The ego plays the game of both sides against the middle. The Soul is sitting in the middle waiting for us to show up, relax and be. The ego has abundant dialogue, fear, reasons and excuses. The soul sits quietly like a Buddha in meditation awaiting our attention.

The key is to align with the soul, instead of the fear based ego. The ego has all of the drama and excitement. The soul is content as it gently guides us by being itself. The adventures unfold and appear as we let go of fear.


We are trained to follow the ego of fear, which is how we are separated from the power of self and soul. When we know the true nature of both, and choose to follow the truth of our soul, there is nothing to fear. Wisdom acted on is our best safety. Zero tolerance in our thoughts, speech and actions for what are not us is the key.

Whole Soul

Whole Soul

We are soul in a body. A wise and strong ego follows the soul and is whole. The soul is gentle quiet and dear. It does not stand up and shout from the rooftops they are here. Our soul journey is to fall in love with us, and find the love and grace and truth of who we are, soul.

Any beliefs and separation from others and us, is ego and takes us away from all and us. Trying to do it right, or follow an outer path or belief system, takes you away from you, is not true.


Connecting to the quiet wisdom of your soul and aligning with the divine you brings you whole. It’s more than meditation, its letting go of; distractions, fears, beliefs, showing off, fitting in and more, and instead being you wherever you are.

Its about us knowing we are empowered to be wholly who we are, and loving us, step-by-step as we find peace and comfort there.


Walk in Beauty

We have to want to release the drama and the trauma, give up the fight with the fearful ego, and surrender to the Buddha and Christ in us. Peace and love is who we are, each one of us a perfect shining star.

All of our classes and sessions in Be The Medicine and Soul Shamanism are focused on supporting this journey to you. We have fun as we loosen the ties to the lies, and dive into truth and us, until we reside there most of the time.


Our soul is always whole and it is working towards bringing us back together again. No Fear, Doubt, Judgment or Blame live there. Only Love, Truth, Beauty, Peace, Happiness, Health and Light live as soul. Releasing the rest allows us to be whole.


The Clear Path

The Clear Path

It is a process and a practice to live in the center of us, and it’s a journey well worth taking. We have free will and we choose each moment. Playing in the playground of ego fear takes us out of here. Marrying the self with the soul gives the ego a healthy productive job that makes us whole. It is a new perspective and fun because it is organic and natural to be who we are. The joy of discovery is quite the ride.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey. Meditation, breathing practices, Shamanic experiences and journeys and more modalities, practices, and tools are all focused on bringing you front and center in your practical everyday life and your spiritual life as one. It works best that way as any separation leads us away from the center of us again.

Being whole with our soul is enlightenment and possible for all.

In Grace and Joy!

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Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!



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    Thank you for sharing such stirring and beautifully written wisdom. I really enjoy your postings. They bring a great deal of light and clarity. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Warmest regards.

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