When we struggle with people, situations, events and activities, it is often because we have a lot of rules, fear, beliefs or ideals that are conflicting with what has occurred.

Unwinding the emotion and conflict. requires you to step back as an observer and see things from a higher place.

Its not easy to move into this, when you are attached to how things are “supposed” to be. We can see things from many angles, and still come up hurt, angry or confused.

Often we want things and people to be different than who or what they are, so much that we cannot see the forest from the trees, or the truth from the lies.

The lies are what we want to be, and the truth is what is.

In these past few weeks many of us have been face to face with conflict inside and out. Things and people and situations are not the perfect way we desire. We do not want to change, or set boundaries, and yet we must in order to resolve conflict.

The universe, or energy that is affecting us, comes through people, events and challenges.

The higher place to observe from and begin to live, is with neutrality, non attached, which means letting go and realizing that what is, is and who people are, they are, and from here you can navigate, make peace with what is, take necessary action, or not, and move forward out of the emotional war zone.

Pulling yourself out, is detaching from emotions, the role you play, and the judgment of self and other, which allows you to let go, and find that comfy place inside, to be free.

When you find you are upset, feel disappointment and pain, see how this might be in your mind and how you can free your mind to be with what is and find peace.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

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