Imagine a world where you are free to live a life of wisdom and grace, freedom and fun. It is here all the time. Many of the people who come to me are looking to heal anxiety, fear and depression, health issues, relationship and career issues as well.

They all leave with new tools, teachings, understanding and new perspective and hope that go far beyond what they have accessed before. Suddenly life becomes easier and not so challenging and they learn how to release the problem and live the solution.


Forty-seven years ago I was so sickly, in pain and depressed that our family doctor told me I would not live long. This was a life changing wake-up call for me, and took me on an amazing journey of healing body, mind, emotions, spirit and soul.

I was only fifteen and lived in a home of chronic critical illness of my father, all five of us had major physical and emotional challenges. Life was about fear of dad dying and all of the stress of illness and loss we encountered each day. In that moment of diagnosis, I had a revelation that it was all a dream and not necessary at all.

I decided to find my way out of this, as I suddenly realized that we did not have to be sick or in pain. I also made a pact to help others do the same when I figured it out. This has become my life mission and why I was so focused on this.


I have fought like a warrior for my life in all ways in these years. It was through choosing love and happiness as my compass, and a choice to live free, that I found the answers. I looked for complete healing and challenged the lies of our society that keeps us sick and insecure and hurting over and over and over again.

I looked for higher truth and kept asking questions when I encountered a new challenge and a new opportunity to learn more and heal appeared. This took many thousands of dollars of hard work and investment as I pursued traditional and unusual pathways to discover truth.

I took a decade of putting it all together as I continued to work with others and myself. I had trauma after trauma that many would have taken drugs to get through or give up on life and I practiced what I teach and learned much more as I felt better than ever.

This is not about me but about living the teaching as we all can.




This is an entire paradigm change, not just another pill or therapy session. When people are looking for quick fixes and not making life and mind changes they are signing up for more problems of the same only now they get buried deeper.

First we have to wake up to new ways of looking at our life and climb out of hopelessness and accepting limitations that are not there. It is not just chemical changes it is so much more that sets us up and gets us there.

The illusion is that change is hard. It is the greatest illusion that hurts us and stops us every time we say this. Change in alignment with the truth of our being and humanity is easy when we know how. It is always a choice to stay the victim and play the game of illusion and confusion.

I have been challenged on this in so many ways and still asked for freedom. This is my life mission and may be why the challenges come. I search for solutions and find them every time.

Begin by knowing that the negative thoughts in your head are the lies. You are a beautiful person who does not deserve punishment and instead deserve freedom and fun, love and purpose in every breath.

We get sucked into deep pain when we believe we are not worthy. There is a reality of peace and love next to the reality of depression and pain. Learning to move into that place and resolve all of the beliefs, fears and energy that put you there is the process.




Making life changes begins in your mind and opens your heart. It takes will and choice and the desire for freedom. From there all we learn and practice works easily, some days easier than others.

Breaking through illusion to freedom is my specialty. The highest spiritual-universal truth is the guide. When we live believing we are stuck here and not worthy we succumb to the lying negative thoughts in our head. When we know that love is always the answer beginning with us, we hold the key.

I have had people melted in chairs barely able to function who want a better way and results and without medication. I am happy to work with medical support as a team to get there. It is a spiritual journey of awakening. If you continue, the path leads to enlightenment, which is freedom from the illusions of limitation in the world.

This is a worthwhile journey of gratitude and grace for all who work through to freedom. There are challenges along the way as patterns and energy of lies are set deep in our body and consciousness and well worth finding our way through this maze to an open field of flowers and new life.

In these forty-seven years I have helped thousands of people and now hope to help millions more. We begin by being open to a new way to live and be curious as to what causes the illusions and how to break out and be happy, healthy and free.

Begin by taking a deep breath and asking for help from a higher source of you and all. We are limitless possibility we can make changes in our thinking and beliefs and be courageous enough to change the channel.




I am grateful for all of the people who have worked with me. Through our work together I learned more to help others. I honor the tenacity we all have to break through and be free.

Six years ago I thought it was time to bring this work out and I was stopped. At the sudden death of my daughter Lisa at twenty-nine of a pulmonary embolism, I again went deep into pain and loss and was shattered beyond belief. I was taken to the depth of despair wondering what the world and this life was all about. Three months in I had a revelation that each human faces deep challenges waking up each morning and we have great courage to continue each day.

During these days and years after, my body and life was at its most challenging point and I lived the work I had been teaching and healed myself once again. To begin at the beginning of that deep dark place and know what I knew and choose to keep going and refining the work as I moved through all the stages of recovery was the hardest thing I did and yet because of this mission and purpose it encouraged me to go on and bring it out for many even more.

This work is unfolding on a grand scale. Currently I am working privately and in classes. If you are interested in this adventure to you, call me at 973-647-2500.



TESTIMONIAL. The testimonial below is from a woman who came to me in a very challenging place, just off drugs for the last time, the mental health system gave up on her after a decade of problems. She has become an amazing success in all areas of her life. If and when she goes into a place of illusion she knows what it is and turns it around. Challenges happen and yet choices are possible and she continues to thrive.

“Janet StraightArrow is a precious treasure; a rare individual who knows the truth, speaks it and most importantly lives it herself.  She emanates divine love, which touches the souls of all who are open.  Her specialty is the process of healing, which leads to the remembrance and embodiment of ones whole self.

As a result health is restored, relationships flourish and the mind becomes clear. I have never met anyone as extraordinarily wise, honest and compassionate as Janet.  Yet, despite her immeasurable worth and abundance of energy she is very humble and patient.

When I thought I had lost myself forever the universe led me to Janet StraightArrow and Be The Medicine. The process I was given was simple, efficient and as I soon came to learn: completely revolutionary.  Janet is a visionary, light years ahead of this world but lovingly here to teach us how to bridge the gap.  If you are ready to invest in an abundant life filled with constant health, happiness, truth, beauty and light, look no further as StraightArrow will show you the way. “ Ariana L. Media Artist, Technical Creator

More testimonials on website.

You are worth every effort to live your true life of freedom.

Blessings on your journey,

Be-the-Medicine03-1Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

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Shaman, Healer, Teacher, Spiritual Coach, Reiki Master, Astrologist, Yogi, Sage, Janet StraightArrow has been creating Be The Medicine since 1967 as a way to live our true, best self, in all areas of our life. Researching and living this journey has been an adventure that she has shared all along the way. Janet has worked with renowned teachers, healers, doctors, and masters from traditions around the world seeking universal truth and how to live it.
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