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Balance Clarity

Balance Clarity

“Meditation does not require outer quiet, it is about finding inner silence and sanctuary wherever we are.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine

Yesterday I was at the second day of a conference and had little sleep the night before. I took an early healthy lunch, found a corner spot to do some yoga and stretching, and then found a place to meditate. I giggled a few times as I realized that even though I was in a secluded spot, I was at an upper level of the Hotel lobby where the noise from downstairs carries and surrounds me. There were lots of voices and movement below.

Just as I was going deeper, I heard loud construction noises underneath me. Jackhammering and banging. Again, I giggled and went deeper. I was determined to let go and find what I needed where I am. No need to run away from noise, just go deeper inside with each breath. I had a lovely deep meditation and I felt refreshed and ready for the afternoon sessions.

IMG00060-20101024-1805Overcoming the objections of the mind-ego is paramount. Detach, let go and allow you to be where you are. My intention was to have a gentle and deep meditation. It was perfect. Ten minutes of deep inner connection is my guess. The result was that I was present and was not tired the rest of the day.

Where can you find inner sanctuary amidst a busy day? Decide, allow and be. Make it easy. Namaste.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

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