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Janet StraightArrow The Adventure of You!

Janet StraightArrow
The Adventure of You!


I have always valued a strong will. When we can stand for us, and others, in a healthy supportive way, we can accomplish everything and anything.

When we have a high tolerance for what is not okay, and allow excuses and reasons to prevail, we are easily lost in a world of denial and hurt, leaving the shore, pulled by the undertow and soon to be lost at sea.

Our being panics, and becomes fearful and anxious because we are not listening to the inner one who knows. Health, happiness, peace and joy are lost when we live lies instead of truth.

Our innate being, our soul is our conscience, guide, teacher, healer, lover and friend. For generations we have been taught to question the wisdom of this, and instead listen to lies and beliefs, fears and separation from our natural truth and knowing.

Building our connection to our true self and soul, and making it the dominant voice in our head, and guide to action, is how to be in the flow.

Love and Light

Love and Light


Being brave and fearless and taking control of our lives allows us to break habits and addictions to what pulls us away from our true knowing and being. Using our strong will in our own best interest allow us to break patterns of the family and culture that have us follow a course of destruction and pain.

The body knows the truth and will give us clear messages to stop and change course. We are encouraged to take a pill to mask the message and ignore it and hope it goes away.

The Captain of your ship of you, body, mind, emotions, spirit and soul, does not want you to sink, it wants you to swim, float and flow, and make it to all of the lands of possibility you desire.

Your true self will keep refocusing you to change course back to your best direction until you do. Let go of the fight and find the inner flow of truth and love, wisdom and ease. It is always with you, on your side, guiding you home to you.




Stop fighting and slow down enough to question what is really occurring and find the highest truth. To surrender is to give up the fight, the old ego patterns that do not help, and find the flow.

Fighting the self is something we have been trained to do, and have lived for many years, so there will be resistance by the old energy patterns in place, that live against the self.

Waking up to take care of us, is a big step to freedom and flow. Our being is self-healing and guides us to the best direction for us. It’s known by the still small voice, the twinge of inner and outer knowing, that its time to stop and change course.

The journey is to learn to surrender to more flow, truth, health, joy, peace and love by breaking the addiction to fear and false control.


It can be like wrestling an alligator when we fight with our true self. We are the struggle; the self just sits in truth. The true self cannot be negotiated with. Freedom comes by aligning with the best for us and letting everything else go.

Many are addicted to the drama and trying to make lies, truth. The truth stands free in love and harmony. The ego fights for the lies, fear and control to the death of body, mind and soul if we let it. Resistance is not you it is the one who has you stuck in cycles of pain and blame, fear and hopelessness.

If you are going to fight, fight the negative thoughts in your head that play you, and keep you trapped and in pain. Fight the ones that tell you to do and say things that hurt instead of help.

The Clear Path

The Clear Path


Getting you on your side is the job. All of the wisdom is inside to help you find a new way to live and be. Aligning with all that supports us allows the universe to keep that course of support to flow us to the goals.

We are not fighting an outside source, as much as finding our true course. When we stay focused on where we are heading and stand in our power and truth the path opens and we flow with the go.

Choose exactly what calls to you to manifest and live. Listen to the course corrections, let go of the ego, and listen to the you, that is the one who knows. It is gentle and will not try to convince you. There is no bartering or fear when the truth and course is clear.

Allow the inner guide to navigate and Captain your ship. It knows where it’s going, even when you are not conscious of it. Trust this wise inner you and go with the divine flow.

Live the Power of You!

Live the Power of You!

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Janet StraightArrow is an expert in helping people find their true self and learn how to live from this inner place of wisdom and grace. It is the journey to learn and trust this and clear away all of the blocks and habits of lifetimes of living against us to be free to flow. Profound and simple teachings and tools await with Be The Medicine.

Call Janet today to discover how you can find the direct path to you. Its a wild and wonder filled ride and makes perfect sense. StraightArrow is a cheerleader and wise woman who helps you steer your own course to the best life, health and you. Janet walks the walk and makes it simple for you to learn how to be and do it too.

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