Be Who You Are

Be Who You Are

Did you ever imagine that fear is the signal that you are on the right track?

Think about it.

When you get out of your comfort zone of everyday, and are about to breakthrough to another experience, is it clear, or does fear meet you and challenge you to go on?

Fear is the crossing guard at the edge of our old boundaries before we step into the next best place.

Because we are trained to back off, we miss a lot of great opportunities.


Next time fear flares its head, notice where you are.

Are you about to break out of an old pattern?

Meet a new person?

Speak your truth?

Are you doing what you want to do instead of living someone else’s rules?

Are you going on a life changing trip?

Healing and Wholeness

All Possibility


This happened to me 17 years ago.

I was about to take a trip that I was confident was important and fun for me.

I had the worst fear and inner dialogue; of not going on the plane, I would miss money making opportunities at home, fear about my children, and there were even thoughts of the plane going down, etc.

It was so strong, and yet I knew I was to go on this trip.

I took a leap and trusted my inner leading to go anyway and landed on both feet.

Once I stopped listening to fear, I became calm, like it never happened, and had great travel. This was the trip that reinforced my life purpose, and now was the time to go for it.

This big fear occurred again last week which inspired this post. I was about to step into an office that I clearly knew I was to walk into, and the fear was extra strong. I drove past the driveway and realized what was occurring and turned around and drove in and had the best connections open up to me.


Fear is a block, a test to see if you are listening and trusting your inner truth meter.

Fear is an excuse as to why people do not do positive and powerful things for themselves.

When you tap into yourself, and walk through fear, you find the strength, wisdom and purpose of you.

Fear has no power when you do not take it seriously. The old saying, “There is noting to fear but fear itself”, is good to remember.

Our inner truth meter tells us when there is true danger.

Fear is more of a sissy meter, not a truth meter.

If we are so easily swayed, we are kept from the best, not the worst that can occur.

Freedom of Awakening

Freedom of Awakening


Question everything.

Instead of listening to a myriad of reasons or excuses not to move forward, realize the louder it is the closer you are to something good.

Is fear telling you you are on the precipice of great things?

Are you about to make a big breakthrough in your life?

Do you really want to take the next step, and hesitate because fear is at the door?

When you let go of fear, there is no block, it disappears.

Its like walking through walls that feel so real, instead it melts away when you let it go.


Truth is quiet, gentle and sure.

Fear is scattered, obnoxious, and has plenty of reasons and excuses.

Take your time with this, and break out of autopilot to find out how this works.

Stay awake when fear shows up, and breathe.

Come back to your center and gently breathe in and out.

Let go of fear, and the thoughts that travel with it.

Release each one on the outbreath.

Allow quiet mind.

Ask for the truth.

Trust the best.

Take that step to what is good and perfect for you.

Watch fear disappear.

Hidden In Plain Sight

Hidden In Plain Sight


Stop owning fear as yours. It is not you or yours.

Fear is only here because we engage with it, and believe there is a consequence, for listening to us.


It is a journey for each one of us to discover what is truth and illusion in our life each moment.

The more we live truth, the easier it is to see fear for what it is.

Remember. We are not fear. It is not ours.

It is a visitor that we can easily dismiss.

Use it to build confidence that you are on the correct path by challenging it.

Have fun with this awakening process.

After all, its by taking it seriously that fear is here at all.

Let it go and it will too. Nothing can stay without your permission.

Be Free to Be.

Enjoy the Journey,


Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

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