Ancient Wisdom-Modern ApplicationIn nature the antidote is in close proximity and sometimes grows next to the poisonous plant.

As humans our solutions are so close that we often miss them, as they are inside and a part of us.

The challenge we face is that we have been socialized to look outside of us, to someone or something else where the answer is sure to be muddled and confused, and not in touch with the problem at all.

We may be separate from who we are, and what is occurring, and this keeps us going, round and round instead of straight to the point.

We get stuck in no answer land, blending truth and lies, which keeps abundant stories going that take us nowhere.

Taking pills does not heal the cause of the problem.

Changing attitude, beliefs, lifestyle, and fears and gently clearing out the known and mostly unknown poisons of body, mind, emotions and spirit heal us every time.

Miracles are normal. The body heals itself.

It is for us to let go of how we are holding patterns of the problem and allow our nature of healing to occur.

For disease to happen your body has had to be out of ease for a very long time.

Living in alignment with the body and human being’s nature allows a higher standard of health and well being to occur.

Our world is full of stress; roles, rules, fears, beliefs, judgment, expectations and more that we succumb to – these are the greatest poisons.

Belief in powerlessness, suffering, pain, sin, punishment, entitlement, limited possibilities, fear in its many forms and lack of deserving all play into the problems in body, mind and spirit.

Instead of grabbing for pseudo solutions, its time for us to engage with permanent solutions.

photoLoving you is key. Love you enough to seek true freedom, health and happiness.

Loving you enough to be open to needed changes and act on them is your ultimate savior.

Break out of limited places that make health and life worse.

Stop looking for substances and quick fixes that do not work and awaken your attention to what makes sense and works.

Many people die from medicine and some holistic cures are more pills or medicine practices that hurt in disguise.

Instead of making and spending money hurting people imagine the money saved and shared by helping them

Wholistic is looking at the whole person and not the pieces.

It takes an eagles view to see the whole picture and not stay busy engaging in old paradigms circling the illusions of the problem.

It’s not about feeling a little bit better.

It’s about feeling a lot better and continuing in that direction to wholeness.

Sickness is only normal if you do not make changes.

You can heal at any age. It is not normal to be sick at any age.

You do not have to follow in your genetic footsteps if you change the lifestyle, behaviors and beliefs that created them.

Change of perspective is key.

When I have had a personal challenge or diagnosis I use the spiritual law of no. I reject that projection and ask for solution and do everything focused in that direction.

It may be immediate relief and change, and it also may take many layers of changes to accomplish full healing. It’s worth it!

Quick fixes are illusions when they are imposed solutions out of alignment with truth.

rainbowlightpersonWhen you find the exact key to your healing, it begins immediately and the body heals naturally.


We can get so stuck on living against us, that we are resistant to the cure.

The disease is running your mind and your will at this point.

In order to heal you must wake up and take control of your life again.

Love you enough to value your life and health.

I once had a man call me who was diagnosed with stage four cancer, ask me how long he had to make these changes…I said, “How long do you want to live?”

Stop looking for the magic pill, and discover why you are ill.

In the problem is the solution. First you have to discover what the true problem is.

In order to go inside to where the medicine is first you find the layers of how you have been living against the true nature and desire of you.

People live lives of what they think they should live, instead of going inside and following their true soul self and bringing themselves out.

Being afraid of everything keeps us stuck and out of ease creating all manner of problems.

Our nature is perfect health.

The journey is to return to the full experience of that.

Say yes to life, and open to the wisdom of love and truth, health and happiness and follow that to solutions.

Blessings on your journey of awakening and living perfect health and more…

Be-the-Medicine03-1Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

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In Janet’s StraightArrow Out-Of-The-Box Coaching she gets directly to the whole picture and problems and solutions in your life and health as she assists you in healing and knowing yourself as the powerful person and healer you are. StraightArrow’s only rule is that you have fun being partners in this adventure of discovery and living it.

Janet StraightArrow is known as a Shaman, Spiritual Teacher and Healer, Energy Medicine and Medical Intuitive, Practical Mystic and a grounded Woman of Medicine and Sage.

Janet has pursued how to Be The Medicine since she was told she was going to die at fifteen, and created a straight path that has been refined through rigorous experience in almost five decades of study and practice with herself first, and thousands of others along the way.

StraightArrow found the answers in studies of traditions Ancient and modern from around the world and streamlined the path removing fear and confusion along the way. It’s a path of comfort and ease, beauty and truth and improves all areas of your life to be free. Relationships and career improve and unfold in addition to health and happiness. Many people find their life purpose and true self and ways to live from the soul self. We are infinitely wise and know all we need to know. Be The Medicine offers tools, practices and teachings to accomplish this from youth to elders participating and enjoying living the power of you.

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