Oasis For The Soul Retreat Catskill Mountains July 28-30

     Friday to Sunday, July 28-30 with Janet StraightArrow 3 spots available sign-up and begin today!

We enjoy relaxation on a lovely 25-acre farm close enough but far enough away from civilization. Modern in its appointments and full of charm we sink into life away from home for a few days to reflect, receive and enjoy.

We begin a letting go of the outside world and anything we bring with you that does not need to come home with us again. Release worries, stress, anxiety, and memories that are ready to be liberated from us, and open to a new vision of our life as the process and practices unfold.

Janet StraightArrow is an experienced guide in supporting our journey. She is honored to nurture and nourish you through the process and at the same time encourage your full responsibility for your experience. Incorporating Spiritual Shamanic tools and methods as well as Yogic Chanting brings us through an amazing weekend together.

Our retreat space is air conditioned and we will be inside and outside throughout the weekend. You will have alone time both days. We have two spots left in our group. A wonderful group of people gathered from NJ, PA, and MA. Join us. We will be ten in total including our guide for a very personal adventure.

There are several unique retreats being planned in local and distant locations for this fall into next year.

Newsletter on this retreat and programs beginning this fall

Testimonial“…I have found in working with Janet an inner peace and love that I did not seem to have before. The one thing that is especially true is that I felt comfort and trust with her and felt she is working from a “good place” on this planet, and her intentions are true. I found her to have “no judgments” about people and is very accepting of all and respectful of where people are in their journey. Thank you and I know you will be helpful to many others.”
-Love, Carol Esch, Business Owner


A person goes on a Vision Quest when they are ready to rebirth their life in a new way. Be open for receiving deeper purpose and meaning in your life. The weekend is a ceremony marking change and awakening to the new unknown territory on the next part your life journey.

The Vision Quest is a time to move out of everyday life and create a space for you to hear yourself and to awaken your deeper and higher truth and love. When we allow ourselves the room to awaken ourselves in this way we are inspired to go home and live in a better way that works for us.

Janet guides us through inner and outer spaces throughout the weekend. Each person finds their own way with this container and practices. This is a ceremony that builds and brings you many answers and clarity and ways to live it when you go home.

Janet shares a blending of traditions and encourages you to enjoy your own way too. Janet will provide, healthy, sacred, nourishing food. We will drink water only during the quest.

The energy here is perfect for going in and discovering a vision for your life. In Janet’s years living and teaching and offering retreats in the Hudson Valley, she found deep peace and connection and enjoys sharing this special place with others.

Janet StraightArrow has a gift for assisting people to connect with their highest self and purpose. She holds a sacred, loving space for you to let go of any resistance, break through blocks, and deepen your life journey. It’s magical, organic and natural to flow through an experience with Janet and come out whole. We have fun as we experience and explore our unique beauty and truth. This retreat is one Janet has led for fifteen years and each one is as unique as the group and the times.


SCHEDULE OF WEEKEND and more details.

We arrive on Friday afternoon-evening, settle in and share dinner and open the circle. We begin the formal ceremony on Saturday morning. We participate in an unfolding process that leads us through the weekend. We locate our outside sacred space in nature and prepare for the evening Mitote ceremony and inward Journey on Sunday.

The Mitote ceremony on Saturday night raises our vibration, purifies us, and releases the illusions of our past, as we take turns holding the light and chanting the Gayatri Mantra, we move into lucid dreaming while others chant.

We awaken early Sunday and immediately walk out onto the land and enjoy our Quest. As we sit quietly in nature we open to the signs and symbols that nature presents, and reflect and find the truth inside of us. Nature nurtures us and is a mirror for us to see us clearly. Messages unfold and we come back with more wholeness.

We are re-birthed over the rainbow bridge as we re-enter. We share food and stories and process our adventure and relax and come all the way back. We close the weekend and are ready to go home. It is suggested that you allow space and time before you go back to your everyday life if you can.


The entire weekend is $550, including food and housing. Balance due on sign up. Begin the journey as soon as you sign up with more information to help you prepare. RSVP. 3 spots still available as of 7/18/17.

Pay on www.PayPal.me/JanetStraightArrow or send a check to Janet StraightArrow, 39 Greenwood Ave, Madison, NJ 07940.

www.bethemedicine.com 973-647-2500 Janet@bethemedicine.com


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