Dead – Awake, A Journey of Love and New Life.

 As a Shaman I am used to traveling to various levels of reality to experience life in all of its forms. When my youngest daughter Lisa suddenly left her body twelve days after her twenty-ninth birthday, it began a journey of intense experiences, that I now realize, I had been prepared for all of my life.

This April 1, it will be 9 years since she changed dimensions and left her body. Lisa and I have had quite the journey together and separately over these years, and I knew when it was the correct time, I would be able to publish my writings of my experiences and learnings. She is here to help me, as are many others who are here to help people release the fear of death, and awaken multidimensional life here now.

Love is always us, no matter how life has been played out, love is the glue and fabric of all dimensions of life. As souls we play many roles and rules that transform, as we remember who we are, Love.

My experiences with Lisa broke all the rules of what I was taught about what happens after we die.  There is nothing to fear for those who have passed. They are in good – God hands. Its us that can awaken through this experience, and bring awareness and deeper love into living happier, healthier more enlightened lives now. That is where the title of the book I have been writing, Dead-Awake came from.

Fear interferes with the beauty and majesty of life. Our loved ones who have let go of their bodies no longer hurt, instead they experience healing, freedom and love. All are not totally evolved when they pass. The level of freedom requires healing on this side in our body, and on the other side as soul.

The grace of new life is ours on both sides of the veil. Everything is here now as I had learned many years before, as I awakened my Shamanic lineages and abilities. There is no place else to go but here. Our loved ones and all of our experiences are here now. past, present and future resides here.

 Waking up occurs now as we walk. No waiting. We are our own psychics, healers, teachers and manifesters. Be The Medicine teachings and practices assist us in making deeper connections to all dimensions of our life.

Releasing rules and illusions of the material world and man, as we grow in love, freedom and enlightenment, makes everyday life productive, peaceful and grand.

As painful as it was to go through the death of my child, I understand its purpose in the grand scheme of her and my life, and have used this to help many others and will continue to do so.

Janet StraightArrow

Always in Love, Peace and Joy,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You. 973-647-2500

I am offering workshops of communicating with loved ones that include breaking fear and illusion of death and the other side and opening to purpose and love of the support we have for one another as people and souls. I also offer grief coaching that has assisted many to understand and make peace as they move through the process of healing.

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Shaman, Healer, Teacher, Spiritual Coach, Reiki Master, Astrologist, Yogi, Sage, Janet StraightArrow has been creating Be The Medicine since 1967 as a way to live our true, best self, in all areas of our life. Researching and living this journey has been an adventure that she has shared all along the way. Janet has worked with renowned teachers, healers, doctors, and masters from traditions around the world seeking universal truth and how to live it.
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    So amazing ! I would like to know how much is for individual sessions anx these workshops. I did not see the cost .

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