The Day My World Opened Up


I met Chuck Eagle Bear when I was forty years young. I had been studying healing and spirituality for twenty-five years from Astrology to Yoga philosophy, with Nutrition and Psychology college degrees already blending mind-body-spirit medicine. I was on a deep healing journey looking for complete healing and enlightened living while raising two daughters as a single mother and head of household.

In 1992 I was reading three books a week on healing and spirituality, and selling 42 homes a year as a Real Estate Agent. My Real Estate Broker walked into the office one day and came directly over to me to tell me he met a Shaman at breakfast at the diner that morning.

“A Shaman at breakfast, in a New Jersey Diner?” Angus, who was aware of my studies, told me I might want to meet him. I was electrified inside and out and did not know why. I quickly took care of my business and drove over to a shop he had just opened in a neighboring town.

I walked into the shop and saw all manner of Native American articles. Some I knew and some I did not have a clue about. Eagle Bear was in the rear of the store counseling a couple of ladies. I found my way to the jewelry in the cases in the front of the store.

Careful to allow them privacy, I concentrated on the best quality Native Jewelry I had ever seen. Being a Leo, I love jewelry, and these Silver Navajo and Hopi pieces were spectacular. Continued patience and inner excitement were carefully held in place as I waited for the conference in the back to be over.

Eventually, the ladies left and Eagle Bear softly stepped his way over to me in his tan leather moccasins. I turned around to see him fully. He was my height, 5’6”, thin black hair in a ponytail, rough washed out blue jeans and Native t-Shirt, and doe-like eyes looking at, and through me. His smile was sweet and full and a little mischievous.

We stood there for a few minutes before he gathered my hands in his and said, “You are a Shaman just like me.” I was in a bit of shock, as this was the last thing I would have ever expected him to say.

As we stood there, I looked down at my red and black pin-striped suit with a skirt, and my black pumps. I reflected on my beautifully made-up face, short blond coiffed hair with gold jewelry and earrings, and then gazed out at my big blue Mercedes. Then I looked back at him.

“A Shaman, just like him?” I am open to possibilities on this life journey,  and yet I knew immediately, if I was a Shaman just like him, it would be very differently expressed through me.

This day was the beginning of a beautiful respectful friendship, mentorship, and apprenticeship. Chuck and I were heart and soul connected immediately. Brother and sister, with many hours, enjoyed together over the next six years.


When I took an aptitude test five years before this meeting, it indicated I would be a good Forest Ranger or Teacher = Shaman?

My Mom used to say she was going to send me back to the Indians. Did she know something? She also said to walk a mile in someone else’s moccasins before judging anyone. Common sayings of the time, and yet important to me now more than ever as I began to walk a very different walk than I was raised to.

The day I met Eagle Bear was life-changing for me. Something big unlocked inside of me that expanded my life in ways I never imagined before. I later remembered hearing a thought twelve years before, that my life’s work would be awakened at the age of forty.

Everything after this moment was clearer and more powerful than ever before. I was inspired to follow my inner calling each day more than ever, and boy was I taken on some wild rides and unique journeys.

It was not about being Native American, it was about awakening traditions held deep inside me and translating it into simplicity and clarity for others to understand and become who they are.

I had already blended spiritual awareness and integrity in creating a successful Real Estate practice and found the following years exciting as I blended the many experiences I had in my everyday life with family, friends, and clients. I inspired many things that were important for peoples growth and I also encountered extreme judgment and fear projected onto me.

It’s true I have had a very different path from Eagle Bear, he taught me Native American teachings and ceremonies and also spoke Universal pearls of wisdom as he mentored me through my growth and learning.

The way I am like Chuck, who left his body six years after I met him, is the beautiful heart and soul and teachings of unconditional love shared with everyone I meet, which is the best of all. I found my lineage as Eagle Bear in my subsequent journeys. Bear is the healer, carrying grounded natural spiritual medicine, Eagle is the observer, discerning truth and bringing higher wisdom to earth.


Surrendering to the flow of my life and following heart and soul has brought many gifts and tough lessons that helped me understand and live and teach the fullness of who we all are and how we can live it now.

This meeting occurred twenty-five years ago, and the journey has been full and amazing ever since. I am excited to share this journey with you, with many lessons and experiences along the way in my memoir, as it may help you understand and find your own path with confidence and grace.

The above is a draft of the beginning of one of the chapters in my memoir. There will be much more on this relationship, many other experiences with Shamans, and Masters from East and West, teachers and mentors, initiations and experiences, and many other stories of awakening the teachings and living them.

Stepping out-of-the-box of expectations over and over again has opened up the world to me. No Fear Just Love. I am grateful for all of the teachers and students in my life who were always both.  It is always an honor to share wisdom, love, and healing ways with you.

Enjoy the Journey.

Blessings and Love,

Janet StraightArrow

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 Chuck Eagle Bear




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