have an illness or a pain, your body is telling you that something is out of balance, misaligned, or something is not correct. Most colds or pains are illustrating our body’s need to decontaminate toxins on one or many levels of us. Decontamination and letting go of what interferes with health, are first steps towards healing. We begin by looking at our food choices, relationships, environment, as well as taking care of our own basic needs. Are we living our truth? Deeper causes of problems begin with listening to us and holding memories of traumas, negative thinking, and engaging in fear are some other reasons your body creates dis-ease and appears to be out of balance.
  • “Listen, it says, pay attention, make changes now, I want to be healthy, happy and free.” Our body can return to its health with our attention, support, and by taking action. Even when we have a specific disease, we can make it much easier on our body-mind, and sometimes also heal it, by taking exquisite care of us.
  • TRUST We can trust our perceptions and selves more as we let go of what we are not. We are not fear, anxiety, anger, panic or pain. We are not the voices of ego; I am not good enough, or my perceptions cannot be correct, or it has to be this way, or I know this already. Allowing deeper knowing to come to us is a practice of letting go of past beliefs and fears. From a place of neutrality and silence, we can discover the truth that is the answer. This is a process to explore, have patience, and enjoy the discoveries.
  • Our body does not care about other people’s rules or opinions. Our body reacts to its truth. We can trust the signals we attribute to our body and experience these truths when all of the above emotions or voices are absent. When we begin listening and taking action with our body, mind, and spirit, symptoms of stress and tension will melt away.
  • Everyone can access and learn to work with their body’s wisdom as they learn to know their own self and truth. Our bodies are telepathic. We can access more of your own knowledge about yourself and others than you realize just by paying attention to your body’s signals.
  • BE THE MEDICINE At Be The Medicine, our classes and sessions teach you incredible safe ways to support your healing, get to the truth behind problems and discover solutions, enjoy several methods of healers training, develop your innate gifts, and discover the best you. Our bodies are self-healing organisms, and it is quite an adventure to explore and benefit from self-care. When I am called to assist people, I do it with profound, simple, ancient, and modern teachings and tools, and energy of love, to empower permanent changes and healing. With decades of experience and training, I ask the person I am working with to co-create the session and to intend the best possible results, and that always helps and often makes a big difference.
  • When we see our life as a healing journey, and a lifestyle, we can continue to build confidence and take action to make healthy changes, this is how you can participate and begin to Be The Medicine for you.

  • Best in Health,
  • Janet StraightArrow Be the Medicine, Live the Power of You!
  • BeTheMedicine.com973-647-2500 Janet@Bethemedicine.com
  • This article is intended to learn self-awareness and care, not medical advice.

Live the Power of You!

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