LETTING GO. Ten years ago I closed a thriving Healing and Learning center in Northwest NJ to take a year sabbatical and put together thirty-seven years of study and practice, healing and teaching into a form called Be The Medicine.

This journey was the most dynamic healing and learning journey yet. A year was a good beginning. I learned to surrender to the process. It put to task great lessons, losses and amazing opportunities for clarity and growth.

This has been a guided journey since a child and one I am passionate about and signed up for. I can appreciate the beauty and perfection of every person, place and experience to assist me be who I am and bring this powerful work to many for the rest of my life. It has been far from simple or easy and yet my focus has been to make it that way for others.

STILLNESS. That first year I lived on a lake and enjoyed slowing down after a life of A+ personality and non stop learning, teaching, working, developing and healing self and others. A lake was a perfect place to reflect, write and find a new rhythm. I began learning to let go and receive while being still. I had a lot to let go of to allow that profound spiritual experience to occur. It was not about doing anything, it was about letting go and being.

Janet StraightArrowFREEDOMS’ JUST ANOTHER WORD FOR NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE. The second year I was guided to move to Woodstock, New York where I had a very part time practice already. I learned what Janis Joplin meant by this line in her song.

To be a new person in a new place where being a Shaman held value to the community was such a blessing. Even the man at the hardware store welcomed me, even though he would not be a client, he knew many would.

I rented a compound of buildings and built a thirty foot medicine wheel in the middle of the yard. Animals and birds came into the property and sat outside the studio where I worked peering in and resting outside.

I walked barefoot on hiking trails and in town, and felt home for the first time being free to be me. Amazing people, opportunities and experiences are great stories to be told  later. I met Astrologers who were also healers and shamans too and began a group to support one another and shared various perspectives and information.

I have always been positive and faced life head on. Traumas and challenges throughout my life made me stronger and taught me to keep going and learn and heal. While in Woodstock, I was in a difficult phase of my journey, my astrology was severely challenging and I never imagined that no matter what I did, everything I counted on would be lost.

I knew what the phrase best of times and the worst of times meant from painful and profound experience. Living in Woodstock was the most beautiful-horrible part of my journey and I will always honor this amazing time. So much personal and professional growth blended with great disappointment and loss occurred while dropping ego and attachments to the work and many things.

After eighteen months I was guided to return to New Jersey. Woodstock is a wonderful community of artists and musicians and spiritual seekers and healers. It was a wonderful place to go in and heal. It was time to come back out and I realized that my focus was to work with people who were living in the larger world of society about to go through tremendous spiritual awakening and change. I am grounded in both so I am a good bridge to assist people in many worlds.


photoHOME AGAIN. The healing community in New Jersey and many others greeted me like the prodigal daughter returning, and all felt well with the world. I found a lovely big office space that would be our Center in the middle of Morristown. After  inspiring connection and clarity on my direction, I prepared again to bring the work out. There was tremendous reception and participation by many, I felt all was ready and finally time. Then, I heard an inner voice say there is more healing for me to do to Be The Medicine fully before I can bring it out. I did not accept this and kept moving forward.

GREAT LOSS. Four days later my youngest daughter Lisa collapsed at work and died in the ambulance within a half hour. She came to me the moment she died, and held me in love.  Lisa and I have had quite an incredible journey together through many dimensions while I also grieved like any mother who lost her child. As much as I was spirit and soul connected, I was to die and be reborn myself in myriad ways in those next years.

ACCEPTING MY JOURNEY During those years after Lisa’s death, the losses and difficult situations were so harsh, I often felt like I was being machine gunned by a firing squad. It was not just the loss of Lisa which was enough, but so many things were challenging and falling apart while I worked with many people. I learned the treasures of me and what being a hollow bone and clear channel meant as I released more and more.

I was grateful to have the resources and the courage to breakthrough to complete healing again. I healed of tremendous trauma from all of my life before, and I developed practices and a process to work through things directly and simply with Be The Medicine.  I heard from my inner guide that I was going through things that many on the planet would be and were going through, and I was to teach how to navigate these with success and grace through experience.

photoSURRENDER AGAIN. I gave up on a time frame, as I kept writing and teaching, living and healing places that were beyond anything I knew, to eventually be in love and joy all the time. Going through deep spiritual process while working, teaching, healing and helping many, has been quite the dance over these decades. I pulled back to work more locally the past two years as I completed my deepest healing and awakening process.

DEAD AWAKE. Living the life of a Shaman and being conscious has been an amazing journey of death, rebirth, ascension and enlightenment, which was not where I thought I was going forty-seven years ago when I began, and yet it all makes sense. To Be The Medicine we are living our full potential as spirit-soul self in this body now. This is not necessary for others to have this journey, it was mine to develop the deepest truth and healing to create a direct path for all to navigate their journey with simplicity and much more ease.

I am honored to have worked with many thousands of people together over the decades, supporting them as they supported the work and me. I continued to learn as I healed and helped others do the same. These last years, everything became more refined, simple and clear. Taking many pieces of information and experiences and putting them together in a whole, simple, neutral way of living, healing and being has been an incredible, creative and exciting ride.



READY SET GO! Three months ago I knew it was time to finally bring the work out fully. I began preparing by organizing and clearing out my home, office and life to ready myself for focused production.

The beginning of December, I decided to reduce my overhead, give up the Center, and concentrate on books and projects while traveling to teach. I will keep a smaller office in Morristown.

Letting go of crystals and tools I have gathered over decades are a part of minimizing to be ready to be mobile in the next years. What a blessing to the people who are purchasing them and a new life to the lovely beings being reborn anew. All of this has been easy and fun because it is time.

NEW BEGINNINGS. Letting go allows more room for the next direction. I am happy to be out speaking and teaching again in Centers and locations with groups who are ready to dive into deeper work. The time is now to publish the first levels of Be The Medicine and it’s flowing beautifully.


I look forward to this next phase, which is what I prepared for from the beginning. I look forward to walking the walk with you in whatever way may be of support and service to you. Books, Retreats, Online Learning, and many more pathways to assist you to Be The medicine in your life and with others too!

After over twenty years of writing and having ten books in process I know that the actual coming out into complete form to the public will be another layer of deep experience of learning, growth and so much more.

Live The Power Of You!

Live The Power Of You!


I am still working with people one on one, in person, Skype and phone sessions. I have suggested many different sessions and possibilities on my websites and more specifically in the last two newsletters.

Last Newsletter of Information

The journey continues and the Best is yet to be. In Joy! Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500 Janetoasis@aol.com www.bethemedicine.com and www.bethemedicine.info

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