Breakthrough the Spiritual Glass Ceiling

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“Don’t put or keep yourself down to be accepted by others. Rise up and find new birds to fly with.” Janet StraightArrow

Going all the way through to our spiritual wisdom, truth and mastery require us to walk our own unique walk. There are many fears, beliefs, and desires that create blocks to our freedom and enlightenment.

We must be the one who pushes through to the other side. No one can do it for us. Some will travel with us for parts of the journey, yet the true journey is within each one of us, one-by-one. Standing in our self, our own power, and clear heart and mind each step of the way is the journey.

Hanging on to a religion or its rules or family or cultural beliefs hold us back from attaining true connection, fulfillment, and mastery of enlightened living and ascension on earth.

Each study or system gives us pieces and also gives us blocks to our upward movement. These are both guides and tests to see if we truly choose to move ahead and up and with the divine flow.

When we finally are strong enough to rebel and move with our true self, it is the God within who guides us when we listen. There are beauty and truth within all and yet our growth is to discern what to let go of in order to break through to the highest attainment.

Breaking the rules of man, to ascend to live the laws of God, is for the strong of heart and mind focused on the best there is, instead of hanging back and trying to fit in. Being alone is really being all one with divinity and all of humanity. We feel this when we are in the void space of awakening. Keep going and be open to the wholeness of all.

Each belief system has pieces, and the glass ceiling is hit when we give power to limiting beliefs, instead of using them as stepping stones to move ahead with wisdom, truth, and love to the limitless heart and mind of God.

Freedom is living our divinity in our body here now. Grounded and connected to all one love, truth, peace, joy, health, light, goodness, and beauty in being the divine-human that is our birthright and our destiny.

We are never alone. When we live our true self, we are met with many on earth and in the heavens celebrating our victory together. Drop Fear. Be Love all the way home to you and true.

These are the highest teachings of the masters of all traditions. To achieve mastery we must grow up and through the glass ceiling and welcome divinity.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

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A major part of my mission is to inspire, embody, and guide people to this place of wholeness and enlightenment in everyday life. We all have the potential and the heart and soul connections. IN BE THE MEDICINE WE LEARN HOW.

Join us for retreats, private sessions, ongoing personal coaching, and classes. See our website for the many new opportunities unfolding. Your work and divine play with Janet StraightArrow is always powerful when you are ready for the highest truth and deepest love in your life, health, relationships and soul purpose.

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Shaman, Healer, Teacher, Spiritual Coach, Reiki Master, Astrologist, Yogi, Sage, Janet StraightArrow has been creating Be The Medicine since 1967 as a way to live our true, best self, in all areas of our life. Researching and living this journey has been an adventure that she has shared all along the way. Janet has worked with renowned teachers, healers, doctors, and masters from traditions around the world seeking universal truth and how to live it.
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