Honoring the Journey New Year New Life

Every Day Begins A New Life.

Every Day Begins A New Life.


What a holiday two weeks. As the world goes back to work and school I realized for me it was not about Fa La La La in the traditional way, and I was ecstatic to move through what the space and time provided.

I feel like each day was a year in itself in personal progress and change. SO much has happened in the past days, weeks, and also months and year. It is definitely new beginnings on a whole new scale.

The holiness for me was in putting the pieces together again. As I moved my office and reorganized my home, I came home to me in powerful new ways. In both of these locations I began my tenancy in deep grief with the sudden loss of my daughter Lisa. As I went through things, and dug deeply I realized how much I experienced on all levels in these years.

I am grateful to have had the energy, dedication and strength to move as much as I moved physically and inside too! Going through photos, flyers, personal notes and belongings I appreciate how much I have been loved and held as I moved forward spiritually, and did my best to be here now through it all and learned and grew to share it with wisdom and love.

Solstice_Sun_DogSo much beauty and so many special people, so much awakening, and offering teachings and joy. I honor this time as I close many chapters, and I surrender more completely to the best life has to offer next.

Thank You for walking this walk with me. It’s quite the journey for us all.


Honor your passages. Celebrate your ability to make changes. Let go of fear, doubt,  judgment and blame and negative thoughts and stand strong in what is best for you.

The straight path opens up when we stop circling around in fear. Allow the journey to unfold. Life is full of mystery as to what is before us.

Moving and cleaning out things physically, opens up new energy and allows flow and grace.

We can be surprised by sudden changes and loss. These are course corrections. Honor your grief and adjustments and remember there is always new life to be lived.

Be willing to change plans when a new clear plan appears. When we trust the inner self we can jump off figurative cliffs into literal realities. Our inner guidance moves us in our best direction.

Having patience with the process is key. Love you enough to trust your life unfolding and hold nothing back.

Janet StraightArrow Enjoy the Adventure of you!

Janet StraightArrow
Enjoy the Adventure of you!

Happy New Year!


In Love and Grace.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine


Walking our true path is helped by seeing truth and illusion and choosing truth. This is a refined  path that Janet Straightarrow has walked and assists others do the same. When we are hurting, challenged and stuck, or sick, depressed or in pain, Janet helps you find the hidden hooks and blocks to walk the direct path to solutions and living a whole, happy, healthy life again.

Private sessions on phone and Skype are available world wide. In person sessions in NJ, and at your location when you sponsor her for a class with your group. Call or contact StraightArrow at 973-647-2500 Janetoasis@aol.com New Blog Website Original Website

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