What a perfect year to fully manifest who you are, and live in truth. What fun, to continue waking up more and more parts of you that have been sleeping and experience the fullness of your being. To go below the surface of our experience and dig deep into the well of our gifts and most profound perceptions is an opportunity for each one of us to employ.

No more accepting our supposed limitations, excuses and reasons and allow you to freely dive into deeper experience everyday. As humans we are all possibility in so many ways that we have not yet explored. It’s not about pushing you; it is about organically letting go and becoming more alive everyday.

The highest potential of us is to be who we are and experience life freely, fully in health, happiness, truth, beauty and light. We fully support us with no tolerance for what is not us. Finding out what this is, is the journey as we walk our walk.

We are perfect health, so for us to accept less than that is surrendering to disease, pain and depression. It is not okay to be sick and as soon as we accept that we reinforce our self-healing abilities and can act fully in that direction. The Universal forces and our body support the truth of who we are. It is for us to support us as well.

We are happiness, this is our nature, being unhappy is the result of living against us in many ways. When we buy into illusions of punishment, judgment, shame and blame, fear and doubt we become unhappy and hold us hostage. To experience life fully is to love you and all you are and release the bondage of the rest.

We are truth and truth does set us free. The journey is to continue to discover what truth is for us individually and collectively. We are born into a society of man made rules that interfere with Universal Laws that govern us. These man made rules have been designed to limit and control us and to make us fear instead of embrace life.

We are beauty and we live in a world that tries for beauty on the outside according to some commercial source. Beauty radiates from loving life force energy in everything and everyone. When you experience this beauty everyday you are tapped into the source of life.

We are light, vibrating energy and intelligence, vibrant health, enormous wealth and creativity every second. Anything that interferes with this light is not you. We are trained to speak for that which impedes light and keeps us fearful, feeling less than, and needing to live up to and put up with the interference as normal.

Our true wealth is our individual storehouse of energy that fuels the earth. That energy is us, our life source, and it is important to continue to build it as our most precious natural resource. Nothing outside can compare to what we have inside of each one of us.

We have the intelligence of the Universe in every cell of our body and we can access this every moment. No limiting belief or fear can keep us from tapping into who we are and always have been and what we hold as answers for everything.

Waking up to the unlimited you is worth breaking all of the illusion and hypnotism that keeps you from your most magnificent self. The energy radiated from your body can light up your county when you allow you to know and activate yourself everyday.

Instead we give our energy to forces that hold the earth, all humanity and us hostage. Negative beliefs, fears and actions that we participate in, feed our energy to that which hurts all of us. Some call it the Matrix. Whatever it is, it holds an alternate reality to our highest potential and uses our energy to keep us away from being free to create our highest reality. We can change the course of this one by one as we each break through the illusions and act in truth with every breath.

When we live the truth of who we are we ascend into the fullness of living love with every breath. Love heals and awakens, fuels and supports, empowers and enlightens the world and us. Love is our nature and a good way to check to see if you are on track. Ask you if what you do, say and think is a loving action. If not, change it immediately and align with love and truth.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Living the Power of You!

www.bethemedicine.com 973-647-2500 Janet@bethemedicine.com

Living love in health, happiness, truth, beauty and light is the path to freedom. Be the Medicine awakens and empowers you to be who you are and live your truth, purpose and highest potential with love and grace.

Living love with confidence and peace and every breath is the reward. Each step is an adventure that opens up the secrets hidden just below the surface of you awaiting your discovery. As you learn to let go of what you thought was you and step into the truth of you all of life opens to your highest potential.

It is a beautiful journey and one worth taking. Call Janet and find out how to begin today. The journey is both very practical, immediate and useful and mystical in that you connect with all of the highest wisdom and resources to achieve your goals.

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