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In these times when people want to know who they are, there is a practice I learned that takes us directly to the source of our body and soul and teaches us how to embrace our life and live free to be us.

After thirty-five years studying traditions and methods from around the world. I was introduced to this spiritual practice that put it all together in the most profound way. It is a direct connection and eliminates the need for many other ways of connecting and healing and takes us through all dimensions of life and us easily.

From the first experience, we become whole and know what that is in ways we never imagined. We meet our soul self-our divine self that has been with us from before we are born and leads us unknowingly along the way.

Some of us have become more detached from this self because we lived a different life than the soul might have led us. We have heard that still small voice and ignored it over and over again. Experiencing different realities is not bad or wrong and yet coming back to our ultimate purpose and reality is healing, whole, peaceful and powerful to know, experience, and pursue.


The soul is not controlling, it is our divine self that guides and keeps us together in ways that let us know we are always safe. The more disconnected we are from this one the more fearful and hopeless we are.

As we join with our soul consciously we feel safe, secure and one. All traumas can be healed and so can all of our body, mind, emotions, and spirit. The soul is the pure joy as it lives divine truth and love and assists us in surrendering to this higher reality.

When we choose to be one and whole we become happy, healthy, and free to be us in reality. There is no more questioning who we are and why we are here, life turns into an adventure of discovery and living it every day.

All of our brokenness can be healed, as we know we are whole at the core. What was broken was our consciousness and energetic reality and that can be healed with the soul’s wisdom and spiritual laws and support.

When we connect to this inner space we can relax for the first time and luxuriate in our oneness. There is no struggle as we blend with our true self as one being. Separation no more allows us to embody our wisdom and grace.


All of our worldly struggles are because we have been living against our true self. When we become one with all of us there is blessed peace and clarity.

This practice helps us transform all aspects of us that are not aligned with our best self and experience healing our entire line of past life, genetic heritage and this life experiences that we are ready to transform and release.

This practice is us consciously experiencing our inner space and with divine laws. This helps us quickly release man-made realities, roles, and rules that broke us down and kept us away from our true loving self-soul.

There is no judgment or blame here just unconditional love. There is also no co-dependence, manipulation, fear or control, our soul is a guide and does not do it for us. We awaken our higher consciousness to be even more co-creative along the way.

As we walk with our soul we have the opportunity to live a better life in all ways. Being the student and not the ego-driven leader takes practice to live our own authority with balance, wisdom, and grace.

Our soul brings us back to our childlike innocence and encourages us to play and have fun with this body and life in alignment with our best self. It is not a stern adult figure that we are used to being led by in this worldly reality.


Being led with unconditional love helps us empower ourselves and release the harsh corners built on fear and lack of self-value on our personality. We open to strength with peace and knowing who we are and what is perfect and next for us.

I have been teaching this practice and evolving it for fifteen years with amazing results. Working on all levels of humans and life we navigate from before birth to crossing over and every place in between.

We also navigate past lives and get to the cause and receive direct solutions to everything in the soul journey of us that is relevant to heal and know. Healing and living become organic when aligned with our soul.


Practitioners of any healing or supportive professional modality can become more in tune with what your client truly needs as you work on a soul level with them and you and no ego.

This practice is one I call Soul Shamanism and available for everyone when you are ready for whole living in classes or private training. Even my eighty-year-old mother enjoyed this connection feeling at home in her body and life for the first time.

I will travel to teach groups as well as it is an advanced practice for those who are ready to live fully and freely body and soul. An advanced way to Be The Medicine in all areas of your health and life. Next class in Madison, NJ March 10-11. Call me for more information and a personal connection.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! Be Your Own Guru 973-647-2500

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Shaman, Healer, Teacher, Spiritual Coach, Reiki Master, Astrologist, Yogi, Sage, Janet StraightArrow has been creating Be The Medicine since 1967 as a way to live our true, best self, in all areas of our life. Researching and living this journey has been an adventure that she has shared all along the way. Janet has worked with renowned teachers, healers, doctors, and masters from traditions around the world seeking universal truth and how to live it.
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