Heart Reflecting Light

Heart Reflecting Light

It sounds eerie and fearful, to face the Dark Night of the Soul, and yet it is one of the most powerful times in your life.

Powerful because it is a sign you are waking up consciousness, healing the wounds and illusions of the past, and about to rebirth you into a more real, loving, true you!

The soul is always loving and whole, always oneness, and never lost or broken.

The dark night, is the birthing process of awakening you, and the path to introduce you to living your loving soul.

It is the illusion of separation from our divinity, that keep the light that always shines inside of us, hidden away from our consciousness.

It is the belief in the darkness that gives it power to hold us, until we free us to learn truth.

To awaken from the Dark Night of the Soul, is to awaken to your always present loving, knowing, wise self, soul and light.

Knowing this makes it easier.

It is the illusions we thought were truth, that we are afraid to let go of.

If this is not who I am, than who am I?

Having been through many rebirthing experiences in my life, the path becomes more refined in assisting others.

I know the territory, the blocks, fears, pain and beliefs that keep us stuck and afraid to move forward.

We must be willing to release the attachment to our illusions, wounds, fears and patterns, as well as roles and rules that define us, and do not work anymore.

The dark night is that battle between light and dark and good and evil.

Walk towards the light, love and truth, and leave the dark, angry, monsters behind.

You are more than those naysayers in your head elude to.

Leaving the old ways means changing everything, and that is good.

Seeing the world as a loving, accepting place allows a powerful new perspective.

Teaching you to support you with unconditional love is the key.

There is no darkness that cannot be dispelled with light.

As the sun comes up each morning to bring a new day, so can you be the light in your own world today.

Call me for support in this process, it need not be long and arduous, it can be easy and light.

Spring is a great time for rebirth in all ways.

Awaken to be Free.

Janet is a loving guide who has been through this over and over again. StraightArrow is a master of breaking through illusion to truth, and finding each persons unique path to their freedom.

As we break through higher levels of consciousness, we come to a crisis point, the Dark Night of the Soul.

Some call it depression or anxiety, StraightArrow calls it opportunity to new life and a true you!

Janet mid-wife’s you through this process with loving support and ease.

There are myriad gifts in the process of awakening and becoming free.

Call Janet today and enjoy the journey.

Always in Love, Janet StraightArrow

Skype and phone Sessions around the World. 973-647-2500


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