Dealing With Family and Other Strangers


There are many ideals and illusions about family. How they are close and loving and supportive and enjoy one another as special people. If we are lucky, this is our situation.

The reality is not there for many. people are people and have their own unique way of being them and being in relationship with you.

Family is who you are born to, not who you are.

Sometimes we cannot understand other people, especially family. How they see themselves and you too, is their own unique reality, as is yours.

In family everything is challenged about us. When we expect unconditional love, peace and a safe harbor, we may find a war zone in and outside of us. The only safe place is letting go of who you think everyone should be and accept who we are.

Sun to Sun Soul to Soul

We do not have to like it, nor does it have to make sense.

When things go awry we know that we have hit expectations. Instead of getting mad that others are not in the same reality as you, go deep inside and be true to you and find love and peace.

All of our issues come up in family, they are mirrors for us to learn from. Jealousy, competition, and even loyalty hurt when we do not honor us.

No one else has the same vision or opinion. No one needs to be right or wrong.

In these Holiday times take care of you and your family and friends who support you. Send love and peace to all.


Let go of need for having your own way and being accepted by family and others, just create your own Holiday, home and fun without expectation and pain.

When we let go of how things are supposed to be we find a loving reality of how they are.

Enjoy the Journey.

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500

Janet helps you untangle the web of relationships, expectations and family, and you find inner peace and new ways to live free. No one has to change, but us. When we do the world we live in changes too. Find out how.

Live the Power of You!

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