Finding Joy on the Journey

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After nearly 65 years, I am in love with the journey more than ever. Each day is an adventure and I see and feel the subtle awakening in myself continuously. Its exciting to know we can progress as we age and get better in all ways. In teaching spirituality and healing for many decades I have always suggested that people be a cheerleader for themselves.

We are on this planet to experience a journey of unfolding and living. Each one of us has a unique opportunity to awaken in consciousness and explore an amazing life. Even when it is not easy it can be an adventure when we become curious and open to learn.

In a world where we can click on the Internet, and receive information quickly, we are impatient for our progress. Raised with ideas of competition and rushing to beat everyone including ourselves, the bar has been high to “get” somewhere. There is always here now.

Note when you can be quiet, feel peaceful and loving, follow these, they give you connection to the real. Move through a tough time and be grateful and acknowledge the passage. Avoid judgment, it’s a detractor from our accomplishments. Letting go of not good enough or never enough to allow the best that can be and enjoy it, rather than dismiss it is a practice in itself.


As we journey through life we each have huge lessons that play out in myriad ways. Instead of seeing self as bad or wrong, open up to releasing the pattern, belief, or fear, and learn what is here to learn.

We are all in earth school, its an ongoing learning, healing and becoming who we are. Facing the challenges awakens solutions when we focus there. When stuck in shame, blame, judgment and fear, we go nowhere.

Each relationship, job, person, experience is one to enjoy. If you are not fully invested, make changes in a more aligned direction.


Some basics to follow on your journey. As you move forward note these and allow them to direct and redirect you on your best path.

  1. Align with you. What makes us happy, healthy and successful is to follow our inner truth and love. Ask yourself the question, “Is this aligned with me?” You will automatically feel the truth of whether it is or not and then be able to live true to you. Embrace it.
  1. Find balance in your life. Any direction followed without balance falls apart. There are always times of great focus to accomplish something, and yet we have a body and a life to be served as well. Be sure to take care of you and yours and your support and life will continue to serve you and those you are here for.
  1. No Doubt. Stop doubting as you walk. New steps forward take courage and yet this is how we travel. We never know where we are going until we get there. The only there to know is here. Focus on being present and moving from the inside out.
  1. No Fear. Fear is in every negative thought and emotion we have. As we move beyond fear we find freedom and fun. Fear interferes with our life. It keeps us from traveling and listening to our inner guide.
  1. No Blame. Blaming self and others takes us off track. Focus on solutions instead of holding self and others hostage. Blame is a dead end. Discovering cause allows solutions. No one is served by blame.
  1. No Judgment. Let go of the judge and jury and love you through the process. We are learning creatures who are constantly challenged to grow and become more of who we truly are. Judging others holds us back as well.
  1. Peace. What gives us peace shows us we are on track, or not. When we are anxious we are not paying attention to the above. Make needed changes.
  1. Unconditional love. Learning to love ourselves and one another unconditionally is the main journey. When we reach this there is no more to go, except to continue to live it more each day. Continuously unfolding love and life from here is amazing.

The Clear Path

The above are basics that assist as a guide as you live them. Step-by-step attention to all of these is powerful. Enjoy a recorded meditation on these to help you experience and deepen your journey.

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  Please let me know how this helps you enjoy the journey.

Janet StraightArrow

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