Voice of an Arrow: A Shaman Speaks

logo4“We are creating ourselves each moment, yet the Self is way beyond that.”

“Honoring the perspective of my wise friend, Janet StraightArrow, I must confess that what follows is only one story, a mere glimpse into the vast potentiality of All That Is.

Although she is in her early sixties, Janet is more intriguing, fresh and alive than the purest of youths. Her joyful exuberance pairs perfectly with her stance on living, discerning and speaking her truth, as she knows it.  Her words fittingly pierce through illusions, hence the name StraightArrow.  She chose the name as her own, after awakening to her Self as a shaman.

Privately, StraightArrow will admit that she neither is nor isn’t any-no-thing.  Why then the labels/roles of shaman, healer, mystic, mother, teacher, entrepreneur and more?  “Just because you aren’t attached to something, doesn’t mean you can’t have/be it.”  Whoa!  Ask and yee shall receive!

Janet’s responses are powerful and with just a mere line your entire construct of reality will likely implode.  Such lively transformation, or as Janet likes to phrase it ‘moving beyond the box’ completely expands your sense of identified Self.  Conscious evolution is a way of life, and Janet lives this most brilliantly.  With her help, every ‘no’ that stops forward movement becomes a yes; life is infinite, with a constant green light flashing: Go!

StraightArrow’s style of teaching is highly unique as she is way beyond the traditional modes of instruction. Janet fully embodies her own ideals and is the living vision of all the expansive wisdom she shares.  This authenticity allows people to easily attune to her message, which is always one’s own.

When asked for advice she is seldom implicit about what you should or shouldn’t do. Instead, she illustrates the ideal action by sharing how she has behaved in a related situation. For those willing to truly listen and hear, this technique functions perfectly. The story is a code that, once deciphered, brings awareness to your own truth. Gone is the practice of applying foreign data, as All wisdom is and always has been within the Self.

When in Janet’s presence an overflowing abundance of Love saturates every aspect of your being, this Love elevates You.  Free from self-judgments and expectations, StraightArrow naturally has none of others.  All is Perfection perfecting itself with excitement and fun!

For anyone who wants to consciously create his or her own ideals, Janet is ready to facilitate the process.  Her laugh is the greatest of gifts: an invitation to share and create joyously.

Janet StraightArrow is a conscious artist who continually sculpts her Self and World to masterfully reflect her highest preferences.  Life is a play and any pre-written script can be rewritten.  What came before only occurs again if you choose it.

Allow the current to transform by welcoming the ever-energetic flow of change.   Magic is real and your preferences are the wand.  Abracadabra: I create as I speak!” Ariana L.

Thank You Ariana for your unique perspective and lovely words. You walk your own walk beautifully and assist many by being you and offering gifts to many as well. Thank You for being my student-friend and teacher as we all are for one another.

Blessings to all on your journey. Nameste. Janet StraightArrow

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