One thing I often note from people struggling with issues in their life is they are not in it. This may sound absurd, but when I ask people, “Where are you in this?” after they have given me a list of complaints, they reflect and often say, “Nowhere.”

We are so used to complaining and unhappy and reacting instead of acting in our life that we forget to put us in the equation. Living from the outside in there is no core to our perspective or us.

Taking the main stage means looking at you and how you are co-creating your life. It’s about you first. What are you thinking, doing or perceiving that brings these problems to you? Are you taking action when things do not work or wait for drama to take hold while you avoid making changes?

When we realize we are part of the problem we can also be the solution. It’s about changing you by aligning to your truth and discovering what you want and how to live it.

Its All Within

Its All Within

Begin by deciding to raise your awareness and see what you can do to stand in the center of your life. People around you are playing parts that reflect you. When you are the victim they play the matching part.

If you are unhappy or things are not working for you, find ways to make changes. Start with your focus and bring it front and center to you. We have been taught not to focus on the “I”, which is a big problem that keeps us from taking responsibility for our lives.

Look at where you are not happy or things are not working and discover how you can take action to make your life work. The cost for not doing this is depression, pain and illness as well as drama and trauma.

You are worth it. When you are a full participant in your life you can also be more fully awake in all areas of your life, work and relationships. You can be healthy and happy and it helps everyone else too. Go for it!

Have fun with it all – it’s an adventure to a better life.

Blessings of Delight!

Live the Power of You!

Live the Power of You!

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine and Live the Power of You!

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