How to Stay Healthy

Chinese Image means – Master of Ones Own Destiny

Health is not about spending money. Health begins with mindset, no charge.

Our nature is health, disease, for the most part, is a byproduct of how a person thinks, acts, and lives their life.

To stay healthy, we begin by a focus on thinking positive thoughts aligned with health and happiness.

Yes, happiness is a key component of health.

Especially through dark times, it is important to engage in self-love and self-care. 

We are in charge of our health and life and too often we do not take that responsibility seriously.

Instead of drugs and surgery for everything, we can prevent and/or can come back to health with action and self-awareness, knowledge, and wisdom.

To live aligned with us and health is key. To learn natural ways that do not poison us and break us down more is important as well.

Health is our nature, so the first question is how do we support our nature?

When very sickly and in constant pain at fifteen and the doctor said I will not live long and will break down quickly, I woke up.

My family was doctor dependent even though my mom read about natural remedies. They were all about sickness and in that mindset. They also got attention that way.

That did not work for me. Already I did not like pharmaceuticals, both over the counter and prescription. I felt they did not help and made me feel sluggish, spacy, and worse.

When the doctor told me, I was following in my father’s footsteps health wise, I decided to forge my own path to health.

It began with the mindset. I claimed perfect health and chose to live a long healthy life. Rejecting the doctor and his diagnosis was the first step.

Rejecting the pattern of disease was the next. I felt like I was living in an alternate reality of sickness and deteriorating health and the mindset that reinforced that.

Breaking family patterns was most important and was done while living in the world of constant sickness and abundant drugs to keep people alive.

Drugs may be a way to keep people alive, but I felt they were also what killed people, and broke down the body and did not support regaining health.

I began researching nutrition and eating healthy food and stopped food with preservatives, canned veggies, and frozen entrees, and what is fake food to me. 

I dressed for the weather unlike most teens, and also stayed away from people who were sick. I also stayed home when I was beginning to get sick to rest and build immunity and health again instead of waiting until I was so sick I was out for weeks, as I had been for years.

Self-care did not cost me anything, it saved me stress and loss on all levels. It was a rebuilding of me and a daily choice to be my own advocate and caregiver.

When we tap into our innate intelligence aligned with health and our true nature of what supports us, we find great ways to live and be healthy.

Letting go of negativity is also key. Seeing life with a cup half full or overflowing is also important.

Hearing about how Jesus healed people inspired me as well. I listened to the nuances of what was being taught and decided to learn how to discover and live these in my life too. I have a calling to live and teach be The Medicine. The information here is a result of reading thousands of books and study with over 100 teachers, healers, masters of spiritual traditions. Living it and teaching it has offered tremendous experience in these years.

Fast forward fifty-two years, I am still healthy and happy and employing wisdom and self-care. I did not have health insurance for over two decades during the years that many adults break down and are on a lot of drugs and getting tests and surgeries.

I watched and learned how to heal anything that seemed to be breaking down with nutrition and energy medicine and self-care and more and developed many ways we can Be The Medicine for ourselves.

At 65, my Medicare physical revealed perfect levels in all areas of bloodwork including sugar and immunity, and my blood pressure was 120/80 too. I took no drugs or flu or pneumonia shots. The only thing that came up was that I was overweight and working on losing it.

A year later I am eating less, exercising more, and have abundant energy and health. Whole foods, some supplements a few times a week, and continued support for my mind and emotions to stay aware, loving and positive.

We have a too often accepted mindset of aging that we have to break down and get sick. That is not true. We are the owners and operators of this body which was designed for health.

Health saves us money. We begin with education and learn how to regain and maintain a healthy body and life. We are worth it.

Always in Love,

Janet StraightArrow

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PREVENTION IS EASIER. When someone says that it is hard to make healthy changes in their life, I wonder how easy it is to be sick, in hospitals, in pain, and lose everything to medical costs, or loss of freedom because of living in institutions, or even dying young? Our body tolerates a lot as it breaks down. It’s good to nourish and nurture us and enjoy a healthier life. Janet StraightArrowBe The Medicine

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