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One thing I have noticed is that when we have challenges in health, relationships, career, and being our own best self, we also have a high level of tolerance for things in our life that are not okay in those areas, consciously or unconsciously.

In some circles, it is a badge of courage to have a high tolerance for pain. At first glance it means you are superhuman and strong, and yet it really means you are ignoring signs that things are falling apart, need attention, and not okay. Silly, not strong.

After watching my father die for twenty years, and working through many challenges, losses and coming back from near death to life myself, as well as working with thousands of others, I realized it’s important to notice the pain or dis-ease, which is a wake up call, and make healing changes immediately.

Ignoring pain or problems begins with the the egos job protecting us when there is trauma and pain by keeping us going, despite terrible things that have happened. This is where we begin to make things okay that are not. “It will be okay,” is one phrase that we use when things are out of balance. What it really tells us is that it’s not okay, and we are hiding in the ego wound, and not admitting truth.


It’s our job to stay awake, and not let our consciousness go into permanent hiding and follow the wounded patterns that shut us down. Accepting what is, allows the healing process to begin and as we stay with it, our life and health returns to its best.

Our bodies heal themselves, until we neglect them and stop caring for them. Our relationships fall apart when we miss the signals, and live in our own head, instead of in truth. Our career will not progress when we are asleep at the switch, unaware there are problems.

The key to being awake is to feel, see and know what is wrong, out of balance, or not working, and take action to discover why, and correct so that you can be healthy, happy and whole. Also know what is working and stay with that as well.

Begin by noticing how you feel in all ways. There is no reason to keep taking on energy and emotions, thoughts and people, and events that are not in alignment with the best you.

When we are constantly tolerating what is not okay, we are going far off track and hurting others and us, because we are sleeping on the job of our life.


From high tolerance for what is painful or not okay, to a new setting zero tolerance, is a journey worth taking. When we know what is correct or not correct, we can make changes, and get back on track before things, and we, fall apart.

As humans we are simple and multidimensional. There is constantly so much to remember and learn. It is always an adventure. I am never surprised to find that what caused a problem are things we ignored.

Learning to live in full awareness is not something that has been encouraged in our lives. There is much we have not been taught, and there is too great an acceptance for letting things slide, to hope they will be all right, when they will not.

Begin by paying attention. Are you listening to your body? Are you doing, saying or living against you? Learn to stop listening to the one that says its okay to ignore things, and let go of any fear, of change or truth. We next listen to the inner wise one of you that has your back, and knows truth.


Its fun to live wisdom, awareness, choice, and be free to make changes for the better. It’s easy because it is true, and well worth your focus and action. Listen and learn to release pain and stress by stopping before it gets bad and correcting your direction and increasing self-care.

Instead of full steam ahead by going from zero to sixty, we note our speed and slow down from sixty to zero tolerance, and live in the driver’s seat of our lives.

It’s always safe going full speed ahead from a healthy, happy and balanced place.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

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