photoAnything that helps me understand the universe, world, people and me is something worth pursuing. I discovered Astrology beyond the Sun signs almost forty years ago as a young mother.


I found books explaining whole astrology charts. I wanted to understand why I was expressing myself the way I was, and why I was passionate about some things, and not interested in others. I wanted to understand my marriage, which was close, passionate, similar goals, best friends and loving, and then so opposite.  Understanding both of my daughter’s blueprint and energy allowed me to raise them to empower themselves and not try to change them.


I wanted to make sense of the world in all of the chaos, and I kept searching in many traditions and ways, since I knew it was possible. It was not until five years later when I moved to a new house and met a professional astrologer and teacher living on my street while taking a walk, that my studies deepened and became a powerful study to continue.


This Astrologer who became by first spiritual mentor, and now a long time friend, did my first Astrology reading. Her studies, research and intuition with many years of practice gave me a better appreciation for this Ancient science and art.


There were no computers in those days so every personal chart was mathematically created and written up allowing the Astrologer to tune into the chart step by step from the start.


As I was sitting and listening to this reading I was astounded at how well she knew things about me from most of my life. Things I never told anyone about how I felt and experienced the world and me, were clear to her.


I felt exposed and vulnerable and also grateful that who and why I was who I was made perfect sense. Even though two people with the same chart may be different in some ways the basic energy packages and how they interact with the world is the same, yet unique because of their individual soul.


A good Astrology reading reports to how you as an individual soul comes into being to express itself through this person born in a location and time relevant to the planets in the sky in that moment.


Over the years I was grateful to have this professional intuitive Astrologer to help me understand my personal path and spiritual lessons. They were very difficult ones and I faced each one and was willing to walk through them instead of avoiding them. I knew if I tried to be in denial the experiences and lessons would be more difficult and keep challenging me.


Her experience was that most people did not listen and just wanted to hear what they wanted to hear which happens all too often today. She was not a fortuneteller, she knew how to help people through their lives and few listened and still tried to do it their way and wondered why things fell apart.


Over the years I continued to deepen my understanding and studies and worked and studied with many astrologers. It was interesting to hear their individual interpretations on my chart, which gave me a more depth and a broad understanding and focus for others and myself.


It was the same language and yet their lens and our timing gave me more insight to different ways to look at astrology, what was occurring in the world and myself.


I was more interested in my spiritual path and evolution, then romance and such, although they were a part of understanding why certain people were in my life. Astrology made it a rich journey to understand the timing and possibilities open to me at various ages and years.


Life made sense even when I did not like it. I knew that whatever was happening in the moment was part of a cycle that would end, instead of fearing that I was stuck in this place forever.


I learned to discern and deepen my life experiences and knew the challenges would work out better, if I paid attention and lived with it, and not against it. Our Astrology is our blueprint that offers understanding of self so that we can be free to be without judgment.


All charts have many possibilities depending how you live them out. No one is a victim to Astrology or anything in life. We are co-creators who can make our lives work when we understand us and the bigger picture and make choices day by day.


I bring Astrology into my work because it offers understanding as to why we are who we are and why the world is why it is and how we can live in it with grace and peace instead of fighting us. Relationship charts of two people or more, helps understand why we are together, what we have to learn from our relationship, and also how we awaken each other to grow.


When I mention what the Astrology or planets, are playing out in the sky with is on the earth, on Facebook or in my newsletters, sessions and classes it is to know that what you may be experiencing has a purpose and a reason, it is not random, nor are you doing anything wrong.


The Astrology and planetary movements and experiences of these many years has been very challenging to the status quo and helpful to awaken the planet and each individual to be who we are and learn to respond to our callings as humans. Astrology explains timing and emotions, thoughts and actions in ways that are immediately helpful.


For some reason we think that everything begins and ends with us forgetting the Universal, interpersonal and earth-natural influences that interact with us all every moment. We are one with all and not an island onto us. Opening up to Astrology helps you understand the whole picture and work with everything and chose how to respond and create your day and life.


This time is a wake up call for everyone on the planet. The Universe is asking us to align with our wholeness, oneness and be responsible for our part in the plan. Being self-sustaining by living in alignment with our true self and doing our part is important.


Living from an inner core of strength and wisdom is the journey of becoming in this time. Love you enough to wake up and enjoy each moment. Take care of your health; mental, emotional, spiritual and physical and you will not be a burden to others and the system that is so broken and needs our help, by being the wholeness and health that we are.


Now when I mention Astrology and what energies are moving through us, know that you can flow with it, and tune in to find your highest possibility, or you can fight it and be a victim who complains and closes their eyes and intelligence to the grand plan of healing and awakening, which is the purpose of all.




Blessings, Janet StraightArrow

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