First Flower of Spring

First Flower of Spring



Albert Einstein said that you cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.


When it comes to healing and enlightened living it is important to move beyond common thought.

It is exciting to see how much movement and progression healing modalities have had in the past four decades, especially the past ten years.

Healing practices are becoming mainstream and people are waking up to possibilities, as they have never done before.

It is important to go one step further and realize that healing is bringing to wholeness and medicine is fixing a problem. To make it to solutions it is important to open your heart and mind to more.

Tapping and Reiki and Shamanism, Yoga, Massage and the many other healing ways can only take you as far as the mind and emotions and spirit allow.

To break through to higher levels of complete healing it is important to look beyond the ways we think about life and us. There is an inner awakening of higher consciousness that is important for deep movement and healing.

The study of psychology opened doorways into the mind and emotions, but without spiritual wisdom and truths we go round and round. The same is true in all traditions, studies and modalities.

Raising us up to higher levels often require a teacher to move us out of everyday places. You may take a lot of classes, but until you do the personal work at higher levels you can only go so far.

What I have seen is when people want to go it alone without having someone to break the hypnotism of the world and our lives, they get frustrated and say these practices and tools are great, but do not work.

Practices and tools can only work at the level you are available to work with them.

I have gratefully worked with many teachers as mentors and masters. I was firmly on the path and the teachers came and supported me in many ways.

I did a lot on my own and the discernment to listen, be curious, aware and continually choosing higher ground and mind has been paramount, yet it was working with teachers who were ahead of me on the journey, or knew parts I did not, that made the difference and helped me progress and saved me time and struggle so I could eventually be free on my own.

So when what you are ready or doing something does not take you all the way, look for missing pieces and be open to a teacher.

Our ego-centered cultural ways forget the wisdom of the sages, and the practice of working with elders. Some of our elder family and leaders can be more lost than us today because they have taken the path of victim and limitation, these are not the ones to help us.

There are teachers and guides to support you when you are ready, you may have to search a bit or just ask and watch them appear.

I continually had questions and followed my curiosity to answers. Never accepting limitation, I was always surprised at how things came to me.

It is an adventure in co-creative action and discovery. Someone who holds keys for you, and can help you free your mind, and body and spirit, to rise above limitation is powerful.

We all have our own synchronistic ways to find higher wisdom inside and outside of us.

The key is to search for it and release any complacency or know-it-all tendencies.

It is an adventure and a journey. Not a one stop or modality shop.

It is important to find where you are off track or incomplete in order to proceed and prosper. The ego does not want to feel bad or wrong so it will make up excuses or reasons or even deny instead of breaking through to higher wisdom and truth.

Quiet the ego self that says, I know, and uncover and unlearn the thoughts, beliefs and rules that keep you stuck.

To break the ego is to ask for help to see what you cannot and to let go and open to more.

A loving supportive teacher will help you make the leap to higher knowing that changes the dynamics of everything in your life, health, relationships and work.

In order to master any healing and living we move our minds onto universal and spiritual truth. Common sense, logic, simplicity and solutions are all found in higher wisdom.

Books and classes and sessions awaken us and help get us there, but facing our self with the unconditional love of a teacher guides us home to us.

Open your heart and journey to allow the perfect teacher-support to come. Pay attention, do they live what they teach?

Do not give your power away and yet be open to surrender to higher wisdom and truth.

Tools take you farther when your mind and heart are focused and moving into mastery, our true reality. When you are open to higher mind your soul takes you home to you.

Eventually you have faced enough, healed enough and are clear and learned enough to become your own teacher.

hat3_0001Enjoy your journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, The Path to Live the Power of You!

StraightArrow Out-Of-The-Box Coaching

973-647-2500, for details for more

StraightArrow’s journey and study for forty-seven years, has been discovering, living, sharing and developing ways to live the teachings of the masters in everyday life, that heal and free us to be us, happy, healthy and whole.

One of Janet’s purposes is to be a mentor personally in writing and classes and recordings. One on one work is powerful, direct and productive. Be The Medicine is  focused on giving you direct, simple and profound teachings, tools and practices to live the higher wisdom of you.

If you feel we are aligned, please call for Janet StraightArrow for an initial 15-minute consult to see how we might work together. It is my honor to support people on their journey. 973-647-2500

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Blessings and Grace, Janet


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