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In The Pink Reflections

In The Pink Reflections

“Challenge and change is what awakens us, helps us heal, grow and become who we truly are. Instead of a short cut, try the direct path to you and true.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine

Greetings All, We are living in a big time of change. Emotions are high and expectations are being challenged in all areas. Its time to wake up from the old dream and stand firm in the new. Life is about the ability to respond not about what it was supposed to be.

The greater intelligence is not to follow the old program, but to be aware of what IS the program moment by moment. Let go of fear, staying in the old ways does not ensure success now. All is about being present in the moment and living in truth and what calls you moment by moment.

It’s not until we experience the journey unfolding for all that we realize how deep a sleep we have been in. There are many levels of reality occurring at once. The gift is to know how to navigate as many as you are needed to participate in.

Our work here at Oasis For The Soul and Be The Medicine is to be a support and guide on your journey. Blending pure neutral spirituality and Ancient knowledge into enlightened living in all areas of everyday life is what we offer.

Janet StraightArrow’s forty-seven years of dedication on this path offers you clear solutions and new perspectives that work for all. There is joy on this journey, even through the most difficult times.

Be-the-Medicine03-1Be The Medicine is all about You! Our focus is to support people and groups of all ages live their best life in love, health and happiness. There are many courses coming with books in 2015.

New services and classes along with inspiration are listed in the newsletter below.

Janet is available to work with established groups in your location as we put together programs and books and new websites to bring this beautiful work out for all. Blessings and Grace, Janet

Enjoy our latest News, Sessions and Classes and Inspiration to meditate and work with all month. Join us in a class or session. 

Blessings of Delight

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

About Bethemedicine

Shaman, Healer, Teacher, Spiritual Coach, Reiki Master, Astrologist, Yogi, Sage, Janet StraightArrow has been creating Be The Medicine since 1967 as a way to live our true, best self, in all areas of our life. Researching and living this journey has been an adventure that she has shared all along the way. Janet has worked with renowned teachers, healers, doctors, and masters from traditions around the world seeking universal truth and how to live it.
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