I have been actively involved in healing others and myself for decades. My studies have taken me to many places exploring and practicing new and ancient paradigms of health and healing. I learned the nuances and subtitles that make all of the difference.

I saw healing as our nature since I was a teenager and wondered what was wrong with our culture and modern times? How did people forget that it is normal and natural to bring us back to health and happiness?

I have worked with people to assist them in their own healing in many ways over the years. They always know it is possible and yet they are not sure. Allowing the process is important for full recovery and best results.

So when they still struggle with believing it could happen to them, that is when I tell them my refrigerator story. My goal being that healing is not about deserving or being good enough. Healing just is healing for all.

THE REFRIGERATOR HEALING – From death to new life.

One weekend I was at a retreat, several states away, when my daughter Lisa called me to report that our long squeaky refrigerator stopped working, ruining all of the food in the freezer and refrigerator. Unwilling to purchase a new refrigerator at that time, I knew it was the moment to put all of my healing knowledge into practice.

The refrigerator was old, sixteen years of age, and it had those warning mouse sounds for about two years before this. Despite the noises, it worked fine until then. Appliances and machines are preprogrammed to die young and break down, much like us, and I was not having it.

I told her to give the refrigerator energy; she was already trained by me in Reiki energy healing, and see the refrigerator return to its original blueprint of perfection. This is the same thing I teach people to say to themselves when healing them, focusing on total recovery and healing, allows it to occur.

I was doing my own healing work with the refrigerator from the distance, as I often do with many people, and visualized a perfectly running refrigerator. The next morning Lisa called and said that not only was the freezer and refrigeration working perfectly, but there was no squeak!

I sold the house six years later with that same refrigerator running smoothly.


Six months after my refrigerator had its rebirth experience, my mother who retired in the south, had the same exact death of her refrigerator. I suggested she wait before ordering another refrigerator and had her do the same thing and added that she should put salt around it as a physical thing to do to help.

All of her food was ruined, so she could wait a day and give it a chance.

Mom was also trained in Reiki so she was familiar with energy healing. She was surprised and curious and knowing about the story above, she gave her refrigerator energy with that same intent of returning to its perfection, as did I the same from my home in New Jersey. The next day her refrigerator began running smoothly at perfect temperatures as well, no squeak.

Six months later she decided to replace her refrigerator anyway, even though it worked perfectly. She was happy to have a new refrigerator and used the old one in the basement.


Aligning with perfect health, offering intent, visualization and support in all ways can help everyone.

Change your thinking. Health is normal. Disease is not!

You may have taken courses and read a lot of books but are you really stepping in and taking charge and allowing nature and our best results to occur?

Its time to realign your thinking and actions with perfect health and see what actions you are guided to take.

Miracle? Magic?

No, just real.

Have fun with it!

Enjoy the journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

PS. There are many stories of recovery and healing to share of people, animals, homes, land and machines. Nothing is inanimate all have support and perfection as our nature.

If you would like healing support, or to learn more about all of the steps to healing, health and new life, call Janet today!

Healing Mastery classes nights, weekends and soon online and teleclasses. Come in person or have a phone session, and have an amazing experience. 973-647-2500

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  1. Carri says:

    We stumbled over here coming from a different web page and thought I might as well check things out.
    I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to exploring your web page repeatedly.

  2. Jim Finn says:

    If we change our perspective in life, the way we think to certain things,how we cope with different situation whether it is a good or bad one. We must always keep in our mind, that the way we think of something really affects on the way on how act and approach it. For example problems always exist, right? so it is on us on how do we perceived problems. Its up to us on how can we accept these problems and find its healing

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