FROM BULLSHIT TO BRILLIANCE Getting Over You to Be True to You

Be-the-Medicine03-1As StraightArrow I am called to help people heal and get straight with themselves and achieve Mastery, health and more fun and freedom in their lives. What takes us down is that we believe the lies we tell ourselves everyday. Intelligent people give it all up for making excuses, finding reasons and in reality, avoiding truth. Not that we do it on purpose it is a long developed pattern that can be pretty unconscious and changed.

Since these patterns are commonly accepted, we can get away with them in some ways in society, by people who want to believe the lie, but in truth, we are caught. Because of the lies, we experience pain and disease, confusion, depression, and breakdowns and challenges that continue to turn in on us in health, relationships and business.

The only way to know a lie is to raise your awareness and pay attention to what you say and how you feel. At first the knowing is subtle. We all have a truth meter that we have learned to override. Catch and define the lies, learn the hooks, release them, and own truth and change.

We each have challenges on our life walk unique to us. Learning our own fears, patterns, attachments and codes, then healing and releasing them, allow our brilliance to shine.


You might think that truth makes you vulnerable, when in fact others can see and hear your truth better than you because they are removed from it. What makes us vulnerable is denial of our truth that others can use against us. When we know truth, we are in the drivers seat and know how to navigate our life.

We might believe that if we tell the truth and ask for what we want, there are consequences of rejection and attack. The truth is that we achieve and develop strength, love,  freedom and fun.

Truth heals. Lies separate us from each other and us, in all ways.

Brilliance comes when we stand back from a neutral place of high vibration and unconditional love and acceptance, and access and live the highest truth in all areas of our life. This is an evolutionary journey of discovery, discernment and change.

When we remove the bullshit, the brilliance and beauty of us shines bright as the diamond that we are.

Challenge yourself to stop the BS, and let the truth lead you to the best places.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

If you would like to work on this and more, call Janet today. 973-647-2500


“Janet StraightArrow is a gift you give yourself.”

“In a session with Janet StraightArrow, transformation and rebirth occurs so effortlessly and naturally you are ready to move clearly into new directions and enjoy your life and health.”

“You may come for the powerful energy that makes you feel so good and clear and happy for days. Later you realize that your life is completely different and that your perspective is full of hope and new life.”

“You are so busy listening, laughing and experiencing that by the end of a class or session you realize how much you learned, changed and moved more deeply into you in a very positive way.”

“Janet heals and teaches with common sense, logic and wisdom. She takes the things I have learned to deeper places that actually create change. Her teachings, tools and practices move you and make healing change immediately.”

“When I meet with StraightArrow on the phone or in person I immediately relax and enjoy a feeling of safety and caring. Janet listens and hears my body, mind and spirit and translates their messages to help me help myself.”

“Working with Janet StraightArrow is an experience, you learn without feeling like you are being taught, and you heal without effort or struggle.”

“As soon as I make an appointment with Janet I feel confident. Anxiety and fear begin to subside and I begin to feel better and ready to move through any problems to solutions, the process has already begun.”

“Laughter and crying within minutes of one another is bound to happen when you work with Janet StraightArrow, you feel both fully and with respect and wonder.”

“Janet StraightArrow is a precious treasure; a rare individual who knows the truth, speaks it and most importantly lives it herself.  She emanates divine love which touches the souls of all who are open.  Her specialty is the process of healing, which leads to the remembrance and embodiment of ones whole self.  As a result health is restored, relationships flourish and the mind becomes clear.  I have never met anyone as extraordinarily wise, honest and compassionate as Janet.  Yet, despite her immeasurable worth and abundance of energy she is very humble and patient.  When I thought I had lost myself forever the universe led me to Be The Medicine.  The process I was given was simple, efficient and as I soon came to learn: completely revolutionary.  Janet is a visionary, light years ahead of this world but lovingly here to teach us how to bridge the gap.  If you are ready to invest in an abundant life filled with constant health, happiness, truth, beauty and light, look no further as StraightArrow will show you the way. “ Ariana L.

“I am so grateful for the work I have done with Janet and Be the Medicine in sessions and classes. Not only do I feel more comfortable in my body and life, I notice how important the work we do is to my profession and ability to be and do more than I knew possible. My gifts and purpose are unfolding with ease. The story of my life is becoming rich with deeper love and experience and losing the drama of my life before this time. In taking advanced classes of the several modalities I have studied over the years, I see how this inner work I have done in between segments has moved me light years ahead of my peers in many ways. None of us were aware of the power or possibility of who we are and how much more fully and freely we can learn, experience and live.” Wendy Kreiss-Parkin, Massage Therapist, Channel, Energy Worker

Janet and I have been working together on and off for over 2 years, and during that time I’ve been able to ground myself in a way that had previously been elusive for me. I took classes, tried different modalities, Reiki III, and went to different churches, but none of it was the path to being fully aware and in tune with myself. I’ve struggled my whole life with depression and I’ve searched for spiritual guidance. I found a lot of great pieces, but I was still not feeling whole. For over a year, and periodically even now, I will crash and burn: work pressure, social pressure, disappointments, and fears that come up in life will rob me of the fun of living- I get overwhelmed.  Just talking with Janet, even just on the phone, would resolve anything that was pressing.  She has been far more effective than a therapist, mainly because she is so intuitive as well as a profound energetic healer. She also has a high level of professionalism, which is important to me as well.  She will able to feel what I’m feeling and why, add some much lacking clarity, and bring in the divine to pass through me to clear off the negative energy, which always allows me to come back to feeling good. I’m becoming more self-reliant and self-loving, and able to build on where I’m at in my life.

Dee Wartenburg Medical Masseuse, Energy Healer


I have been involved in self-fulfillment programs for over 20 years, and yet it has been since my work with Janet that I have been able to delve into deeper areas regaining a greater sense of self. Just last week I learned that by opening my heart was not about giving away a part of me. Through a simple exercise that allowed the duality to dissipate and create the space for compassion to guide the potential for what my heart is now capable of.” Jeff Oras, Holistic Dentist


Thank You From Elisa Maggio in Linked In

“Janet StraightArrow is the rainbow of love! With the skilled hands of a surgeon, Janet is able to help you reach inside to the deepest, most hidden places of yourself and give you tools to shine the brightest, most powerful light for personal & professional healing! Janet is a wonderful tour guide, providing direction and possibilities for healing as you walk your path! She is very personable, creative, and nurturing to all she meets. It is an honor and a pleasure to have her walking alongside me! Namaste'”

Service Category: Career Coach

Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity Be The Medicine


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