We are living in an age of breakdown, confusion and exciting new life. To learn to be empowered, takes a willingness to break out of beliefs, boundaries, expectations and fears and awaken to freedom of who you are, in all of your precious glory.


It’s time for action. Everyday more fear is vibrating along with anger and mental imbalance in many people. We can learn from and eliminate fear and make it work for us, and also affect positive change on the planet.

It is important to learn to discern, trust and know the real from the ideal, and how to navigate our lives in a powerful, true way. It is easier to break out of the lies by being neutral. Fear only has power because we have believed and been paralyzed by it, instead of seeing the illusion that it is.

Fear is not an emotion, it is an energy that we have been trained to follow and entertain as real. Like the Elephant who is trained to be afraid to pull out of a short rope tied to a stake in the ground, fear is an illusion that we have been trained to stay tied to instead of break through in our life.

In reality, fear is a point of learning, to regain our power. Its often when we get close to freedom that it pokes its head out to test you.


Knowing love, as the greatest power, is a reality that you can live every moment. Anything that takes you out of love is suspect, and worth taking the time to learn from, and clear from your consciousness and self.

We have learned a lot from religions and systems of belief in our culture that feel empty, or incorrect or that blend truth and lies, creating confusion and split loyalties.

It is the moment to empower truth, wisdom, love and responsibility, so that we can not only survive these tumultuous times, but also thrive through, and after them.

Instead of buying into and following the collective unconscious fear culture, we can be a power of love and light that know what to do about our plight, and know our place in the whole, and live from that place. The Power of You!


In Soul Shamanism we have a way to have a direct experience to join with our wholeness, and become fully who we are, and also have access to our guides and loved ones. Our other half, known as the Ka in some traditions, or the Spirit Twin in our work, infuses us with the love, wisdom and the truth of our soul. In this real experience you learn who you are as an amazing human and bridge, heal and release what has been blocking you in life before.

The peace and contentment we feel heals us, and gives us comfort and security that we have never felt in this body. We learn and experience more on healing our body, and all levels of us, to know who we are as a soul, and to live empowered by our wholeness and love.

As we deepen our blending of us on all dimensions and levels through ongoing practice and learning, we experience the wholeness and holiness of us, and all of life. Soul Shamanism takes us into deep understanding and experience of our soul and life itself.

What a joy to be reborn whole with our soul and live a life that means more than we imagined.


Unlike times past when our planet went through massive change, we have more light, energy and information available to assist. Each one of us has guides, loved ones who have died, and ancestors we may never have met in this lifetime are here to support us. Universal and Natural laws guide us on how to navigate inner and outer worlds.

Family, groups, local neighborhoods and cultures need each other now more than ever and this is where divisions lie and can be healed.

Earth and community healing work also becomes a practice from this empowered experience. We learn to continue being love, healing and learning and living truth. It is a process that takes ongoing practice to make the major changes that are a new paradigm, yet Ancient.

When you are whole, wise and neutral you are a powerful force that can Be The Medicine just by being you!

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Janet StraightArrow is a loving guide on this journey. Private sessions around the world and classes are all focused on you living the best you in all ways. Joy and depth, brilliance and love are great companions. Call, or Email Janet today.

Janet StraightArrow has been studying spirituality and healing for 45 years and has developed a refined work to assist people to heal themselves and live their best life in these changing times.

StraightArrow’s soul lineage as a Shaman took her work to more profound levels twenty years ago, and helped to bring all of the pieces together so that clients and students make changes immediately, logically and easily, to discover and live their real brilliance as humans.

Professional clients from all walks of life, who may have done work for years, to decades of prep for this, or someone who just began this awakened path, are all perfect to experience this exciting walk to living brilliant you! 973-647-2500

Soul Shamanism in Westwood Ma and Morristown, NJ in November 2012. More classes on Be The Medicine with focus on many levels of healing and empowerment are offered as well. Schedule a training class for your group or join us.

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  1. Vicki says:

    all shamanism resonates from the soul…that is essentially what it is…working in the multidimensional field …that”s where the soul lives…so what is Soul shamanism…?

    • Hi Vicki, Thanks for asking the question. Please feel free to explore my website
      or for more information. Testimonials offer quite a bit too. After studying and working with many traditions of shamanism and spirituality in the search in how we can live high spiritual teachings and living in wholeness I found a practice that comes from Siberia and was guided to develop it with students and clients of all ages for over 10 years. Being guided by my soul and guides it has been a profound experience for everyone. The teachings and process has been the most important part of utilizing this and working with it and all Shamanism. What a joy. I teach this work before I bring other Shamanic territories and teachings gathered from around the world. Entering The Circle by Olga Kharitidi,MD refers to this practice, some teachings and territory in this book.There is a lot in this article as well. Its the focus and the practice that help you be whole with your soul in a profound, real way. This also becomes a path of enlightenment for many. Blessings and Joy! Janet

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