Perfect Health. Learn to Heal Yourself.

 “I am responsible for my own health and healing. Feel the power in this. Be curious. Do research. Learn how to heal naturally. Our body’s nature is health. Explore and respond. You have this. Perfect Health.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine

This year will be fifty-one years since I began my healing journey. After a dire diagnosis at fifteen, I decided I was going to change the paradigm I was on to my original nature of perfect health.

It was radical at the time and still is and yet it is Universal Law and one worth pursuing and accomplishing. Our health affects everything. Medicine to me is self-healing and looking to my highest potential and wisdom to accomplish this.

I have not had health insurance for thirty years and did not want it. I learned to listen to my body and learn to work with it to accomplish healing when things felt off. Self-care is always number one.

Many challenges arose and yet I met them with curiosity and asking higher questions as to their cause and how I could naturally help them all the way. There are a few minor things I am working on that are not complete and yet they are better each day.

I do not accept the geriatric status given to me by the medical community, it is a programming to break down and be less than we are. As I went for my Medicare physical this year, my bloodwork was that of a twenty-year-old. I do not take any medicines including over the counter except for occasionally some dental issues.

I eat whole foods and healthy most of the time. No processed food or other poisons are placed in my body. Over the past recent years, I have eaten too much as comfort while grieving and learned to eat less as I am all the way back from this.


The first thing I tell my students and clients is it took many years, decades and sometimes lifetimes to get to this place that we are looking to heal and make whole so patience with the process of unwinding the problem and its solutions is first.

There are natural ways to heal what is occurring now but there are also ways to build our immunity naturally with good habits and nutrition. Our quick fix mentality does not serve us. Accepting just feeling a little better and not changing us does not serve us either. If we do not address the basic issue, even of somewhat simple things it festers inside and pops up again worse. Taking drugs last instead of first is almost always wise as pharmaceuticals break us down faster than anything.

I felt the truth of this as a young child, often medicine made me feel worse, so I did not readily take over the counter and prescribed medicines unless it felt necessary. I trusted myself and listened to my body too. I innately knew Universal Laws and discerned truth from lies from a small child

I saw my father’s short painful life and sickness and pain was the result of many things including low levels of self-care, putting himself last, taking lots of medicines, and eating foods that were not the healthiest. He had a strong will and an unconditionally loving heart and wanted to live, but he did not take the leap of wanting to fully heal or even think it was possible. He bought the candy of pharmaceuticals. I saw all of these things as contributing to his early demise at 48.

What I realized at fifteen when I decided to reverse my body’s and life and health patterning was to look for ways that build up and strengthen my body and avoid what breaks it and me down. I did not buy into family genetics as a fatality, I saw them as something to be aware of and change what causes the problems.

This has been my life journey and what I work with all of my clients to help them be the healer of themselves. We have helped to overcome stage four cancer and many serious illnesses along with more simple chronic problems and everyday health issues. Everything affects everything and I stay open to how I have been led to explore many ways of healing.


Each one of us is a self-healing being. We have been taught against this and us for many generations. It is time to stop the breakdown of the magical human and rebuild our nature of health, love, peace, joy, abundance and all that makes us powerful and whole.

I followed Universal Laws as a child. Man-made fear, shame, guilt, worry, and powerlessness made no sense in the face of higher wisdom and unconditional love shared in all traditions. So much did not make sense at all. What adults called the gift of discernment in me was what I later realized was my ability to know what truth and lies were and call them out.

As an adult and a trained healer in many modalities and traditions, I was taught to be the healer and then told that my clients were the healer. We were not taught how to empower this, so people kept expecting the practitioner to be the healer. I took self-reflective time and research to figure this out and then immediately employ this knowledge with all clients and healer students. Asking the questions expecting the answers and following the intent and patterns of Universal Wisdom of how we heal and how to accomplish this is a constant focus.


A paradigm of health as our nature is long overdue as our focus for all of us. Medicine is us, and in us, and of us, and has nothing to do with taking something or cutting something out. A percentage of people need assistance in those ways and still, I suggest we discover solutions and support to be as natural as possible so as to rebuild the human and body and stop the breakdown.

When I work with clients I teach them to listen to their body and inner wisdom and how to do this. I do not tell them to avoid the allopathic medicine, I suggest being discerning and trusting themselves in making decisions, our body knows the truth. There are many reasons, causes and ways to heal the body and whole being.

Learning to release fear is a major focus all along the way, as fear blocks healing, wisdom, and body perceptions. Each one of us has a telepathic body and knowledge of who we are and what we need. Learning to work with this is priceless and rewarding. When we ask for help we are guided in many ways to assist us naturally.

I do not interfere with my client’s medical advice. I support many ways of healing mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Occasionally it is clear some surgery or medicine from the doctors is absolutely necessary. Even when it is not the best course for the person if the patient believes it is the only way it is best done. Modern medicine has many positive and negative possibilities. It is up to us to explore from wisdom and not fear.

Educating consumers on all levels is my gift and joy. As a guide, teacher, and healer I assist them to find their own answers. Confidence leads the healing process. Watching people live longer, healthier and happier lives is the greatest gift to all.

Inspiring people to be in charge of their body and life in profound ways transforms lives with hope and more possibilities. Lots of amazing stories of my journey with myself and others will unfold from here and you will find them in past blogs too. I began my journey with the knowledge that we did not have to be sick or in pain and all of my research and experience follows that hypothesis.

Studying with over 120 Healers, Teachers, Spiritual masters, Shamans, and Doctors as well as working with many thousands of clients and students and reading thousands of books and resources over these five decades offer support on my website, in classes, recordings, and in person.

We live in our body 24/7, no one else does. It is good to pay attention and take care of ourselves as the best medicine. All healing originates here. It is our body and life and we know best when we learn how to access our innate knowledge and power to heal.

Step deeper into the journey of healing you. It is quite the awakening, empowering, wise and wonderful process. When you feel good you awaken so much more in every area of your life. Blessings and Grace.

Always in Love,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500



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