The Power of Words


Words create everything. The earth and our body and direction of our life each day are directed by the thoughts in our head and the words we speak. They create happiness or hell, leadership or less than, wholeness or separation, health or disease.

Our focus on what is here is where the magic happens naturally. When we dive into our true positive, present and productive nature we speak clearly and life unfolds on a higher level naturally.

Heart and Soul


Learn to really listen. When I began teaching inclusive and neutral spirituality and healing we learned to give space to our heart-mind to speak. We also silenced what was ego or unconscious nonsense without judgment.

I will never forget a sweet woman who said she finally got it. Her greatest learning in being in the circle was to listen to and hear herself. Before this, she talked and talked and she and no one else really listened because it was just stuff with no substance. She learned that being lost in groups and relationships was all about her not being present and responsive to her first and then the group.

Over and over again, I slowed her down with love, interrupted her and asked her to stop and reflect before continuing to speak. She was a beautiful loving being. She was a giver and caregiver and began to learn to see her influence and value naturally and also receive.

This was not easy for her. The autopilot would just ramble stuff from her ego to her mouth that had little meaning to the group or her. Listening to her hearts truth created fewer words with real feeling and meaning. What delight!

This begins to happen with everyone when we slow down and stop and listen inside before we speak. Reflect on these. Is it relevant, is it meaningful, am I adding something? Do I need to speak at all or am I just wanting attention?

When I correct people, they know I am doing this so they can raise their awareness, intelligence, and influence and improve their life. Their ego protection quickly says I did not mean that. Somewhere inside we did and it is for us to release that way of believing or thinking.

I tell them the universal truth; our world and body immediately respond to what we say and think so it is best to pay attention, say what we mean and mean what we say and be quick to self-correct and change the lies behind the words to the truth on deeper levels.

This is an ongoing practice for all time. When we stop and pay attention and correct us we have a chance at making a difference. Breaking the patterns takes awareness and confidence which is the result of speaking the highest truth.

When we speak from the words of our autopilot and ego we have little awareness or confidence and sound that way too. We lose people and are not taken seriously because we are not speaking true words of meaning and value.


As a child, we learned to sit back and not listen or trust our inner wisdom and knowledge. Expecting approval and agreement from others instead of believing in us over many years has caused great hesitation, anxiety, and fear inside and out.

This inner insecurity created patterns of speaking and using words that stop us from owning what we say and standing behind ourselves in all ways.

When we speak it is good to be clear about what we know and feel. Words like, kind of, sort of, like, think, maybe, and such keep us from a strong way of speaking and clearly presenting what we are saying.

This is called ego protection. If I say what I mean without a buffer, I may get attacked. This is mostly unconscious and automatic after years of practice in hiding our truth and light from others.

Fear of judgment begins as children and continues as we grow up. When I asked an executive why they hesitated using the words above instead of speaking with authority, there was an immediate response to fear of being seen as cocky or too much.

Leadership begins inside. As we heal the ego wounds of needing outer acceptance and gain inner connection and confidence we are applauded instead of judged. It’s our hesitation that draws judgment and lack of influence.


Be an observer. Listen to both you and others. Are you clear and strong? Are you participating or just being a talking head? Are you playing with words instead of standing behind them? Begin today and make it a practice all day and night.

Words create everything and are powerful whether we are aware of them or mean them or not. Behind the negative words are false beliefs, childhood wounds, and experiences that traumatized us. When we heal and release these our words change automatically. Call me for ways to do this and for support on all levels, it is simpler and deeper than you think.

Create the good life and the results you desire. It all begins with the words you speak inside and out. It is easier said than done which is why it is the beginning and not the end of the journey. After all, we are whole beings and not talking heads.

Enjoy the Journey. Freedom results. Have fun with it.

Live the Power of You!


Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500

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