TV Interview – How to Be The Medicine.

 My TV interview with Karen Delk June 2017 ON HER PRINCETON CABLE TV SHOW NEW BEGINNINGS.

Enjoy this comprehensive interview may it support your journey and give you confidence and comfort in being you! It was my first TV interview in many years and exciting to share.


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Face Everything and Relax – Ways to Navigate Your World

“RISING ABOVE. Dear Friends, We are living in troubling times. The world has always been a mixture of people, purposes, and problems. The only security comes from within. No one outside of us can do it for us.
In the past decade more than ever, we see and experience more of the diversity of realities that we live in.
Learning to stay sane and navigate a continuously changing landscape is calling us all to higher wisdom in our life.
The roles and rules of the past have not worked for a long time. Letting go of should’s and expectations allow us to see, hear and deal with what is.
It always begins with us. Our mind and heart create our reality. Making life work for us is always key. We are not here to change others we are here to be us and do our best and see what is called for us to live purposefully in our life.
Learning to live our highest self-allows us to live a life of true freedom and fun.
Be The Medicine encourages you to Be The One, the example, the change you want to see in the world. As we raise our selves and our children to be empowered by wisdom and responsibility the world we live in changes dramatically.
Be patient, loving and kind to you and all. We are all in earth school, walking our walk in peace and harmony or anything else we choose. Enjoy the Journey.
Always in Love, Janet StraightArrow, This Article is in my latest newsletter from earlier this week.” Janet StraightArrow

— at Be The Medicine.


“When we stand for truth and love there is no room for allowing bad behavior, manipulation, or personal attacks. We need more of this now. Nice creates victims, true, creates freedom. Always in Love.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine

Live the Power of You!

“There are always tremendous challenges in the world and our lives. Denial, judgment, shame, and blame are the ways of creating more of that. Loving us first with compassion and taking responsibility from now on allows transformation, healing, and new beginnings. Mental illness and inability to face what is in a way that creates change affect a huge part of the population creating the disconnection and chaos we have now. Finding our purpose in creating solutions is unique for each one of us. Go for it. The world needs all of us now.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine

“NOW. Being present, In joy, and fully alive. It is time to be, do and transform. Let’s stay awake and discover what we can do now. Baby steps sometimes, giant steps others, always choosing and moving moment-by-moment. It’s always Now. Blessings to All.” Janet StraightArrow My new Instagram account is #bethemedicinenow.

About Bethemedicine

Shaman, Healer, Teacher, Spiritual Coach, Reiki Master, Astrologist, Yogi, Sage, Janet StraightArrow has been creating Be The Medicine since 1967 as a way to live our true, best self, in all areas of our life. Researching and living this journey has been an adventure that she has shared all along the way. Janet has worked with renowned teachers, healers, doctors, and masters from traditions around the world seeking universal truth and how to live it.
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