photo10.jpgWhen we are experiencing the dark night of the soul, our ego structure, how we see and expect the world to be, is breaking open.

This dark night is the in between space when we experience our body, life and world as disconnected and crumbling, and not the same way we thought we knew it to be.

This occurs frequently when we have had a sudden loss or trauma in our life, are making major changes, and is a normal stage of loss and grief. It is also a spiritual crisis of awakening when our soul is calling us to a higher reality of our being.

Life as we knew it, will never be the same. The fabric of our grounded knowing has been split open and we are scared, and may feel alone. We are connecting to the all one and are floating in a new reality.

This time is a powerful shift point in our life. It is like being stuck in neutral in our car, not able to move ahead or go in reverse; we are in a void space. This is also called a spiritual crisis, meaning a time of awakening to more of who we are.

The ego, who is the one to hold our reality together, panics and wants to force connection and movement to feel safe. What is occurring is that we the human, are called to stay in this in-between space to heal and find new balance, before new grounded being can occur.

Fear and all the negative things in our head can become louder during this time and make this a tough transition. Instead of trying to force things, it is a time of letting go and healing where we are, so we can move forward.

This void space and time is very powerful, and very uncomfortable. We are in the space of all possibility that allows change to move in our best direction when we let go, listen and follow.

It’s a good time to be quiet, let go, meditate, exercise, pray, breathe and do what we can to be at peace, and expect less of us so we can relax and find new grounding.

It is so uncomfortable you just want to be through this. We do our best to resist this impulse as it will take us all over the place. We cannot force the process, the best way is step by step. We may need more rest, or new healthy comforts, so we can heal in readiness to move forward. Memories of past hurts may come up so we can heal them and move forward without baggage that holds us back.

The dark night of the soul is our souls calling us onto higher levels of consciousness. This  is why it is called the dark night before the dawn of awakening.

Loving us through this time is important. We may have great self-judgment, doubt or blame coming up saying that this happened because we are bad, or sick and dying. Reject that and blow it away and reclaim your true self which is love and perfection. What is dying is our ego attachment to what was.

A new reality is about to be born and we are in the birth canal. Trusting that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, we stay awake and care for us, and move as we can. Gentle as we go, no rushing all occurs in perfect time.

This is a spiritual crisis and a big change in your body, mind and emotions as well. Life is not going to be the same, it will be better.


During these times our body and being is going through a renewal, latent physical, mental and emotional challenges will surface.

We might think we are falling apart or very unwell. Instead we are best to receive massages and energy healing, improve our diet, exercise, meditate and see medical and dental professionals when needed, along with positive emotional and spiritual support, and address all symptoms as imbalances without fear, as we heal.

Working from a positive platform allows healing, renewal and rebirth to occur. When we focus on fear, disease and descending diagnosis, we co-create these to occur.

Having been through many of these times, through death of close family members and spiritual crisis, stepping into my spiritual lineage of service, and many other life changes, I have learned to claim my best life, love and health and stay positive as best I could and found that is the best way to encourage others.


Now more than ever many are spontaneously going through this transition of awakening to higher wisdom and truth. Release fear and open to a new way to live and be in the world.

It is very uncomfortable, and the ego, which wants to protects you, seeks to cling to any reality to feel safe. The best safety is to allow the new reality to come naturally and move into first gear when its time.

The Astrology of now, (4/14) especially the Grand Cross in Cardinal signs that has been occurring, is splitting our reality open to the higher universal truth of what is on many levels. The veils of darkness and lies are falling away and light, love, balance and alignment with self-sustaining living and truth are emerging on a grand scale.

The eclipses and the final square of Uranus Pluto in 4/15 and more profound activity in the skies, are moving us even more deeply than before. 2014 began the huge shakes ups and movement, 2015 is for us to move into making big changes in alignment with our completion.

We are not crazy; although we may feel this way, we are evolving. Trust a higher truth, and let go of the dark lies in your mind, and navigate this transition with ease and grace.

Having a wise guide who has been through this and understands it as a loving transition and not a scary fearful time, will assist you heal and break through illusions to find your way through.

Blessings to all on your journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Spiritual Coach, Shaman, Healer, Sage, Medical Intuitive and Practical Mystic and Teacher, Janet has been assisting people for two decades finding their way home to themselves in simple, easy caring ways.


In one session Janet can assist you in myriad ways and get you comfortable, clear and on track with you. As she reads your body and energy she continues on to your soul to awaken you to who you are and how to proceed in your life today. By phone, Skype or in person you will make great strides with peace in your process and a loving guide who understands and supports you.

Call 973-647-2500 or email me at janet.bethemedicine@gmail.com

See our website for more information, www.bethemedicine.info, www.bethemedicine.com

“Call if I can be of assistance in these times of great change. Navigating these changes and challenges with knowledge can open a new clear path for you. As a midwife, I help you make it a simple easy birthing of you into you with acceptance, grace and joy.”

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